Listee Features — June 11, 2021

Ruth-Arlene Howe


Ruth-Arlene W. Howe, professor emerita, dedicated almost 40 years to the student bodies of the Simmons College School of Social Work and the Boston College Law School as a professor of legal interviewing, family law and elder law. Motivated by her lifelong passion for civil rights and social justice, she began her career with an emphasis on social work before pursuing legal studies. She completed a Bachelor of Arts at Wellesley College in 1955 and was awarded a Master of Social Work at Simmons College in 1957. The same year, Ms. Howe accepted a position as a psychiatric social worker for the Catholic Youth Service Bureau of Cleveland, Ohio. She would continue to serve the Catholic Youth Service Bureau for

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Laura L. Bliss is an entrepreneur and restaurant management expert celebrating nearly 25 years of sharing her passion for food with diners and four years as the owner of the South Bend Bistro. She entered the food and beverage industry in 1999 as a server, and moved into fine dining two years later as a member of the staff at the Trout House, an upscale riverside dining room that had become a fixture of the community. Ms. Bliss continued to work in restaurants over the next decade, noting that she often “fell into” leadership roles, building a comprehensive background in hospitality management. As she continued to develop her diverse industry skill sets, Ms. Bliss began to dream of eventually opening

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Chloe Faith Kuehn, RN, is a dedicated registered nurse and administrator building her career in helping provide high-quality care for senior citizens and active adults with medical support needs. Since 2019, Ms. Kuehn has been a patient care team manager at McKendree Village, a continuing care retirement community serving residents with long-term support, physical therapy, and memory care needs. Her path to a career in medicine was not always straightforward: diagnosed with a learning disability at a young age, Ms. Kuehn often found school to be a challenge. She first developed an interest in nursing during a fourth grade field trip, declaring that she would grow up to become a nurse as soon as she arrived home. Her newfound ambition

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