Listee Features — January 22, 2021


Lee Scott became involved in her profession out of a love of serving others. She currently presides as chief operating officer of Arnold West Investments. Under its umbrella, and until its closure in 2021, she served as the general manager of The Village Station 1893 Restaurant, and presently acts as general manager of Arnold’s Restaurant, where she has been since 2015. In these roles, she is responsible for overseeing over 100 employees as well as staffing, quality control, marketing, payroll, scheduling, and ordering and inventory. Ms. Scott has become a well-known figure in her small town and takes great pride in getting to know the people who come to her restaurants and helping the community grow. Being the “face” of

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Ruth Henriquez Campos


Born in El Salvador, Ruth Henriquez Campos came to the United States when she was 1 year old.  As she grew up, she became aware of the struggles that Hispanic people, like her family, faced when looking for housing and felt driven to make sure that people were treated fairly as they pursued home ownership. In 2005, she earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Marymount University, something she cites as the highlight of her career as it made her the first person in her family to earn a college degree. Cultivating an expertise in residential and investment real estate, she became a licensed real estate broker in Washington, D.C., Virginia and Maryland, and, in 2006, opened the International Real

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Cessaly Hutchinson


Holding considerable expertise in sales and representing buyers and sellers, Cessaly D. Hutchinson excels in high end residential, commercial and land real estate. Since 2019, she has found success as a commercial realtor recruiter with Aaron Arroyo Real Estate, where she provides support for business opportunities and commercial and land properties in the San Diego area. She also spent time a realtor with Keller Williams in San Diego, where she focused on residential and commercial properties. Additionally serving as the operations manager of the Allstate Insurance Company in Decatur, Georgia, from 2011 to 2020, where she helped customers, filed claims and handled customer collections, she began her career in 1985 as a sales associate with LegalShield USA in Ada, Oklahoma.

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Now holding considerable expertise in fireplace design, Lisa Moskal initially pursued studies in cardiovascular science at Union County College, where she earned an Associate of Arts in 2004. Following this, she began a career in customer service as a flight attendant with United Airlines, where she later worked as a member of the sales and marketing department. After leaving United Airlines, she started doing work in fireplaces with Flare Fireplaces and became certified through the National Fireplace Institute. It was during this time that she fell in love with the process of designing fireplaces and, inspired by her mentor, Al, from Flare Fireplaces, was driven to open her own company. Ms. Moskal achieved this dream when she founded The Cozy

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Emily Reed


Now retired, Emily A. Reed concluded her career as a systems and database administrator in the Delaware Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families. Prior to this position, she served as an adjunct professor of criminal justice at the University of Delaware from 1994 to 2001 and also taught at La Salle University, Brandywine College, Ursinus College, St. Joseph’s College and Western New England University over the course of her career. In addition to her educational endeavors, she also spent time as a management analyst with Delaware Criminal Justice Council and the Delaware Division of Corporations as well as an assistant planner for the town of Enfield, Connecticut. She has remained active in her retirement, teaching with the

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Gayle Michael


Earning a Bachelor of Science in education from Temple University in 1960, Gayle Granatir Michael, MA, BS, became certified as a teacher in Pennsylvania and New Jersey and embarked on her career as a teacher because she felt she had something she could give back to the kids of her community. She first served as a teacher and basketball and debate coach in the Media Borough School District in Pennsylvania from 1960 to 1963, before working in the same capacity at Woodrow Wilson High School in New Jersey from 1963 to 1966. Briefly spending time as a production manager with an advertising agency during her graduate studies at Saint Joseph’s University, she obtained a Master of Arts in 1967 and

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An artist for nearly her entire life, Eleanor “Ellie” Fuerst first started being recognized for her art in grade school, when she was chosen as a designated class artist to design things like class bulletins. During her pursuit of higher education, she was mentored by nationally renowned sculptor Henry DiSpirito while at Utica College and completed an internship at the National Museum of Dance in Saratoga Springs, New York. After operating her own art business for a while, she decided to seek out further education in order to better support her career as an artist. In 1972, she earned an Associate of Applied Science from Mohawk Valley Community College before obtaining a Bachelor of Education from the College of Saint

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Sharon Telleen


Holding considerable expertise in public health, research psychology and child development, Sharon L. Telleen, PhD, has excelled as a research associate professor emerita for the School of Public Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago since 2011, where she has also been a faculty affiliate in the Department of Psychology’s division of community and prevention research. Although she is retired, she remains active as a student mentor and gives presentations and lectures through Zoom. She also remains involved in research and has continued to publish articles in her field. First joining the University of Illinois at Chicago as a research associate in the School of Public Health’s division of community health sciences in 1983, Dr. Telleen became a research

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An expert in purchasing materials, management and logistics, Shirley Leevy currently excels as the operation manager for the Hospital Sisters Mission Outreach nonprofit since 2018. With the Sisters Mission outreach, she oversees two warehouses, instructs a team of three truck drivers and schedules pickups from 93 hospitals throughout the Midwest. Prior to this appointment, she flourished as the global inventory logistics manager for T/CCI Manufacturing, LLC, from 2013 to 2018. As global manager, the organization has several locations throughout the world with a plant in China, a warehouse in Barcelona, a mini plant in Ireland, a company on Germany, a startup plant in Argentina and a U.S. based plant. Ms. Leevy is responsible for the inventory at those locations, as

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With a longstanding desire to give back to her community, Sen. Linda Foster Coleman-Madison has served as an Alabama state senator since 2006. From 2002 to 2003, she was a member of the Alabama House of Representatives and notably held the role of director of compliance for the Americans With Disabilities Act in 2003. She is very proud of helping to pass bills that protect the rights of disabled individuals, including a recent bill on how service animals are defined. Prior to working on the state and national level, Sen. Coleman-Madison served on the Birmingham City Council from 1984 to 1997. Earning a Bachelor of Science in education from Alabama A&M University and a Master of Arts from the University

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