Listee Features — March 2022

Kimberly Kaczmarek


Kimberly Callihan Kaczmarek, MS, knew that she wanted to be a special education teacher by the time she was 12 years old. She recalls being particularly inspired upon witnessing her community gather to support her best friend’s brother, who was born with developmental disabilities. Earning a diploma from Briarcliff High School, she obtained a Bachelor of Science in education at Syracuse University before achieving a Master of Science in special education from Fordham University in 1986. When she achieved her first teaching position in special education, she was very pleased to have her friend’s brother in her class. Five years into her career, Ms. Kaczmarek joined Sleepy Hollow High School as a special education teacher, where she would stay for

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Sammie E. Pierson earned an associate degree in work administration from the Georgia Medical Institute and spent 10 years in education and 20 years as a certified nursing assistant before establishing Squeaky Clean Cleaning With A Smile LLC in 2017. Currently serving as the chief executive officer of Squeaky Clean Cleaning, she founded her business out of a desire to be her own boss and to create a family business that could be passed on to her children. Not having any experience in owning a business when she first started, she is entirely self-taught when it comes to business management and notes that she is still learning every single day. Today, Ms. Pierson holds significant expertise in commercial and residential

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Jeannette Wyatt


Attributing much of her success to her tenacity and her desire to excel, Jeannette Wyatt first earned a Bachelor of Arts in communication, magna cum laude, from the University of California Los Angeles in 1991. Then joining the University of Southern California, she completed a Master of Arts in communications from the Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism in 1994. She began her career in 1993 in the accounts payable department of Internal & External Communications, a company founded by Alexandra Rand, who became Ms. Wyatt’s most influential and inspiring mentor. Quickly rising to become the director of marketing and business, she was responsible for the company’s presence at trade shows and other events, offering program demos and doing public

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Anna Smulowitz Schutz


Anna Smulowitz Schutz was born in a displaced persons camp in Plattling, Germany, to Holocaust survivors Sam and Helen Smulowitz. They immigrated to the United States in 1948, where Ms. Smulowtiz Schutz began her schooling. Completing coursework at Lesley University and the University of Cincinnati, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky followed by a master’s degree from Brandeis University. In 1969, Ms. Smulowitz Schutz attended a museum exhibit about the art and poetry of the children at the Theresienstadt concentration camp. One note in particular caught her attention: “If you should find this, tell someone what happened to us. We want to go home, please remember us.” Ms. Smulowitz Schutz finished writing

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First earning an Associate of Science from the Community College of Baltimore County, Kendra Grichuhin initially intended to pursue a career as a nurse, but rapidly fell in love with the sciences, particularly microbiology, while taking her nursing pre-requisite courses. She continued her studies with a Bachelor of Science from the University of Charleston in West Virginia and culminated her education with a Master of Science in microbiology from the University of Iowa in 2006. From there, Ms. Gichuhin returned to her early thoughts of a career in health care, this time turning her focus to laboratory research. Ms. Grichuhin joined Vanda Pharmaceuticals in 2013, where she spent her first two years doing work with genotyping samples. She then concluded

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Alexandra Nagg


Alexandra “Alli” Nagg, MS, LPC, NCC, was inspired to a career in psychology by her mother, who worked in adjudication for a psychiatrist. Her mother’s interest in psychology inspired her own and that, combined with her desire to help others, led her to settle on her career path by the time she was 12. First earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology, with a double minor in sociology and women’s studies, from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania, she then completed an internship between 2001 and 2002 under the guidance of Dr. Carolyn Menta before achieving her Master of Science in professional counseling from Carlow University in 2008. In 2011, Ms. Nagg achieved her licensure as a professional counselor and is additionally

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Gloria E. Valentin

Inspired to the field of medicine after seeing her father struggle with his health, Gloria E. Valentin was also fascinated by research as a way to give back and contribute to society. She embarked on her studies with coursework in nursing at both Bronx Community College and Regent University and attained certification as an administrative and clinical medical assistant. Her career began in 1983, when she became the outpatient cardiovascular research manager and senior clinical research coordinator at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine, which was then affiliated with Yeshiva University. In 1989, she was certified as a clinical research associate (CRA) by Hofstra University and joined Health and Science Research, Inc., where she exceled as a research administrator CRA

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Dianna Singh


Dianna Singh found her niche in health and wellness quite by accident. Starting out as a realtor, she left her job after three years to take care of her aging father, who had dementia. After her father’s passing, she found herself feeling rather stuck, so when she saw the opportunity for part time work at Elk Grove Vitamins she applied, even though she didn’t know anything about the field at the time. Hired on after making a good impression with the owner despite her inexperience, she began working the very next day. Ms. Singh has grown considerably since those early days, but at the time discovering new avenues of health care was groundbreaking. In particular, Ms. Singh recalls that when

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With a longstanding interest in Spanish and Chicano culture, Ernestina “Tina” N. Eger, PhD, began her studies with coursework at Muhlenberg College in 1963 followed by further coursework at Emory University in 1965 and has cultivated significant expertise in the field of Chicano literature. In 1965, she joined Carthage College in Kenosha, Wisconsin, where she was a professor in the department of modern languages, teaching Spanish and Chicano literature, for 25 years. During this time, she furthered her education by obtaining a Doctor of Philosophy from the Universidad Jaime Balmes in Guadalajara, Mexico, in 1975 and a Master of Library and Information Science from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1987. In 1989, Dr. Eger’s career took a turn following the

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Natanya Wachtel


Natanya Wachtel, PhD, was inspired early on by her mother, who was a global corporate executive and always made time to do good and give back to her community. Living and traveling around the globe while growing up, Dr. Wachtel saw firsthand the impact that wealth and health care disparities had on people and became determined to do something that would make a difference. She has her doctorate in behavioral psychology and several certifications as a health and wellness coach. In 2008, Dr. Wachtel established the New Solutions Factory, a consulting consortium that provides behavioral science marketing and health care analytics experts to various brands and agencies, including Novartis AG, Johnson & Johnson, Pfizer Inc., GlaxoSmithKline plc., and a number

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