Listee Features — July 2, 2021


Patricia Hamilton Shook, PhD, MA, BA, is a writer and clinical psychologist with more than three decades of expertise working with and on behalf of people with intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum disorders. She has spent much of her career as a psychologist for the Department of Developmental Services, where she administers programming and assesses applications for services and court proceedings for appeals. Her work with the Department of Developmental Services extends to working directly with clients to administer IQ tests and other clinical evaluations as well as provide cognitive behavioral therapy sessions and create treatment plans. Dr. Shook’s initial interest in psychology was driven by her teenage experiences with clinical depression, inspiring her drive to understand the human brain

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Frida Emalange-Heubner


Frida Emalange-Huebner is an expert stylist, salon owner, and the founder of Zorganics Cosmetics, a line of professional-quality organic and paraben-free skin and hair care products. Her passion for beauty began at a young age, and by her teenage years, Ms. Emalange was doing her own hair and working on clients part-time. Though she attended a four-year college to study business and entrepreneurship, she soon decided to focus her attention on the beauty industry. Born in Cameroon, Ms. Emalange lived in Germany and France before moving to Washington to be near family and pursue cosmetology licensure. An NCEA-certified master esthetician in addition to being a licensed cosmetologist, Ms. Emalange opened her first salon in the Bellingham area in 2001. By

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Augusta “Dawn” Adams is a licensed embalmer, funeral director, and the chief operating officer of Foster Funeral & Cremation Service, a chain of two funeral homes serving families throughout Wisconsin. She felt a calling to the funeral industry from a very young age, and remembers telling her parents, Edward and Jacqueline, that she wanted to work in a mortuary when she was just 13 years old. Though her parents supported her dream, she chose to pursue a career in nursing after graduating from high school. She completed coursework at Tuskegee University before earning an Associate of Science in biology at Indiana University in 1992. Ms. Adams continued her education at the School of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning

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Katharine Needham


Since 2008, Katharine “Kit” Needham has been the director and entrepreneur-in-residence at the Swartz Center for Entrepreneurship at Carnegie Mellon University, where she oversees a series of innovative classes and programs designed to provide innovators and entrepreneurs with the skills, tools, and connections they need to build their businesses and thrive. She is the assistant dean of for the Entrepreneurship Initiative and director of Project Olympus, the Swartz Center’s business incubator and one of its largest programs, offering would-be business owners coaching, consulting, and a roadmap to incorporation. With five decades of expertise in the banking and financial industries and a natural talent for developing ideas and finding new ways to do things, Ms. Needham has also operated Needham Consulting,

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