Listee Features — April 19, 2022


Attributing much of her success to her work ethic and drive, Margo Allman first realized that she wanted to be an artist while studying at Smith College in 1951. Going on to complete coursework at the Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts, the Moore College of Art & Design and the University of Delaware, she cites her most important influences as Leonard Nelson, a professor at Moore College of Art & Design, and her parents, Werner H. Hutz and Avis Newcomb. Beyond her formal studies, she considers the most important lesson she has learned over the years to be to find your way of doing things and to stick to it. Furthermore, Ms. Allman finds continued motivation through the natural

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Ruzanna Kirakosyan


Ruzanna Kirakosyan pursued a career in the cosmetics industry out of a love of makeup and other cosmetic products. Earning a cosmetology degree from the Marinello Beauty School in California, she cultivated significant expertise in chemistry and cosmetic formulas, as well as color cosmetology and preparing new and exciting product lines. Now an accomplished cosmetologist, she takes great joy in helping women to feel better about themselves through makeup and cosmetics and notes that she loves her work so much that it hardly feels like a job at all. In 2016, she founded Blooming Rose Cosmetics, where she pioneered the silver rose scalp mask, a 100% natural hair loss prevention and restoration aid. Serving as the chief executive officer of

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Sandra Badger


Sandra Rae Badger was involved in teaching from an early age, helping to teach swim lessons as a child. Earning a Bachelor of Science in physical education at the University of Southern Colorado, now Colorado State University Pueblo, in 1969, she began her career as the head women’s swimming coach for Mitchell High School and Doherty High School in Colorado Springs, Colorado, that same year, taking over from her teacher supervisor following her time student teaching. She remained in this role until 1990 and also taught in the department of health education at Doherty High School. Joining Colorado College to pursue a Master of Arts in arts and humanities, she served as a coach for one- and three-meter springboard diving

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Deborah Turner


Deborah Ann Turner was inspired to a career in medicine by her sister, who was a registered nurse and often brought her to visit the hospital where she worked. By the time Ms. Turner was in middle school, it had become her mission to attend medical school. Achieving her Bachelor of Science in zoology, chemistry and psychology at Iowa State University, she went on to complete a Doctor of Medicine and an obstetrics-gynecology residency at the University of Iowa and a fellowship in gynecologic oncology at the MD Anderson Cancer Center. Ms. Turner then began her career as a board-certified obstetrician-gynecologist at MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center in Iowa. Excelling in medical education and patient care, Ms. Turner spent 35

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Earning a Bachelor of Arts in political science and criminal justice from the University of South Carolina, Marquita M. Booker, Esq., went on to earn a Doctor of Jurisprudence from the College of Law at Florida A&M University, a Master of Public Administration from the Pennsylvania State University and a Master of Laws from Atlanta’s John Marshall Law School. Certified by both the Florida Bar and the State Bar of Texas, she was inspired by her passion to eradicate discrimination and began her career as a lead equal opportunity compliance specialist in the Office of Equal Opportunity of the Palm Beach County Board of Commissions in 2002. She went on to serve as an employment and education discrimination attorney in

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Having excelled in the field of construction for more than 25 years, Susana Rios was first inspired to her career during her studies at Texas A&M University-Kingsville. She achieved her first position through a work study program with the university’s planning and construction department, which was in charge of all the construction projects on campus. As a student worker, Ms. Rios was part of the university engineering staff and eventually achieved the role of design manager before graduating with a Bachelor of Science in industrial technology, with minor in business, in 1999. From there, Ms. Rios joined Kiewit Offshore Services Ltd, where she spent two years working in the fabrication yard. Going on to serve as a maintenance manager for

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De'Borah Smith


Holding considerable expertise in leadership and motivation, De’Borah D. Smith is an accomplished life coach, speaker, and ordained minister, and attributes much of her success to her consistency and honesty. She has made a name for herself through her ability to be nurturing to youth and young adults while maintaining clear boundaries that help her clients get to the heart of their problems. In 2020, she founded Build Your Best Life, where she works with young men and boys aged 15-25, helping them to establish their lives by providing coaching and counseling using basic principles to help them to overcome obstacles. In her position with a financial services organization, she assists young men regarding everything from bill payment to transitioning

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Margaret Chase Hager

Motivated throughout her career by her care for others, Margaret Chase Hager began the first part of her career in 1963 as an assistant registrar and assistant curator for the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts following the completion of her Bachelor of Arts from Wheaton College. After spending some time traveling through Asia and completing graduate studies in Asian art in Tokyo, she returned to the United States and entered the field of international banking in 1965 as the assistant to the director of the International Monetary Fund. She then joined the international division of the First National City Bank, now Citibank, in 1970, where she ran the Saudi Arabian desk in New York until she took a break from

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