Listee Features — July 13, 2020

Sheena Haberstroh


Originally, Sheena M. Haberstroh intended to pursue a career in medicine. However, she had to work her way through higher education. While working with Citigroup, she fell in love with business, which altered her career trajectory. As an MIS specialist, Ms. Haberstroh has gained valuable expertise in project management, business monitoring and scheduling by preparing documentation, analyzing practices and providing strategy for the department to ensure they pass audits, validating cost codes for employees and preparing a variety of presentations for others at the bank. Backed by nearly two decades of considerable expertise, Ms. Haberstroh currently excels as a senior associate of data engineering with Fannie Mae. Since 2010, she has designed and managed SharePoint sites, page layouts and workable

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Lorraine Wilson


Growing up, Lorraine M. Wilson, PhD, RN, was raised by her grandmother, who passed away from cancer when she was 9 years old. While her grandmother was ill, she acted as her caretaker, which inspired her to pursue a career in nursing. Initially, she started out as a general practitioner and later ventured into different specialties. Dr. Wilson made the decision to focus on renal because she had a background in chemistry and considered herself an expert in kidneys, fluids and electrolytes. With more than 65 years of professional experience, Dr. Wilson has excelled as a professor of nursing with Eastern Michigan University since 1989. Prior to her current role, she worked as an associate professor at Oakland University from

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Elizabeth Re


Driven by her desire to help others, Elizabeth Re, FEHA, MAICD, pursued a career with the Australian government. In the late 1970s, she began in the field with various regional and metropolitan councils in a number of roles, including as a maintenance manager, a noise inspector and a meat inspector, to name a few. A few years later, Ms. Re was recruited by the State Government of Western Australia, holding several posts over the course of more than 20 years such as a teacher, an auditor, a researcher and a project manager. Throughout her career, Ms. Re has supervised budgets of more than $450 million, projects of up to $70 million, a staff of more than 1,200 and membership bases

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Kira Seamon


Kira Kanani Seamon discovered the joy of dance while coming of age. As a classically trained ballet dancer, she thrived in traveling throughout the United States and Europe, and participated in a trainee summer intensive program at the famous Joffrey Ballet School. She later relocated to New York to continue her intensive training. After suffering what doctors called a career-ending leg injury at 21, Ms. Seamon resolved to study body mechanics and kinesiology, in order to heal herself and return to pursuing her passion. Ms. Seamon became a certified exercise physiologist through the American College of Sports Medicine. She also received certification as a personal trainer and group exercise leader through the American Council on Exercise. A year after returning

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Phyllis Johnson


Having accrued more than 35 years of inimitable expertise in the field of health care, Phyllis L. Johnson has garnered a laudable reputation as a consultant since 1995, currently serving the Noli White Group. In this role, she works with hospital administrators and managers in the design and equipment of new department renovations. Most large projects take around five years to complete. What separates Ms. Johnson from others in her field is her years of experience, through which she has seen how hospitals have the same problems, but solve them differently. She is grateful for her opportunity to travel to many places through her profession. Ms. Johnson initially began her career in 1985, shortly after completing a degree. She subsequently

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