Listee Features — December 2021

Doris Jackson-Hardwick


First earning a Bachelor of Arts in business administration from Paul Quinn College in Waco, Texas, in 1981, Doris Laverne Jackson-Hardwick was inspired to a career working in veterans affairs by her father, who worked for a hospital for 43 years and did influential work with labor unions. Her father taught her that “it’s not about you” and encouraged her to be of service to others. She began her career with the local Veterans Affairs Regional Office in 1983, where she served in a variety of roles, including accounts receivable clerk, veterans’ benefits counselor and veterans’ service representative. Moving to El Paso in 2007, she attained the role of military services coordinator with the IDES program in 2008, a position

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Lyn Porter


Lyn M. Porter is a physical education instructor at the Allen Brook School, where she has worked with pre-kindergarten through second grade students since 1991. A natural athlete with a gift for working with children and youth, she had always considered the possibility of a career in education. Her decision to teach was inspired by one of her own high school teachers, who, though popular with other students, failed to connect with her. Inspired to make more of a difference in the lives of her own students, Ms. Porter earned a Bachelor of Science in physical education and coaching at Castleton University in 1987, and in 2006, she completed a Master of Arts in elementary education and teaching through Kaplan

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Mikayla Treynor


Mikayla Jane Treynor is a rehabilitative speech language pathologist specializing in treating patients with dysphagia and swallowing disorders. Currently, Ms. Treynor works in a variety of hospital and skilled nursing facilities including Genesis Rehab, Select Rehab and Health Call, and she has spent much of the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic helping rehabilitate patients following breathing intubation. Her interest in a health care career began at the age of 17, after her grandmother suffered a stroke. Her experience in the hospital and seeing the care provided to her grandmother inspired her to want to work with stroke survivors, and after an educational counselor suggested speech pathology as a complementary path, Ms. Treynor enrolled at Grand Valley State University, where she

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Macarena Tamayo-Calabrese is the president and chief executive officer of the Naper Settlement, an interactive outdoor history museum dedicated to celebrating and preserving the history of the Naperville area. The Naper Settlement, located on more than 13 acres owned by a public trust through the city of Naperville, began with Ms. Tamayo-Calabrese’s historic home and the adjoining land, and has expanded to include more than 25 historically significant structures from the area. She and the Naperville Heritage Society, a nonprofit organization, work together to run the museum as a living history experience with a priority on preserving the site’s buildings, vegetation, and land, and highlighting the rich history of the Naperville area and its role within the region. While the

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Parvaneh Tavakol


Parvaneh Tavakol is the owner of ICS Restoration, a custom furniture and upholstery restoration contractor serving clients throughout the San Ramon Valley area. Based in Suisun, California, ICS Restoration offers a range of build and repair services including custom furniture fabrication, reupholstery, and antique furniture care and restoration. Since the company’s establishment in 2015, Ms. Tavakol has worked alongside clients and her team to help design and build custom sofas, chairs, and more, and carefully refurbish preloved and vintage pieces to their original condition. She is responsible for overseeing the company’s growth and financial success, including managing client records, marketing and all financial functions. Ms. Tavakol was born and raised in Iran and developed her passion for antiques from her

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Jacqueline Holland is a speech-language pathologist who has dedicated the last 15 years of her career to working with young children with communication and language processing disorders. From a young age, Ms. Holland’s parents instilled in her a sense of the value of education, and she knew that she would eventually pursue a career working with children. Her interest in speech pathology as a discipline was inspired by her sister, Tracy, who has special needs and worked with a variety of educational and occupational specialists as a young child. An outstanding student, Ms. Holland received an academic scholarship to attend Texas Christian University, where she made the dean’s list and was nominated to the National Society of Collegiate Scholars. She

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Regan Choi, PhD, is a second-generation acupuncturist and traditional Chinese medicine practitioner working in private practice. Inspired by her mother’s acupuncture practice, Dr. Choi developed an interest in the opportunities afforded by holistic and complementary medicine to address chronic health issues that remained unresolved by treatments from Western medicine. Her practice specializes in pediatric acupuncture and acupressure with an emphasis on helping patients manage symptoms of ADHD, learning disabilities and autism spectrum diagnoses. Dr. Choi is passionate about offering acupuncture to juvenile patients, and loves working directly with children and youth, describing appointments as “more like playtime” than a treatment. In addition to traditional acupuncture treatments, she is highly trained in non-needle therapies and other noninvasive techniques best suited for

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Ashlea Boyle


Ashlea A. Boyle is the director of the Parks and Recreation Department for the city of Kerrville, Texas, where she has managed more than 26 parks facilities and a staff of 50 full-time employees since 2017. As the director of parks and recreation, she oversees the development, maintenance and operation of all recreational facilities owned by the city, serving more than 25,000 residents with access to its outdoor and sports spaces. Responsible for administering an annual budget of over $4 million, she works with employees, residents, and other stakeholders to develop programming, budgets, and long-range plans that will best serve the community for years to come. In addition to her administrative and leadership duties, Ms. Boyle remains active in the

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Dedra M. Forbes is a behavior intervention specialist with Birch Family Services, where she has provided clients and patients a range of mental health and behavioral analysis services since 2019. Since childhood, Ms. Forbes felt called to help others as a medical professional. Initially, she had dreamed of becoming a pediatrician, but discovered her fear of blood when a school baseball game sent her to the hospital for stitches. Realizing that she could “never stand to see blood on a child” if she could not handle seeing her own injuries, Ms. Forbes sought out another specialty that would allow her to work with children and youths. Until her early 20s, Ms. Forbes had never considered studying psychology. Her first exposure

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