Listee Features — February 17, 2022


Susan E. Basalik knew that she wanted to be a teacher by the time she reached second grade, inspired by her own teachers and several relatives who were also teachers. After achieving her bachelor’s degree, she joined the Methacton School District in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania, where she has worked for the last four decades, teaching music to third, fourth, fifth and sixth grade students. Specializing in string instruments, Ms. Basalik’s primary instrument is the cello, but she also holds proficiency in 12 other instruments, including the violin, viola and bass, as part of the teaching requirements for the state of Pennsylvania. Over the years, she has furthered her expertise with a Master of Education from Temple University in 1987 and

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Denise Irons


Attributing much of her success to her work ethic and her ability to find creative solutions to problems, Denise A. Irons, MBA, first earned a Bachelor of Science in zoology from the University of Rhode Island in 1982. She went on to obtain medical technology certification from the American Society for Clinical Pathology at the Rhode Island Hospital in 1983 and began her career as a medical technologist with the William W. Backus Hospital in 1984. In 1987, she held the same role at Yale New Haven Hospital, where she worked as she completed her Master of Business Administration in marketing and marketing management at the University of New Haven, graduating in 1990. Ms. Irons then became the customer support

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Trisha Baker-James


Inspired to her profession after realizing how difficult it can be to fill out and understand paperwork, Trisha D. Baker-James first earned an Associate of Arts in business management and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from the University of the Virgin Islands. She decided to focus her efforts on the medical field due to the sheer volume of paperwork that the field necessitates and her desire to help health care professionals have the ability to focus more on their patients rather than excess paperwork. Embarking on her career as an assistant clerk and medical secretary for the Virgin Islands Board of Medical Examiners with the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Health in 1994, she held this role until

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Eva Maddox


Encouraged to apply to art school by her mother, who was a high school career counselor, Eva L. Maddox graduated from College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning at the University of Cincinnati with a Bachelor of Science in design in 1967 and began her career that same year. In 1975, she struck out on her own and established Eva Maddox Associates Inc., where she excelled as president until 2000 when she joined Perkins & Will, one of the largest architectural firms in the world, as a principal. During her time with Perkins & Will, she excelled in branded environments and brand communication and completed more than 200 discreet designs. Ms. Maddox has excelled as a woman in a very

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Kathleen Hedges


Earning a Bachelor of Arts from Pepperdine University in 1977, Kathleen A. Hedges was inspired to enter the field of project management, because it offered a wide range of opportunities that she didn’t see in other fields, in part, due to how new project management was as a field at the time. She joined the RAND Corporation as a research assistant in 1978 and then achieved the same role with the Science Applications International Corporation in 1980. Remaining with SAIC, she rose to become a project manager in 1984 and achieved her Master of Business Administration in market research from George Mason University in 1985. Ms. Hedges has also been certified as an internal controls auditor and as a project

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Holly Lubelski


Shortly after finalizing general studies at Royse City High School in 1995 and completing undergraduate coursework, Holly Lubelski embarked on her career in the field of multifamily property management. Despite not initially planning on becoming a real estate professional, she was offered a position working as a leasing consultant when she applied to the maintenance department at Barnwell Property Management, which she readily accepted. After only eight short months, Ms. Lubelski was offered an assistant community manager position with Northland Investment Corporation. Through dedication and hard work, they promoted her to community manager after only six months, where she was able to successfully position the property to sell. She continued to excel in this role until she left the company

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Wendy Dio


Wendy Dio emerged into the entertainment world in 1981, when she became president of the Niji Entertainment Group, which she formed alongside her husband, the legendary heavy metal singer, songwriter, composer, and former front man of both Rainbow and Black Sabbath, Ronnie James Dio, who she’d married in 1978. During this time, Ms. Dio made a name for herself as a woman manager in the very male dominated entertainment industry, acting as a manager for such Los Angeles-based rock bands as Rough Cutt, NuHaven, Cold Sweat and Hellion. She was notably one of two women working in the role of manager during those early years, and her pioneering work paved the way for women in the industry. Serving as the

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Living with her grandmother, who was a private chef and worked at Georgia Southern University, during her formative years, Sandra Rogers developed a love of cooking, different flavors and creating something that would bring people comfort. Witnessing her grandmother cook for their community, providing the food for weddings as well as cooking meals for families who recently lost a loved one, Ms. Rogers knew from an early age that she wanted to be a chef. After earning her GED, she worked in administration for a time until she won New Jersey’s State Parable in 2010, which spurred her to make her dreams of being a chef a reality. Ms. Rogers joined the Institute of Culinary Education in New York City

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Inspired to a career in politics due to her interest in serving her community, MaryAnn C. Riley started on her professional path when she was still a high school student. Hearing about Dwight D. Eisenhower on the radio, she was driven to involve herself in the Eisenhower presidential campaign. After she earned her high school diploma she joined Purdue University and achieved a Bachelor of Science in education in 1963. That same year, after gaining her teaching certificate in Indiana, she began teaching at the James Whitcomb Riley Elementary School, where she spent the next 20 years teaching in the first grade gifted program as well as regular classes for the third, fifth and sixth grades. Ms. Riley also spent

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