Listee Features — August 16, 2019


Motivated by creativity and a deep appreciation for aesthetics, Janice Lynn Bennett has dedicated her life to making beautiful things. She had always loved drawing, so she decided to channel her talent into a career as a graphic artist. She proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Arts in graphic design with a minor in journalism from Northern Illinois University in 1973, and started as a graphic artist at Montgomery Ward in Illinois later that year. Ms. Bennett advanced rapidly; after giving birth to her son Scott in 1974, she became the assistant production manager and art director of Crow Publications in 1977, and the owner, graphic artist and typographer of several Colorado-based companies between 1980 and 1989. Around this time,

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Nancy Conrad


Never doubting her career choices, Nancy R. Conrad became involved in her profession after winning a full scholarship to the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (MFAH) in the second grade. From that point on, she followed through with art until high school. A practiced artist, Ms. Conrad was a digital photography workshop instructor and oil painting workshop instructor at the Mountain Brook School Historical Foundation in Alabama in 2003 and 2004, respectively. Additionally, Ms. Conrad served as an art teacher at MFAH and the Contemporary Arts Museum Houston, as well as a volunteer art consultant within the Spring Branch Independent School District in Hedwig Village, Texas, and private studio art teacher. When Ms. Conrad started out, her kids were very

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Shirley Klein-Kleppe


Coming from a very supportive family, Shirley R. Klein-Kleppe has flourished as an artist. She has fond memories of her mother taking her to the craft store to get supplies, and of her parents teaching her to appreciate art. This inspired Ms. Klein-Kleppe to pursue her passion professionally. She earned a Bachelor of Science in art and biology education from the University of Central Missouri in 1967, and became an art teacher in the Benton County R-1 School District that same year. Her aptitude for the field led her to advance to roles like art teacher in the Turner Unified School District, graphic designer for the Menorah Medical Center, freelance graphic designer and illustrator, and advertising director of Gorges Wholesale

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Originally a musician, Bernice Bell Jordan decided to switch courses and become an educator so she could provide a better life for her daughter. She wanted to lead by example and show her the value of academia. Ms. Jordan proceeded to join the Alum Rock Union Elementary School District as an elementary teacher in 1959. She quickly garnered a reputation for her passion and dedication to her work, and became a beloved member of the community. She remained at the school until her retirement in 1999. Outside of the classroom, Ms. Jordan enjoyed connecting with her peers. She is affiliated with organizations like the National Education Association, the California Elementary Education Association, the California Reading Association until 1997 and the

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