Listee Features — August 20, 2019


Renowned as an information technology and risk management expert, Ellen M. Gaston, DBA, used her childhood experiences to shape her career. She initially became interested in technology because of the start of the space program when she was young, and she became interested in law enforcement after her brother was hit by a drunk driver who got off scot-free. The FBI was one of the only places that combined the two and offered women more than a secretarial job, so she made that her target. After earning a Bachelor of Arts from Knox College in 1972, Dr. Gaston successfully landed a job as a computer programmer with the FBI. She quickly advanced within the institution, first to lead computer programmer

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Linda Hopkins


Linda Kay Hopkins was interested in the challenges of the law since she was in grade school. While in college, she wanted to study the law, but was told by her employer that “no one uses a female lawyer.” Discouraged but still interested, Ms. Hopkins worked in a related field. In her late 30s, her husband prevented her from enrollment in law school; following enrollment in a master’s program, he left her. Ms. Hopkins discovered how the legal system fails to protect vulnerable people. She was determined to become an attorney, despite her discouragements. Ms. Hopkins began her career as a hearing assistant in the Social Security Administration Office of Appeals in Minneapolis in 1972. She remained in this position for

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