Listee Features — April 22, 2021


Pamela D. Neel, with the Pamela Neel Group, is a real estate professional celebrating nearly 11 years of matching clients with their dream properties in the San Antonio area. An entrepreneur at heart, Ms. Neel had always dreamed of a career in sales, but had never found her niche. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication design from Texas State University in 2003, and accepted a sales role with Staples shortly after graduation. Initially the position seemed like a perfect fit, and Ms. Neel soon became one of the company’s top sellers. After two years with Staples, policy changes meant that she was no longer paid a commission on her most lucrative accounts, and she began to look for

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Gail Gelburd


Gail Enid Gelburd, PhD, is an artist, writer, academic and art historian celebrating more than 45 years of creating and curating. Some of her earliest memories are of her father taking her to museums and telling her that with hard work, she could become whatever she wanted to be. Dr. Gelburd took his words to heart, and she began her journey in 1974 with a Bachelor of Arts from Queens College of the City University of New York, followed by a Master of Arts from the Ohio State University in 1977. She started working in the arts shortly after, being named director of the Phoenix Gallery in New York City in 1976 and curator of the Morris Museum from 1978

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Lindsey R. Serafini, BBA, is an entrepreneur, business leader and innovator, changing the manufacturing industry since 2012 as the owner of Castle Plastics. A family-owned business celebrating over 100 years of continuous operation, Castle Plastics has become recognized as a cornerstone of the farrier supply industry and one of the top manufacturers of specialty horseshoe pads. Ms. Serafini remembers her grandfather Gabrielle, the founder of Castle Plastics, as her inspiration and teacher, citing the ethics and integrity she learned at his side while helping with the business as a small child. Passionate about both the industry and the business from a young age, Ms. Serafini fondly recalls attending her first trade show and explains that it was “only a matter

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Katherine Blalock, MD, is a board-certified family medicine practitioner and clinical assistant professor of medicine at Texas A&M College of Medicine. Dr. Blalock’s interest in medicine began at an early age, when she found herself intrigued by visits to the doctor’s office and took an interest in how the doctors and nurses learned to do their jobs. Her parents recall that even as a young child, she would always answer that she wanted to be a physician when asked what she wanted to be when she grew up. As a teen, she had the opportunity to shadow several of the hometown physicians who had first sparked her interest in the profession, further cementing her interest. In 2011, Dr. Blalock achieved

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Joni Redick-Yundt


Joni B. Redick-Yundt is an author, coach, entrepreneur, and financial specialist with WestPac Wealth Partners celebrating more than 30 years of success helping others plan for their dreams and find the resources to achieve them. Born and raised in an economically disadvantaged area in the Philippines, Ms. Redick-Yundt moved to the United States with her family as a teen, and attributes her drive to the lessons she learned from her humble beginnings. She holds a degree in accounting from the University of Hawaii, and earned her nursing certification at Kapiolani Community College. Before entering the financial services industry, Ms. Redick-Yundt spent 20 years as an emergency room nurse and Mary Kay consultant, breaking area sales records and directing a team

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Jacqueline Haessly


Jacqueline Haessly, PhD, is a writer, teacher, coach, and the founder of Peacemaking Associates and the Milwaukee Peace Education Library. Her career has been dedicated to helping promote sustainable peace and justice through education, civil rights for all people, and equitable access to community resources. A graduate of the Sacred Heart School of Practical Nursing, Dr. Haessly began working as a public health nurse in the Milwaukee area in 1958. Throughout the 1960s, she was active in protests and marches against housing discrimination and the Vietnam War, and recalls that her position as a nurse “helped her see the connections” between the lack of healthcare and housing for all and discriminatory attitudes in policy and culture. During this time, she

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