Listee Features — August 1, 2019

Health Care, Insurance


Adept in many areas of insurance including group health and group long-term disability insurance, businessowners insurance, cooperative apartment and renters insurance, Diana J. Landes is a former product director at Johnson & Johnson Company and is president of her own company, D. & L. Landes Company, in New York. She is responsible for managing the sales of cooperative apartment and renters insurance, group health and disability insurance, assisting clients with health, property and casualty business insurance, and handling welfare benefit plans. Ms. Landes is now semiretired. Prior to the start of her professional career, Ms. Landes pursued a formal education at the State University of New York at Buffalo, earning a Bachelor of Arts in economics, summa cum laude, in

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Elissa Myers


Focusing on why people do things versus what they are doing, Elissa Myers, CAE, became involved in her profession because she wanted to write the great American novel and worked her way through college as a rock ’n’ roll singer. She was the editor of her college newspaper and literary journal because she was going to be a writer. Although she still wanted to pursue a career with her band, it was suggested by her father that she find a job, so she went to an employment agency and was offered a job working for the Internal Revenue Service as a receptionist. The night before her first day, the employment agency called and asked her if she would like to

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Michelle Brandriss


While working in advertising when her son was just 18 months old, Michelle L. Brandriss recalls being suddenly exposed to innovative ideas in the area of baby products. When she was dropping him off at daycare, she would use masking tape and Sharpies to label his belongings. Going into that field just made sense to her; it was during a time where matching items were coming out and, being a new mom, she loved seeing her child’s name on everything. Ms. Brandriss is the founder and president of her own company, Name Bubbles, LLC, in Ballston Spa, New York, since 2009, which also donates a portion of its sales to Blessings in a Backpack through its Giving Program. Since its

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Leslie Grainger-Haynes


Traveling often with her mother, the owner of Taos Travel Agency, in her youth, Leslie Grainger-Haynes wanted to learn different languages so that she could speak to other people in their language. Today, she attributes much of her success as an adult to her education at Kent School for Girls for giving inspiring her. Ms. Grainger-Haynes served two decades as the president of International Transition Services in Denver from 1990 to 2010, previously serving in the same role at International Translation Services in Nashville, Tennessee, from 1980 to 1986. In addition to this tenure, Ms. Grainger-Haynes provided translation services to the entertainment industry, U.S. Tobacco and Nissan Manufacturing in Tennessee. Likewise, she provided translation and interpretive services for the entertainment

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An expert in tribal business and real estate development, Terri L. Fitzpatrick grew up in a very rural area and spent a lot of time with her uncles and family members, who walked properties and could tell where lines were. She always found that so interesting. When she learned about how land was originally decided when the United States became a country and how it was transferred to each state, she found the history of land ownership interesting and helped form the basis for successful development. Today, Ms. Fitzpatrick has served as the chief operating officer and vice president of development for the Boji Group, LLC, in Lansing, Michigan, since 2014. Prior to this position, Ms. Fitzpatrick began her career

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Mary Swigar


Anchored in medicine and neurology, in addition to psychiatry, Mary E. Swigar, MD, initially wanted to be a neurosurgeon, but it was a field that few women were in at the time. Still interested in the functions of the brain, she found psychiatry to be as equally exciting a field. She was grateful that psychiatry afforded her a broad range of opportunities, which would include research ethics and the broad diagnostic aspect in relation to brain-body function. Since 2013, Dr. Swigar has been recognized as a professor emerita in psychiatry and neuropsychiatry of Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in Piscataway, New Jersey. She began her career as an associate professor of psychiatry and neuropsychiatry at Yale University in New Haven,

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Syretta Bowie


Originally attending college on a computer science scholarship, Syretta C. Bowie, CCP, now works with relocation companies trying to move people all across the world as the vice president of executive compensation, global mobility and workforce analytics at RR Donnelley in Warrenville, Illinois, since 2018. Her company has people who move from country to country and there has to be someone that coordinates their moves, but also makes sure all their taxes are paid. She also looks at all HR data and interprets to give the business information to give the business strategy. Additionally, Ms. Bowie is responsible not just for base compensation, but the incentive compensation and any long-term incentive compensation. Through these tasks, she works very closely with

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Christine Dolinich-Matuska


Coming from a creative family, Christine Dolinich-Matuska, DFA, became involved in her profession because her father was an engineer and taught her to draw in perspective even when she was a little girl prior to starting kindergarten. Her father played music with a band on the side, and her mother studied piano as an adult; they were very much behind their experience in the arts and music. Music and the arts for her go hand-in-hand. Dr. Dolinich-Matuska currently works as a teaching artist, pianist and visual artist, specifically in mixed media. Dr. Dolinich-Matuska began her professional career as the director of the Linden Art and Music Studio in New Jersey in 1983, remaining in this position for four years while

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Growing up a time when most girls weren’t sent to college, Delaine Eastin feels fortunate that her parents placed such a high value on her education. They encouraged her to pursue her dreams, and she ended up graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in political science from the University of California Davis in 1969 and a Master of Arts in political science from the University of California Santa Barbara in 1971, as well as a California Lifetime Community College credential. The degrees propelled her to positions like instructor at California Community Colleges, accounting manager of Pacific Bell, city council member of Union City, California, corporate planner of the Pacific Telesis Group and assemblywoman of the California State Legislature. Ms. Eastin’s

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Persistent and hardworking, Rosalie M. Uht has made great strides in the field of medicine. Her efforts led her to become the first female to receive both an MD and a PhD from Stony Brook University, and the proud recipient of the 2012 President’s Award for Excellence in Research from the UNT Health Science Center. Also among her achievements is the 2003 Lieber Investigator Award from the Brain Research Foundation and positions as a contributor of molecular endocrinology to Oxford University Press, a contributor to BMC Genomics and an editor of Endocrinology. ​ Initially, Dr. Uht started her career as a clinical neuropathology professor in the Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine and as an adjunct instructor in the Department

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