Listee Features — June 23, 2021

Jennifer Swain


Jennifer Swain grew up amidst the agricultural and farming industries and took great pride in the work even as a child. She had a sense of how crucial farming was to addressing the world’s problems and keeping people healthy, and wanted to continue this work when she grew up. Ms. Swain’s journey began at South Florida State College, where she completed an Associate of Arts in biology and biological sciences in 2013 before pursuing additional coursework in environmental biology at Indian River State College the following year. Deeply committed to education and driven by a lifelong learning ethos, Ms. Swain continued her studies at Florida Atlantic University for the next several years, earning certificates in geographic information systems and environmental

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Fueled by a love for science, mathematics, and language, Helen Elizabeth Voegele Gourley spent seven decades as a, scientist, engineer, physicist, lecturer, and educator. From 1971 until her passing in 2021, she dedicated herself to System Sciences Group in San Francisco, where, in the role of chief optical scientist of her own consulting firm, she focused her expert skills on designing and analyzing optics relating to illumination for medical, military, and manufacturing instruments. In an industry largely occupied and run by men, Helen — through her hard work, tenacity, and knowledge — earned a place at the table for women in science. Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Helen grew up devouring books and music — both of which

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Colene Allen, DN, has dedicated more than 26 years to providing patients with alternative and holistic health care options as a provider at Holistic Alternative Solution. Inspired by her grandmother, a holistic medicine practitioner, and her childhood on a remote farm, Ms. Allen wanted to become a doctor since the age of 7. She holds a Master of Arts in holistic alternative psychology and became a Doctor of Naturology in 1998 through the American Institute of Holistic Theology. Ms. Allen holds numerous credentials in her field, and is a registered holistic counselor, a licensed massage therapist, a certified myoskeletal pain therapist, a certified traditional Chinese medicine practitioner, and a board-certified holistic alternative psychology provider. She has pursued continuing education in

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Alyssa Gleason


Alyssa Gleason is a pharmaceutical industry consultant and project manager specializing in immuno-oncology and cancer therapies. Currently, she is a project manager for SAI MedPartners, LLC, a global firm created to advise health care institutions, researchers, and manufacturers on everything from navigating emerging markets to creating long-term research and development strategies. She joined the company in 2018 as an analyst and had risen to becoming a senior consultant by the end of 2019. Ms. Gleason has occupied her current position as a project manager since 2020. Her role offers her the chance to meet with some of the leading voices in cancer treatment and research, including professors from Harvard, Yale, and UCLA, and oncologists from around the country, in order

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Susan D. Duncan has enjoyed four decades of success in the real estate industry as a certified real estate broker associate. She earned her first real estate license in Arizona in 1979 at only 19 years of age, and continued to build her career to become one of the best-known brokers in the area. Before entering the field, Ms. Duncan held a series of hospitality jobs, eventually leading her to a position as a server in a high end fine-dining restaurant. At the time, she felt little sense of direction, and recalls thinking that she had “no idea what she wanted to do” in the long-term. Naturally personable and detail-oriented, Ms. Duncan was one of the top servers at the

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Joan Hutchins


Joan Morthland Hutchins celebrates more than six decades of distinction in business leadership, manufacturing and agriculture. A trailblazer for women in the construction industry and large-scale commercial agriculture, Ms. Hutchins considers her greatest accomplishments to be the diversity of her knowledge and ability to succeed across industries. She began her career in 1961 as a junior mathematician for the Shell Development Company after graduating from Radcliffe College at Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts. She remained with Shell Development Company until 1963 and spent the next year as a mathematician for British Petroleum. During her time in the energy industry, Ms. Hutchins worked on the development of several key mathematical models for use in the oil industry, work she

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Peggy Smalls


Peggy Ann Lamar Smalls is an award-winning elementary educator and educational consultant who enjoyed a 31-year career in Atlanta Public Schools before retiring in 1997. Born and raised in Atlanta as one of five siblings, Ms. Smalls developed a personal understanding of the value of education from a very young age. She credits her ambition to her parents, especially her mother, who she remembers as “very present and involved,” and who counseled her to always do the best she could at everything she attempted. Ms. Smalls’ mother was open about her own educational background: though a strong student, she had been forced to leave school and find work after her parents’ untimely deaths, and she encouraged her children to make

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Pauline Thomassen


Born in 1939 in Cleveland, Ohio, Pauline F. Thomassen, RN, dreamed of becoming a nurse for as long as she could remember. Galvanized by a traumatic experience with a high school guidance counselor who told her that she would never amount to anything, Ms. Thomassen doubled down on pursuing her dream of a career in medicine, working overtime and borrowing money from her mother in order to pay for nursing school. She enrolled at Southern Colorado State College, earning an Associate of Arts in nursing in 1974, and received a tuition grant to continue her education at the school. The following year, Ms. Thomassen completed a Bachelor of Arts in psychology and relocated to the Seattle, Washington, area to begin

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