Listee Features — December 2, 2019

Nellie Derise


Having accrued a career spanning three decades, Nellie L. Derise, PhD, retired from her post as a home economics professor at the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1994. Before affiliating in the aforementioned position, she worked at the university as an associate professor from 1973 to 1981. Previously, she excelled as an assistant professor at Iowa State University of Science and Technology and the University of Louisiana at Lafayette between 1964 and 1970. She initially embarked on her professional journey at the University of Alabama in 1962, where she found success as a graduate assistant. Additionally, Dr. Derise served as the chairman of the Louisiana Board of Examiners in Dietetics and Nutrition from 1977 to 1978. Dr. Derise always

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Charleen Kavleski


Charleen Verena Kavleski is a prolific artist in the State of New York, whose expertise stems from her early family mentorship and her extensive New York City gallery and museum exposure, as well as her college education. Serving as an art teacher for the Monticello Central School District for more than 30 years beginning in 1968, she retired from her position in 1999 to commit herself full-time to artistic endeavors. During her educational tenure, she also served Robert J. Kaiser Middle School as an art advisor and editor of the literary and art magazine. From 1983 to 2009, she was an antiques and art dealer at Brockmann’s Antique Center in Milford, New York. Since departing from Brockmann’s, Mrs. Kavleski has

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Kathryn Oplinger


Kathryn Simshauser Oplinger became involved in her professional because she was a student of chemistry and was considered for a scholarship to John Hopkins University. However, her husband-to-be was from the U.S. Naval Academy at the time of the Vietnam War. She decided to support her husband and education had to take a backseat. Ms. Oplinger comes from a family of inventors, who were all equals in arts and sciences. Her father only had a fifth-grade education, as he was German in World War I and wasn’t allowed to finish school. The family tradition that they have is never giving up and trying to contribute back for what they have been given in life. Since 2019, Ms. Oplinger has been

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Martha Gifford


The sole practitioner of the Law Office of Martha E. Gifford in New York since 2007, Martha E. Gifford is an esteemed attorney who focuses her practice on antitrust law and related representation before federal and state agencies. As an antitrust counselor with extensive experience in advising and assisting in structuring business decisions on pricing, distribution, promotions, mergers and joint ventures, her goal is to achieve the best possible commercial results while minimizing competition law risks. Ms. Gifford also boasts extensive expertise in book publishing, music rights, specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, health care products distribution, among other areas. She has provided representation before the antitrust division, the Federal Trade Commission and the state Attorneys General. Ms. Gifford’s career in antitrust law

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