Listee Features — April 9, 2021


Dr. Theresa Lynn White Caron is a medical consultant and reviewer building on more than 30 years of expertise in nursing and medical administration. As a child, her mother was diagnosed late with vascular disease that required surgical intervention, and became the first patient to undergo closed-heart surgery in 1967. A young Dr. Caron grew up going back and forth from the hospital with her mother and helping while she recovered from her many surgeries and often-taxing medical interventions. Her time spent in medical settings, coupled with explanations from her father, an engineer, about how her mother’s treatments worked, helped her develop a keen interest in science and medicine and a desire to study nursing. She was awarded both a

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Susan Kennedy


Susan Orpha Kennedy, PhD has dedicated her career to helping empower others through sports and physical activity as a physical education teacher, consultant and sports official. An athlete since childhood, Dr. Kennedy believes that an active body leads to an active mind, and is passionate about helping young women find and nurture their athletic side. She earned a Bachelor of Science in physical education in 1973 and began her career teaching and coaching at Housatonic Valley Regional High School in Falls Village, Connecticut. In 1976, she left Connecticut to continue her education at the University of Oregon, pursuing a graduate teaching fellowship until completing her Master of Science in physical education in 1978. Dr. Kennedy spent the next two years

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Amanda K. Parker is a database administrator and data analytics expert who has spent more than 15 years as Eastern Virginia Medical School’s graduate medical education and information systems specialist. Since 2004, she has specialized in maintaining the school’s residency management software and databases, becoming the primary user, trainer, and administrator for the entire program. Ms. Parker’s career began when she pursued administrative office work after completing some college coursework. Unsure of her desired path, she was hired by Eastern Virginia Medical School and placed in the Graduate Medical Education Office as a temporary worker. After only a month in the office, Ms. Parker was hired as a permanent staff member and promoted to her current role. She excelled at

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Beverly J. Coover is a lifelong business leader, manager, and a retired administrative officer of the University of Kansas School of Medicine’s department of family and community medicine. Born and raised in Wichita, Kansas, Ms. Coover grew up on a farm and was introduced to the value of hard work and ingenuity at a young age. Naturally outgoing, people-oriented, and always looking for a challenge, she attributes much of her success to the values she learned from her upbringing. She started to excel even in high school, becoming lead editor of the school yearbook, and was voted junior class president out of a class of 109 students. After graduating high school, Ms. Coover worked full-time at the local Dairy Queen,

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