Listee Features — March 15, 2021

Frances Terrell


Holding considerable expertise in management and organization, Frances Colbert Terrell was inspired to her career by her mother, who worked in federal government. Initially thinking to become a teacher, she first earned a diploma from Parker-Gray High School before pursuing higher education at Hampton University. After graduation she realized that she wanted to work in business administration, which was where her expertise lay, and she joined the United States House of Representatives in Capitol Hill, Washington, as a congressional staff assistant in 1976. Spending over two decades with the House of Representatives, Ms. Terrell worked with a number of United State representatives between 1976 and her retirement in 1999. These included Rep. Jeff Brooks, Rep. Keron Mitchell and Rep. John

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Susan Losh


Holding considerable expertise in survey research, Susan Carol Losh attributes much of her success to her stubbornness. Inspired to her career by a course she took during her undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 1968. She then continued her academic efforts at the University of Michigan with a Master of Arts in sociology in and a Doctor of Philosophy in sociology in 1973. Following these accomplishments, she joined Florida State University where she remained for the rest of her career. First working as an assistant professor of sociology at Florida State from 1973 to 1978, Dr. Losh became an associate professor of sociology in 1978 and an associate professor of

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Rosalie Robles


Knowing that she wanted to be a teacher since she was in kindergarten, Rosalie Miranda Robles was encouraged to enter the field by her maternal grandfather, who provided her with support throughout her education and early career. Following her graduation from high school, she joined California State University and worked as a playground supervisor for the Los Angeles City School District from 1961 until she earned her Bachelor of Arts in 1964. She began her career later that same year as an elementary teacher in the Montebello Unified School District, where she specialized in teaching kindergarten and first and second grade until her retirement in 2009. She additionally spent time as the school site representative, faculty club chair, and PTA

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Paula Vail


Holding considerable expertise in restaurant management, interviewing for TV and radio, writing, and reiki training, Paula A. Vail has worked in a number of varying fields over the course of her career. After earning her Associate of Arts in accounting from Grays Harbor College in 1979, she became the manager and owner of Lorenzo’s Restaurant, roles she held until she sold the restaurant in 2007. Following this, she became inspired to learn reiki after someone suggested that it might be a way to help her dog, who was old and having trouble walking. She opened her own reiki practice, Wellness Inspired, in 2008, where she works as a reiki master, both practicing the art and training other professionals. Alongside her

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Frances Lee


Inspired to a writing career from an early age, Frances Helen Lee began publishing her written works in her school’s publications when she was in sixth grade. Following high school, she obtained a Bachelor of Arts from Queens College and embarked on her career as an editorial assistant at the Christian Herald Family Bookshelf in 1957, where she worked reading manuscripts and writing reports and critiques on them. During this time, she joined New York University and earned a Master of Arts in journalism in 1962. From 1964 to 1966, Ms. Lee worked with Gordon & Breach Science Publishers Inc., which was followed by time with the American Electric Power Company, Inc., where she worked on the AEP Operating Ideas

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Barbara Mcgowan


Inspired to a career in local government after seeing how many people were confused by information from various government offices, Barbara J. Mcgowan began her career as the aide to the commissioner of the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District of Greater Chicago after earning her high school diploma and attending college. Following this, she spent time as the officer manager for Mayor Harold Washington’s Political Education Project, before returning to the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District as commissioner and vice president in 1993, roles she continues to hold to this day. In her dual roles as commissioner and vice president, Ms. Mcgowan is responsible for providing clean drinking water to the residents of Cook County, overseeing roughly 2,000 employees and 7 water

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