Listee Features — August 15, 2019


Born to be an artist, Sherry Blanchard Stuart was always drawing, even as a child. She was inspired by her sister, also an artist, and says that the creative gene runs in the family. Ms. Stuart was recognized for her talent at a young age, earning scholarships for art school that helped her obtain a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting and graphic art from the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1964. Her acclaim has grown steadily since then.​Working in a mostly traditional style, Ms. Stuart paints with a richness of color that illuminates the intensity of sunlight on her subject matter. She enjoys painting landscapes and still life, and experimenting with representational and figurative styles. The majority

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“Photography is my passport to life,” says Suzanne Vlamis, who has dedicated more than five decades to the craft. She fell in love with the opportunities photography presented to explore the world, and has focused on both natural subjects, such as landscapes and wildlife, to man-made subjects, such as architecture and cultural events. Ms. Vlamis is currently pursuing her passions as the owner and director of Suzanne Vlamis Photography, an environmental photography company. She has also lent her services as a science and health researcher to Dr. Joy C. Zagoren, PhD, since 1999. Recently, Ms. Vlamis turned the work she’s been doing into her first book, “Africa Endangered,” published in 2017. She hopes her efforts will promote the appreciation, awareness

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As a young artist, Huijie Zhao, also known as Jessie, has made a distinguished name for herself in the world of art. She has drawn her inspiration from her father, Hongbin Zhao, a renowned artist in China, and has painted alongside him since she was a young girl. On her way to an exemplary career, Ms. Zhao earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts from Monash University in Australia in 2002 and a Master of Fine Arts from RMIT University, also in Australia, in 2003.​Degrees in hand, Ms. Zhao quickly propelled herself forward into her career. She is a freelance artist in Warrandyte South, a suburb of Melbourne, VIC, Australia, the art director of HZ International Fine Arts in the United

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