Listee Features — July 21, 2020


Accruing nearly 40 years of industry experience to her credit, Barbara Ewer Jones worked as a school psychologist in the Monroe County Community School Corp in Bloomington, Indiana, retiring in 2004. She was a Star trainer for in-house teacher training and has been noted for her achievements, qualities, credentials and successes she has accrued in her field. Ms. Jones began her educational career as a primary teacher in Marion, Indiana, and in Decatur Township Schools in Indianapolis, and a contact substitute teacher in San Bernardino City Unified School District in California. Her experience in California led her to a Master of Education in special education. Ms. Jones developed and directed the University Preschool for children ranging from 18 months to

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Capt. Laura Einsetler is a renowned commercial airline pilot, who has shared her passion for aviation with the public as a writer, speaker and media consultant for more than 25 years. Her interest in aviation began as a child, when she began flying as an unaccompanied minor following her parents’ divorce. As a teenager, Ms. Einsetler decided to become a pilot and saved money to begin taking flying lessons at the age of 15, despite the lack of support from her parents. In 1989, Ms. Einsetler earned an Associate of Arts in general studies from San Joaquin Delta College. She continued her education at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, graduating in 1992 with a Bachelor of Science in aeronautical science, aviation and

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Jessica Artz


Jessica L. Artz, SPHR, is a human resources professional celebrating more than 15 years of business development through creative and efficient personnel management. Her interest in the field began after a summer job search brought her to a local staffing agency, who immediately recognized her interpersonal skills and placed her in a short-term position as a recruiter. After earning a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Wheeling University in 2003, Ms. Artz found work as a health care industry recruiter for Independence Air & NRI Healthcare. She excelled at the position and after only a few months, she was offered the opportunity to assume leadership and development of an employee team. In 2005, Ms. Artz joined Computer Science Corporation as

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An acclaimed model and actress, Sharon Kwok Pong performed in a number of movies prior to the turn of the century, including “The Fortune Code,” “Outlaw Brothers,” “Red Fists,” “Lethal Panther 2,” “Fist from Shaolin” and “Two of a Kind.” Now active as an activist, she excels as the executive director of AquaMeridian Conservation and Education Foundation, which dedicates itself to sea turtle conservation and general wildlife protection. As a celebrity in Hong Kong, Ms. Kwok Pong utilizes her status to shine a spotlight on shark finning and illegal wildlife trade at events, as well as through media campaigns, school appearances and her unique artwork. Ms. Kwok Pong’s father was the founder of Ocean Park, which she explored with her

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