Listee Features — August 2020

Jan Heyn-Cubacub


Having accrued more than four decades of inimitable experience in the field of performing arts, Jan J. Heyn-Cubacub has garnered a laudable reputation as a dancer, choreographer and educator. The daughter of a professional tap dancer, she studied ballet while coming of age and has always been possessed of a natural aptitude for the visual arts. She enrolled as an art student at Northern Illinois University in 1974. Quickly realizing that her talents were stronger than what the school’s fine arts program could support, Ms. Heyn-Cubacub transferred to the University of Illinois, where she attained a Bachelor of Fine Arts in dance in 1978. From 1976 until 1978, Ms. Heyn-Cubacub found success as a dance captain at Marriott’s Great America

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Geraldine Vandiver


An expert in construction, Geraldine M. Vandiver excelled as a partner of John H. Vandiver Construction from 1951 until her retirement in 2015. Prior to this appointment, she taught at the Franklin School in Yakima, Washington, for a year, having previously served as the dean of women for the faculty of physical and health education at Yakima Valley College from 1949 to 1950. Initially, Ms. Vandiver chose to pursue a career in teaching because she was looking to do something to help shape the minds of young people. However, when she got married, her husband was a building contractor and she became very involved with construction. One of the most rewarding aspects of Ms. Vandiver’s profession was having people recognize

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While serving as an event planner, Marielis Rivera received compliments on how well she cleaned up her venues after every event. This led her to establishing a cleaning company, Royal Cleaning Service and Maintenance LLC, in which she has excelled as chief executive officer since 2014. In her executive role, she supervises daily business operations, trains seven employees, liaises with 15 subcontractors and provides quality janitorial cleaning services for various types of businesses. In the beginning, Ms. Rivera was living in public housing and raising four children, including one with special needs, and she knew she wanted to pursue a better opportunity for both herself and her family, thus she began her business on her own. Her business now makes

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Linda Sye


With decades of administrative experience to her credit, Linda G. Sye’s penchant for business became apparent during her secondary education. Following her departure from high school, she completed coursework at the Harvard Business School and the Patricia Stevens Career College and Finishing School in Chicago. Despite her limited formal education, Ms. Sye garnered a laudable reputation for her work ethic, which has propelled her through the upper echelons of the United States government for more than three decades. Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Sye excelled as the director of the U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission until 1991. She subsequently served as the director of administration for the U.S. Department of Energy. In this capacity, Ms. Sye managed the daily

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Judith Marlowe


For over 40 years, Judith A. Marlowe has dedicated herself to excellence and service to others. She earned her Bachelor of Arts, cum laude, in English with a French minor from Thomas More College in 1969, where she was president of the student government. Immediately upon completing her Master of Arts in audiology from the University of Cincinnati in 1971, Dr. Marlowe launched her mission to ensure access to hearing and speech services by establishing the first audiology/speech pathology department at the leading medical center in northern Kentucky. Upon moving to Florida, she continued to initiate innovative programs, first with a leading otolaryngology practice, later as founding executive director of a non-profit institute awarded the first Walt Disney Spirit of

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Linda Fifer


Linda S. Fifer is a retired speech pathologist who worked in the field for more than 40 years. First hired by the Montana Easter Seals Society in Great Falls in 1975, she later worked at Hellgate High School in Missoula, Montana, beginning in 1980 and was the director of the Speech/Language Department at Community Medical Center in Missoula beginning in 1982. A dedicated professional, she was initially inspired to pursue her field while in college. Taking a psychology course, Ms. Fifer was inspired by Koko the gorilla. Hanabiko, or “Koko” for short, was a female western lowland gorilla who was born at the San Francisco Zoo and was known for having learned dozens of hand signs from a modified version

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A graduate of Roosevelt University, Judith Ellen Hamill initially earned a Bachelor of Music from Roosevelt University in 1975. Four years later, she received a master’s degree in urban planning and police from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Furthermore, she concluded her academic efforts with a Master of Public Administration from Harvard University in 1982. Since 2010, Ms. Hamill has excelled as the director of government relations for the John Marshall School of Law at the University of Chicago. Her responsibilities include securing funds for the law school from government resources at the federal, state and local levels. She also works alongside associates, who handle the donation of funds from various foundations and corporations in the area. At the

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Penelope Arango


Penelope Corey Arango, a Quality Management Consultant and owner of the Arango Group in Miami, Florida, celebrates 55 years of excellence in business. Her diverse background, which formerly includes many years as a Psychologist, also encompasses several appointments in education as an Assistant Psychologist-Spanish and Intergroup Relations Specialist for the Dade County Public Schools in Miami and later as the Director of CQI, Training and Development for CAC-United HealthCare of Florida. Among other positions, Ms. Arango simultaneously worked as a licensed Real Estate Broker with Helmsley-Spear in Florida. She was also a LAO/Continuous Improvement Facilitator for Carrier Air Conditioning in Miami and Puerto Rico. Since 1996, Ms. Arango has been a Faculty Member of the (Bayer) Institute for Health Care

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Judy Tuggle


Having accrued more than 35 incredible years as a public school teacher and administrator, Dr. Judy G. Tuggle ultimately retired as the principal of the Warren Technical School in Chamblee, Georgia, in 2005. Throughout her career, she taught in New Hampshire, Kentucky, Florida and Georgia, served as a coordinator for career technology education, instructional technology and high school special education, and was a director for career technology education. Commonly known as CTE, the discipline involves preparing students for work by teaching specific career skills. Additionally, Dr. Tuggle served as a supervisor and house parent at the Greenwich Home for Children in Philadelphia, and an education director for the Philadelphia Association of Retarded Citizens between 1976 and 1977. Originally a music

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Thomasena Stokes-Marshall


Born in South Carolina, Thomasena Stokes-Marshall relocated to New York City with her parents at the age of five. As she grew older, she was educated in the city and began her career as a corrections officer with the New York Department of Corrections. For five years, she excelled in the aforementioned role before joining the New York Police Department as a detective. After graduating from Lehman College with a Bachelor of Arts in public administration in 1990, Ms. Stokes-Marshall retired from the aforementioned police force the following year to return to her hometown of Mount Pleasant. Ms. Stokes-Marshall subsequently volunteered with Meals on Wheels and the local chapters of Kiwanis and Rotary International while also attending monthly town council

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