Listee Features — May 11, 2021

Christa Bush


Christa Jane Bush is a certified horticulturist and landscape professional celebrating nearly 10 years of excellence in grounds maintenance, landscape design and management. Now serving as the account manager for Yellowstone Landscape, she was an area manager for Ruppert Landscape Inc., where she managed maintenance and enhancement services for a portfolio of more than 70 commercial, government and large residential clients across Virginia, beginning in 2018. Raised in a school district with robust career and technical education offerings, Ms. Bush first began taking horticulture and landscape design classes in high school simply to fill a gap in her schedule. She quickly fell in love with the unique challenges of the work, and decided to pursue further education in the specialty.

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Carson N. Cash King, Esq. is an attorney building her career in business and contract law currently serving as the director of legal and business affairs at Cash Environmental Resources, LLC. Her interest in the legal field was inspired by her family. Her parents were strong advocates for underserved children and youth, and her mother served on the local school board, modeling compassion and community involvement in action to a Ms. King from a young age. While she started life with a strong sense of justice and a desire to speak out against injustices, her decision to pursue a career in law was cemented by a traumatic experience as a teen. While riding the bus home from high school, her

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Barbara Lang


Barbara Wilson Lang celebrates more than four decades as a community spiritual leader, teacher, and the chief executive officer of West Street Baptist Church. Ms. Lang attended Jarvis Christian College, earning a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and psychology in 1972, and began her work in religious services shortly after. She was named chief executive officer of West Street Baptist Church in 1978, assuming responsibility for the church’s business operations and financial record-keeping, but her commitment to building and strengthening community ties has been a lifelong calling. In addition to her work for West Street Baptist Church, Ms. Lang dedicated 44 years to her role as the senior residential administrator of Clausen House, a community for adults with developmental disabilities.

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