Listee Features — December 17, 2020

Maire Liberace


Inspired by her friends, who were pursuing careers in nursing, Maire Mairead Liberace obtained a nursing degree in 1958 and began her career as an administrator at St. Vincent’s Hospital in Dublin. A health professional with the National Maternity Hospital in Dublin from 1960 to 1961, she is very proud of her early work in nursing, citing that she learned a lot from working with patients in an inner city hospital. In 1962, she came to the United States and began working as a health professional supervisor for the operating room at Union Memorial Hospital in Baltimore, and later at Mount Auburn Hospital in Cambridge, Massachusetts. During this time, Ms. Liberace began doing work organizing management programs across the United

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Jacqueline Faber


First earning a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education, with a minor in art and writing, from the University of San Francisco in 1965, Jacqueline Faber began her career as an elementary teacher in Marin County, California. Spending over two decades with the Wade Thomas School, she taught third grade and specialized in project based learning. She was also responsible for the gifted writing program for the entire Ross Valley School District. In 1999, she was presented with the Golden Bell Award for all of her achievements. Inspired by seeing how her students were impacted when they got to read, Ms. Faber was ultimately driven to write children’s books of her own. In 2015, Ms. Faber published her first book,

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The president and founder of the Derrick B. Hart Jr. Autism Center, Audrey R. Matthews was inspired to open an autism center after her experiences raising her son, who has autism. Knowing very little about autism, she struggled at first to figure out how to help her son and how to find organizations where she could learn more and get help. Her hope for the Derrick B. Hart Jr. Autism Center is that she can provide resources to make the lives of families with autistic children easier and give them a place to turn to so they don’t have to struggle the way she did. Finding that her son responded well to sensory learning on a tablet, one of the

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Christina Jeffrey


Knowing from an early age that she wanted to be a writer or a teacher, Christina Fawcett Jeffrey began her studies at Vassar College in 1965. She then joined Plano University as a Richard M. Weaver fellow through the Intercollegiate Studies Institute, and graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in 1969. Realizing that she could combine her interests by becoming a college professor, she continued her education at the University of Alabama, where she was a National Defense Education Act fellow from 1969 to 1972 and a graduate teaching assistant from 1970 to 1973, and earned a Master of Arts in 1973. Dr. Jeffrey remained at the University of Alabama for her doctoral studies and became certified as a water

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