Listee Features — July 16, 2020

Susan Campbell


Having accrued more than two decades of inimitable expertise in her field, Susan Keeler Campbell has garnered a laudable reputation as a massage therapist, holistic practitioner and spa professional, providing restorative bodywork and complementary medicine to clients. Initially working as a cosmetologist and hair salon owner, she was absorbed by the demands of managing her busy shop when a friend approached her about attending a massage therapy class with him. Curious, despite having limited exposure to the profession, she agreed and registered for the class. Several weeks later, frustrated by a lack of facial massage techniques that she could bring back to her salon, Ms. Campbell was told by the instructor that the class would only cover full-body massage, but

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Elisabeth Lloyd


Supported by a strong educational background, Elisabeth A. Lloyd, PhD, has excelled as a professor for over 30 years. After securing a Bachelor of Arts in general studies, summa cum laude, from the University of Colorado in 1980, she earned a PhD from Princeton University in New Jersey in 1984. Following these accomplishments, Dr. Lloyd commenced her career as an assistant in instruction with the Philosophy Department at Princeton University during 1983, further progressing to a visiting scholar with the Department of Genetics for Harvard University in Massachusetts from 1983 to 1984. Soon thereafter, Dr. Lloyd began working at the University of California San Diego, holding the posts of visiting lecturer and assistant professor from 1984 to 1988. Furthermore, she

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Nancy Del Grande


After reading about the Manhattan Project and becoming fascinated by physics, Nancy Kerr Del Grande pursued a career in the field. She always enjoyed solving puzzles and was curious about understanding the atom. In the beginning, she was a senior physicist with Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory from 1981 until 1999. During her tenure with the company, Ms. Del Grande was responsible for pioneering the technology transfer of x-ray methods for nuclear device diagnostics, and applying it to depict deep aquifers and locate buried land mines. Ms. Del Grande subsequently established Geo-Temp Corporation in the mid-1980s, with which she currently excels as the founder and president. With Geo-Temp, she provides thermal imaging solutions, including scanning surface and subsurface terrain using infrared

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Stuart Skok


After more than 20 years of experience in a variety of co-managed law firms, Stuart Knotts Skok decided to step out on her own. She opened her own practice, Stuart Skok Law LLC, in 2017, and is proud of the place she has built in the matrimonial and family law industry. Ms. Skok strongly believes in creating a unique strategy for every case because they are all different; none are too big or small for her. Clients know that when they come to her, they are hiring just her, not an associate or anyone else, and that she will be fully committed to providing the best solution possible. To further stand out from her peers, Ms. Skok has carved out

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Lois Einhorn


With nearly 40 years of industry experience to her credit, Lois J. Einhorn, PhD, has worked as a professor at Binghamton University of the State University of New York since 1979. She has found additional success as an author, having written such works as “Abraham Lincoln the Orator: Penetrating the Lincoln Legend (Great American Orators)” in 1992, “Helen Keller, Public Speaker: Sightless but Seen, Deaf but Heard (Great American Orators)” in 1998 and “The Native American Oral Tradition: Voices of the Spirit and Soul” in 2000. Likewise, she was the co-author of “Forgiveness and Child Abuse: Would YOU Forgive?” in 2010. Dr. Einhorn also briefly served as the head of the Voices Diversity Group with the National Communication Association from

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With several decades of professional experience to her credit, Saundra Paschal currently teaches algebra and pre-calculus to the students of Lake View High School in San Angelo, Texas. As a specialist in algebra and pre-calculus, she develops a comprehensive lesson plans designed to prepare students for standardized testing and provide them with mathematical skills that see use on a daily basis outside of the classroom. Ms. Paschal has always valued the support she received from her own high school teachers and entered teaching as an aide. Today, she is very proud of her former students, who joined her as teachers in her high school. In 2008, the football coach and all of his staff were all of her students. An

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A dedicated professional, Emily Rolfe Grosholz, PhD, has been the Edwin Erle Sparks Professor of Philosophy, African American Studies and English at the Pennsylvania State University since 2017. Specializing in philosophy, she has published books on early modern philosophy, the history and philosophy of mathematics and science, philosophical rhetoric, African American philosophy and feminist philosophy. She is also a poet and literary critic affiliated with English and African American studies, and as a philosopher of science, she is a member of the Center for Fundamental Theory/Institute for Gravitation and the Cosmos at the Pennsylvania State University, where she has taught since 1979. Dr. Grosholz has been an associate at the Center for Philosophy of Science at the University of Pittsburgh

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