Listee Features — December 16, 2019

Susan Levitzky


An acclaimed medical professional with many years of experience in her field, Susan E. Levitzky, MD, FAAP, has found success as the medical director of the foster care agency for the Jewish Child Care Association and as a pediatrician operating out of her private practice. Cited as a Leading Physician of the World by the International Association of Healthcare Professionals, she has been additionally active as a pediatrician with the NYU Langone Medical Center and the Mount Sinai Medical Center. In her present post, Dr. Levitzky offers comprehensive care services that include advocacy for children’s physical, emotional and educational health. Previously, Dr. Levitzky gained valuable expertise in the field through an internship in pediatrics through Bellevue Hospital NYU Medical Center

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Samantha Benigno


Samatha Benigno Orpaz has garnered a lauded reputation as the chief executive officer and founder of Mynd Mvmt LLC, a company using an innovative approach to the treatment of mental health and substance abuse issues. Their primary mission is to help others realize their power to live the lives they want most. Specializing in biopsychology, which is how the mind and body work together to create our experience, her company helps people make lifelong changes by effectively changing how the body and, as a result, the mind operates. “We help people create new neurological habits and patterns in the brain that stand up under stress and over time,” Ms. Benigno explains. Run by career mental health professionals and employing a

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Esther Gwilly


An experienced finance professional and effective communicator with many years of leadership, budget development and accounting expertise, Esther M. Gwilly has excelled as an accountant with 2 G Companies, LLC since 2008. Likewise, she found success as the director of finance for Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries. In the latter position, what started as a soup kitchen that provided church services, shelter, food and clothing for the homeless has now become a larger organization that provides even more services, including substance abuse treatment, transitional and permanent housing, job preparation and educational courses. Previously, Ms. Gwilly gained valuable expertise with Detroit Rescue Mission Ministries as an accounting manager. She further flourished as both a full charge bookkeeper and an assistant office manager

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Kris Holden


Initially wanting to go to law school, Kris Holden graduated high school, but was tired of going to school and just wanted to work. Finding her sense of accomplishment and joy, she decided to work for a year before going to school. She started working for a title insurance company and by the age of 19, she opened her own escrow company. Ms. Holden had a strong drive to do something interesting and productive, and wanted to help people. She does a lot of design work, as well to help her clients who are selling get the best price for their property. She updates the homes and gets them staged to sell for top dollar. Ms. Holden began her professional

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Laurian Rauen


Always wanting to be a veterinarian, Laurian Rauen applied to veterinarian school twice and was accepted both times, but her mother told her that if she chose that path, she would be on her own from there. She decided to listen to her mother’s warnings and never pursued veterinarian school again. However, she had been involved with animals in some capacity throughout her entire life. Working with animals had always been her passion. Ms. Rauen got her first parrot between 30 and 40 years ago, and continued to rescue them for years to come. Unfortunately, her sanctuary was robbed for expensive parrots like macaws and cockatoos. She was then contacted by several people in the industry and learned “the plight

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Judy Dixson


Judy S. Dixson got into teaching because she enjoys working with children. She was one of the first teacher’s aides in Fresno County, California, and went on to teach in the county. Retiring in 2002, she taught grades 3 through 5 within the Fresno Unified School District from 1966 to 2002. Ms. Dixson began her professional career as a mentor teacher within the Fresno Unified School District in 1985, remaining in this position for one year before teaching at Manchester Gifted and Talented Education Elementary School in Fresno from 1983 to 2002. During this time, she became the lead teacher at the California Science Implementarion Network in Fresno from 1993 to 1994 and the California Elementary Mathematics Initiative in Sacramento

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Bonita Lahey


Planning to be a history major, Bonita L. Lahey came to college in Colorado and immediately noticed the rocks. Thus, she decided to study an older history called deep time in geology. While pursuing academia, she worked as a petrologist, which is a branch of geology that studies rocks and the conditions under which they form. Ms. Lahey’s original education was as a geologist, but at the time she received a degree, geology was not a particular field that was interested in hiring women. Therefore, she went to work for several engineering companies. Now that she is retired, she has gone back to geology. Ms. Lahey began her professional career as an executive at U.S. West (Qwest) in Denver in

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