Listee Features — July 2021

Diane Dunne


Diane Cantine Dunne’s epic career is a testament to the level of skills required for success in the New York City real estate business. Born in Milwaukee, she obtained a Bachelor of Science from Marquette University before graduating with an Executive Master of Business Administration from New York University. Ms. Dunne’s professional career subsequently began in the advertising industry in New York, where she achieved some of her earliest career accolades as the manager of advertising at NBC and the director of marketing for CBS. At the time, advancing to management positions at these major networks garnered the same admiration as becoming an executive at Google or Microsoft in the modern era. Later she was an executive in Bloomingdale’s marketing

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Luana DeVol


An award-winning operatic soprano with more than 40 years of international recognition in some of the medium’s most iconic roles, Luana DeVol has served as the executive director of the American Wagner Project since 2013. Ms. DeVol has performed and taught around the world, but is perhaps best-known for her performances of the German repertoire, and was selected as Singer of the Year by German opera magazine Opernwelt in both 1997 and 2000. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay area, Ms. DeVol grew up with a love of music and an appreciation for the arts, but had no intention of becoming a singer, instead harboring dreams of training in ballet. After a chance choir audition as a teen

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A coaching expert and talent development manager with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Kimberly Erceg has spent nearly 20 years developing her passion for helping others reach their highest potential. After briefly studying journalism, Ms. Erceg recognized that her interests lay in business and logistics, and she completed a Bachelor of Science in communications and supply chain management at the Pennsylvania State University while working her way up the ranks at Guardian Life Insurance. She began her business career in sales, starting in 2001 as a sales representative for Cardinal Health, Inc., moving to Quest Diagnostics, Inc. from 2004 until 2006. The following year, Ms. Erceg transitioned to a corporate training role with P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, spending the next

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Judith Hall


Judith G. Hall, MD, is an esteemed clinical geneticist and professor emerita of pediatrics and medical genetics at the University of British Columbia. With more than 50 years in the medical field, she is celebrated as an expert in rare genetic diseases, a trailblazer for women in science and a leader in her field. One of Dr. Hall’s earliest inspirations was her mother, who completed college and graduate school in an era when it was virtually unheard of for a woman to do so. She maintained her passion for academia even after marrying and raising children, and a young Dr. Hall and her three siblings grew up in an environment full of opportunities to explore and experiment, and strong encouragement

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Elizabeth Moss is the scholar and gallerist behind Elizabeth Moss Galleries, a fine art gallery in Falmouth, Maine, dedicated to showcasing the work of 20th century and contemporary artists from Maine with a focus on the Monhegan Island region. She had a lifelong interest in the visual arts, describing art as a source of comfort and something that just made her feel good. As a young teenager, she would often take the Metro to downtown Washington, D.C., to visit museums. She fell in love with the National Gallery of Art, where she was transfixed by the room-sized works of abstract expressionist painters Helen Frankenthaler and Robert Motherwell. By age 17, her enjoyment of art had extended to an excitement for

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Angela L. Dills is the owner and operator of Angela’s Custodial Service, a commercial janitorial services company cleaning retail, office, and municipal spaces in the Douglas City, California, area since 2008. Before launching the company, Ms. Dills had spent several years as a county government employee. She began making plans to move on after work furloughs became more frequent and rumors that her position might be outsourced started swirling. Located in a county with fewer than 10,000 residents, Douglas City lacked a reliable after-hours janitorial service, and Ms. Dills sensed an opportunity. Angela’s Custodial Service started with just a single account, her local credit union. Ms. Dills approached the owners after noticing dust and spiderwebs in the lobby, remembering that

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Karen West


Karen E. West celebrates nearly five decades of trailblazing work in the financial services industry, including becoming the first female vice president of the Vanguard Group. Ms. West began her career in 1966, when she completed an Associate of Arts in accounting and business administration at Goldey-Beacom University. As she was preparing to graduate, she told an adviser that she found the field boring and no longer wanted to pursue it. After being asked if she enjoyed any aspect of it at all, Ms. West realized that she was drawn to the investment industry, and decided to focus her efforts exclusively on building a career in investment. Ms. West began her professional career with Sears Roebuck’s acceptance department, working as

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For more than 35 years, Carla Sarauw has dedicated herself to improving the lives of students, staff, and communities as an educational administrator in both public and private parochial school settings. She credits her parents, Ivan Buchanan and Beryl Buchanan-Hughes, with instilling in her the value of education at a young age, volunteering as a Catholic school teacher and working as a night school teacher for adult learners. After graduating from Convent High School, Ms. Sarauw continued her education at the University of the Virgin Islands, earning a Bachelor of Arts in biology in 1978. She continued her studies at the University of the Virgin Islands, beginning as a pre-med major, and eventually deciding to teach for a year, where

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Laura Lofaro


Laura J. Lofaro is the founder and chief executive officer of Sterling Resources International LLC, an international management consulting firm specializing in executive recruitment and compensation since 1988. Before beginning her career in business and finance, Ms. Lofaro attended the College of New Rochelle, graduating cum laude with both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art history and a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Her philosophy is that life affords many opportunities to learn from experience and from other people and that “people are like the most interesting book and that getting to know them opens your eyes to new things.” Ms. Lofaro completed one year of doctoral coursework before becoming an associate of Hawkes, Randolph, & Associates in

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Barbara Beckmann


A pioneer in the field of engineering, Barbara Kerr Beckmann became the first female engineering graduate at the University of Mississippi when she completed a Bachelor of Science in chemical engineering in 1961. An ambitious student with a talent for math and science, Ms. Beckmann was initially convinced that she wanted to pursue a career in medicine before realizing that she did not have the personality to find long-term success in the field. She was further encouraged by her early mentor, University of Mississippi professor Dr. Frank Anderson, who she recalls “will always stand out because he didn’t treat me as something different. I was an engineering student first and foremost.” After completing her degree, Ms. Beckmann was hired by

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