Listee Features — June 1, 2021

Samantha Culbertson


Attributing much of her success to being a good listener and putting her clients’ needs first, Samantha Culbertson was inspired to a career in advertising and marketing through the support and encouragement of her mentors, including Heath Guinn, as well as her own passion for creative work. She first earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts in studio art and graphic design from East Tennessee University in 2012 before embarking on her career as the art director for Cumberland Marketing in 2013. Working with Cumberland Marketing for five years, she left the firm and co-founded ARO Creative Inc. in 2018. Now the art director of ARO Creative Inc., a full service marketing and advertising agency, Mrs. Culbertson’s duties include managing the

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Catherine Minarik


Catherine E. Minarik celebrates a career in quality management and data processing for major manufacturers spanning nearly four decades of innovation. A talented student, Ms. Minarik was both analytical and creative from a young age, and developed an interest in food science and cooking by the time she had entered high school. Aware of the developments happening in nutrition and the manufacturing industry as a result of changing technologies, Ms. Minarik was inspired to explore the opportunities that would be available to her through a career in the field. She attended Washburn University, earning a Bachelor of Arts in home economics, and continued her education at Kansas State University, where she was awarded a Master of Science in food science.

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Susan Furlong


Susan Leigh Furlong, MA, is a historical romance writer and retired educator with nearly four decades of excellence in elementary education and a lifetime of dedication to literature. A creative and headstrong child, Ms. Furlong wanted to become a teacher for as long as she could remember. Her family moved across the country several times during her childhood, and she settled in Ohio to attend college at Wittenberg University. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts in teaching and elementary education in 1969, she continued her studies at the University of Dayton, completing a Master of Arts in education specializing in instruction for gifted and talented students in 1977. Ms. Furlong spent her teaching career at Broadway Elementary School with

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