Listee Features — January 19, 2022


Holding considerable expertise in designing automated financial systems, Joan Herron San Lwin was drawn to accounting as a result of her logical nature and her fascination with the scientific precision that went into the field. First completing coursework at Parsons College from 1970 to 1972, her early career included work as a senior accountant with the Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus as well as positions with Coopers & Lybrand and KPMG. From 1984 to 1997, she served as the senior financial systems consultant with CDSI. During the mid-1980s, Ms. San Lwin had the opportunity to do work for several companies who provided accounting packages to the federal government through the Joint Financial Management Improvement Program. This led to

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Julia Malisos


With a longstanding love of architecture, Julia Diane Malisos was inspired to her career by an urban planning course she took while studying at Arizona State University, which ultimately led to her achieving a Bachelor of Science in planning in 2002. From there, she continued her education with a master’s degree in urban and regional planning from the University of California Irvine in 2005, during which time she began her career as an assistant planner for the IBA Design Group from 2004 to 2005. Also obtaining certification as an accredited professional in leadership in energy and environmental design (LEED), Ms. Malisos subsequently joined William Hezmalhalch Architects, Inc. from 2005 to 2009 as an associate planner and LEED accredited professional. In

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Amanda Spielman


Attributing much of her success to her passion for making a difference in the lives of others, Amanda Spielman began her studies with a Bachelor of Science in business from Louisiana State University in 1997. During this time, she was in a car accident that resulted in severe injuries and a significant hospital stay. This experience led her to have a new appreciation for those that dedicate their time and energy to illness or injury, as well as the importance of high quality patient care. After earning a Master of Business Administration from the Jesse H. Jones Graduate School of Management at Rice University in 1999, she began her career in the technology industry before moving into a role as

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Nancy Graham


Inspired to her career in the funeral industry by her family’s legacy in the field, Nancy Butz Graham obtained a diploma from Anderson High School in 1965. Following this, she went on to achieve an associate degree from the Gulf Park College for Women and completed additional coursework at Ball State University. She began her career by spending five years as an administrative supervisor with Anderson Medical Laboratories Inc. before taking over the Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Home and Crematory as owner and secretary-treasurer. The Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Home was founded by Ms. Graham’s grandfather in 1929 and was run by her parents until their retirement. Ms. Graham spent 45 years with the Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Home and Crematory, during which time she was

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Monet Johnson


Inspired to her career out of a desire to create something that would last for generations to come, Monet E. Johnson began her studies with paralegal coursework in 1992. Throughout the years she has been continually motivated by the part she has played to create and support structures that benefit her community and, in 2010, she achieved the position of vice president of marketing for SME Industries, Inc. In this position, she is responsible for all public relations and communications, both internally and externally; collaborating with various departments; and providing support for government and political affairs. Furthermore, she also joined Southwest Steel, CoreBrace and Southwest Architectural Metals as the vice president of marketing in 2010, where she oversees operations, web

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Pela Terry


Born in Chicago, Pela S. Terry, EdD, was drawn to a career as a health and human services professional by her inner-city upbringing, which saw her witness to gang activity, health care disparities, and the impacts of racial segregation and marginalization. To support her passion to help others, she entered nonprofit work shortly after completing her first undergraduate degree. Later in life, she enrolled in studies at The College of New Rochelle where she earned a Master of Public Administration in human services, with emphasis on policy and social justice, and graduated with honors in 2014. For her excellence, Dr. Terry was presented with the Catherine Haage Award and graduate honors during her graduate studies at The College of New

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