Listee Features — October 23, 2019

Harriette Mogul


An expert on Syndrome W, a new model of hyperinsulinemia, hypertension and midlife weight gain in healthy women with normal glucose tolerance, Harriette Rosen Mogul, MD, became involved in her profession because her father was a physician and her great aunt on her father’s side was also a well-known female physician. On her mother’s side of the family, her first cousin was a well-known pathologist, who made some major discoveries. Dr. Mogul’s familial inspirations were her main influence in deciding to pursue medicine. After establishing her career in medicine, she completed a United States study of growth hormone treatment in adults with Prader Willi syndrome, a genetic multisystem disorder characterized during infancy by lethargy, diminished muscle tone (hypotonia), feeding difficulties

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Lyn Dutson


Admiring the patience and ability to teach of her high school play director, Richard Hutchinson, Lyn Dutson was attracted to becoming a theater educator by her grandmother, who was one of the earlier female teachers in Pennsylvania, as well as her mother Ada, who taught her to sew at age 7. Somehow theater, costumes, history and direction all came together, which further sparked her interest. She enjoyed directing and has worked with hundreds of people. Ms. Dutson has been recognized as a professor emeritus of Maricopa Community Colleges in Arizona since 2010, previously serving the college as a faculty member for 40 years. Prior to this tenure, she lectured at Arizona State University from 1967 to 1968. Ms. Dutson’s responsibilities

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P A Arnold


Attributing her success to the grace of God and the influence of good teachers, P A Arnold is the daughter of a former teacher, Mattie Spear, who taught primarily, though not exclusively, in religious education. They were recognized as Volusia Teacher/Volunteer Team of the Year. One of her early teachers, she would be found at their house swapping recipes with her grandmother after being her teacher in the classroom together that day. Among her best friends were teachers, who became mentors and lifelong friends. She began her professional career at the City Systems of Rockford and Warren Woods, Michigan, in 1960, remaining in this position for seven years. During this time, she also began teaching dactylology and serving as county

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Patricia Singletary


Throughout her 40-year career, Rev. Dr. Patricia A. Singletary has demonstrated an aptitude for a variety of vocational areas. Her educational background is significant and much can be attributed to her receiving a divine call from God. She earned a Bachelor of Theology from the New World Bible Institute and Seminary in 1984, a Master of Religious Education from the New World Bible Institute and Seminary in 1986, an Associate of Science and Bachelor of Science from SUNY Empire State College in 1991, an Associate of Arts from Virginia University of Lynchburg in 1995 and completed training in investment banking at New York University in 1996. She also earned a Master of Divinity from New Brunswick Theological Seminary in 1995,

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Leslie Hickcox


Backed by years of professional excellence and an educational background, Leslie K. Hickcox, EdD, most recently served as a program leader and site director for the YMCA public school programs and, currently, as a paraprofessional educator for Portland Public Schools since 2017. Prior to 2017, she has excelled as an agent for the Affordable Care Act and the Oregon Health Plan since 2013. Previously, she was the public health educator for Cowlitz County, Washington, in 2013. During this time, she taught a graduate course in educational service learning at Portland State University between 2009 and 2012. Leading a career in health education, physical education, human studies and communication studies, Dr. Hickcox also taught at Oregon State University, Marylhurst University, the

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Carol Eppright


An expert on the principles of economics, American history, leadership, western civilization and sociology, Carol A. Eppright became involved in her profession because, from a very early age, she felt a need to teach after receiving direction from her teachers. In fact, she often played school with her sister when they were younger. She was either going to be a teacher or a doctor, and she decided to be a teacher. Ms. Eppright began her professional career as a college instructor at Platte Technical Community College, now known as Central Community College, in Columbus, Nebraska, in 1970, remaining in this position for four years. She then transferred to Weatherford College in Texas, where she would remain until her retirement in

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Sofia Travayiakis


Specialized in several areas of home finance including mortgage lending, first time home-buying, loans, government lending, FHA and VA lending, condos and renovation, Sofia A. Travayiakis had a small job that she was doing while she was finishing her senior year in high school. After she started college, she was on the pre-education track, but was really intrigued by the mortgage professionals she met when she bought her first home at age 20. Ms. Travayiakis realized then that this was something she really wanted to do, and was also influenced because of an interest in real estate. Ms. Travayiakis began her professional career in operations and processing at Assurance Mortgage in Salt Lake City in 1997, remaining in this position

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Marilyn Anderson


Accruing 56 years of industry experience to her credit, Marilyn Echols Anderson is a real estate developer with Harvey Anderson Enterprise in Brunswick, Georgia, since 1963 and a business partner/developer with Harvey Anderson Construction since 1992. At the same time, she was a draftsman partner with the latter company from 1963 to 1992. In addition to this tenure, Ms. Anderson partnered with Anderson Enterprise, and contributed general contracting and design/build work to churches, schools, hospitals and both modest and multi-million dollar residences. Prior to the start of her professional career, Ms. Anderson pursued a formal education at Perry Business College in Brunswick, where she attained a degree in 1956. Since graduating, she worked for President Jimmy Carter’s campaign and attended

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Pearl Murphy


When Pearl M. Murphy, RN, was a child, her mother Eunice Jean Murphy worked as a nursing assistant and she had a friend, Nurse Jessie, who worked in the same hospital with her. She was really impressed by how Nurse Jessie acted and presented herself to others, so she wanted to emulate her when she got older. Ms. Murphy began her nursing career as a staff nurse in the medical-surgical unit of Southern Hills Hospital in Portsmouth, Ohio, in 1973, remaining in this position for two years before moving up the ranks to staff nurse in the psychiatric-alcohol unit from 1975 to 1979 and psychiatric unit from 1980 to 1987. She then transferred to Mercy Hospital in Portsmouth for one

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An expert in English and speech therapy, Dr. Myra B. Weiger became involved in her profession because as a little girl, her parents were big on teaching her how to read and write. She would pretend to be a teacher with her dog, Gingy. In addition, her father, Jules J., was an educator in the family as an attorney. Her older sister also went to school to be a teacher. Dr. Weiger herself was considering being a musician, but even with that, she would inevitably seek out becoming a teacher. She always loved school, from kindergarten through college. Dr. Weiger began her professional career as an English teacher with the Irvington Board of Education in 1956, quickly joining Gary Public

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