Listee Features — May 17, 2021

Diana Shumick


Diana Lynn Shumick is a retired office manager and marketing support specialist celebrating a career with IBM spanning more than 35 years. Ms. Shumick credits her start in the field to her intellectual curiosity and naturally outgoing personality. While she initially dreamed of becoming a social worker, she started working as a data entry clerk for Ohio Power Company and the Canton Police Department to finance her studies at Walsh College and Ohio University. Ms. Shumick transferred to Kent State University in 1971, a move that brought her to IBM as a systems engineer in 1973. She recalls that while social work remained close to her heart, the more time she spent in the technology industry and administrative leadership, the

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Cecile Shellman is the owner and president of Cecile Shellman Consulting, a Pittsburgh-based private consulting firm providing museums and other arts institutions around the country with customized diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion programming and visioning plans that “ensure that museums are truly for all.” Driven by a lifelong passion for equitable access to art, Ms. Shellman completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting at Brigham Young University in 1991, and spent time as a commercial artist and then as a gallery director before exiting the field to find better opportunities to use visual arts as a medium for education and communication. She found herself drawn to museum studies as a way to highlight and guide the narratives that art objects

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Jane Katz


Jane Katz, EdD, is a competitive swimmer, swimming educator, and professor of health and physical education at the City University of New York since 1964. Dr. Katz’ interest in teaching aquatic sports was inspired by her father, Leon, who learned to swim after nearly drowning as a teenager and went on to teach swimming at a local YMCA for the next 50 years. She describes water as “the great equalizer,” and her father’s experiences left her with a desire to pay it forward and help others find the same freedom and empowerment in swimming. She holds a Bachelor of Science in health and physical education from the City College of New York and a Master of Arts in organizational administration

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Julia Harrianan


Julia Harrianan is the vice president of RTI Shelving Systems, a company specializing in complex custom shelving and storage projects for clients from libraries to high-end retailers. She and her husband took over RTI Shelving Systems in 2001 after her husband, a master shelving installer, was unfairly compensated for a major project. Ms. Harrianan recalls him “ripping up the check and starting over from scratch” to build his own independent shelving company, JMB Steel. At the time, they had few clients and no employees, and Ms. Harrianan took time off from her own position with Cosmetic Concepts to help her husband develop the company. As the company grew, Ms. Harrianan was able to hire more contractors and they begin manufacturing

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Annie Mecias-Murphy


Annie Mecias-Murphy is the co-owner and president of JA&M Developing LLC, a family-owned construction firm established in 2005. The concept of the American dream was crucial to Dr. Mecias-Murphy when she first began her journey into the construction industry. She was exposed to the area of construction by her parents, in particular her father, who began working in construction from the time he immigrated from Cuba in 1969. After spending several years in the teaching and counseling field, she decided to continue in the trade full time. She had acquired experience in construction from the time she was a child working with her father and quickly mastered the various aspects of the trade, empowering her to pursue valuable career opportunities.

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Abigail Crawford


Abigail Nowlin Crawford is a retired educator, consultant, and the founder of ANC Focus Consulting Services, where she provides clients with customized coaching in professional development, teacher training and in-classroom solutions. Her passion for education was inspired by her mother, who placed a high value on schooling and encouraged a young Ms. Crawford to do the same. She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Francis Marion University and continued her education at Georgia State University, earning a Master of Science in education in 1991. Throughout her teaching career, Ms. Crawford developed an interest in school leadership, and she returned to school in the late 1990s, completing an educational specialist degree in administration and supervision at Lincoln Memorial University

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Yvette Kraft is an artist and educator celebrating nearly four decades of practice. Working primarily in acrylics, Ms. Kraft has had her work exhibited in numerous group and solo shows, including exhibitions at the National Institutes of Health Clinical Center Gallery and the Center for Collaborative Art and Visual Education in Washington, D.C. She studied with seminal color field painter Leon Berkowitz from 1982 until 1987 and continued her education as a student at the Corcoran College of Art and Design from 1992 until 2004, developing her signature gestural and highly layered style. In addition to her creative work, Ms. Kraft has dedicated her career to helping others find empowerment through the fine arts and develop their own unique artistic

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