Listee Features — May 2022

Phyllis Shipley


With a longstanding interest in the arts, Phyllis Shipley embarked on a career as a painter while employed as a purchaser at the Eastman Chemical Company. Alongside a friend, she opened the Friends Gallery in 1989, which they ran together until they decided to go their separate ways. Continuing to pursue her passion for art, she began attending workshops and art retreats and realized that she wanted to make art her only career. In 1992, Ms. Shipley took early retirement from Eastman Chemical and launched her career as an independent artist with her own private gallery and studio, the Phyllis Shipley Fine Art Gallery, though which she has produced a number of art shows and taken her art all around

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Bryn Ramjoue


Bryn F. Ramjoue was inspired to a career in marketing by her late father, Elton Frazier, who she describes as an “old-fashioned PR guy.” Deciding to follow in her father’s footsteps, she began her career after earning a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Utah in 1986. In 1990, she joined AT&T Wireless, rising through the ranks to become the national advertising manager before she left the company in 2003. During this time, Ms. Ramjoue furthered her education at Antioch University Seattle, where she earned a Master of Science in 1998. Holding considerable expertise in marketing, Ms. Ramjoue has accomplished much over the course of her career. Throughout her tenure with AT&T, she was closely involved in the major

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Charmain Bogue embarked on her studies at Morgan State University, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology, before obtaining a Master of Education from Hofstra University in 2006. She has furthered her studies over the years through completing coursework in various leadership programs at the University of North Carolina Kenan-Flagler Business School, the George Washington University, and the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, as well as certification as a Lean Six Sigma black belt. Achieving a position with the United States Department of Veterans Affairs, she became the senior analyst in the Office of the Deputy Undersecretary for Economic Opportunity in 2011 and the deputy director of operations and education services in 2014. Serving

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With considerable experience in running a confectioner’s shop, Sheila Dedenbach founded Heavenly Sweet, a cannabis-edible manufacturing company, in 2008. Inspired after visiting the dispensary of a friend of hers and witnessing how haphazardly their edibles were packaged, with no identifying information about what was in the edible, she decided that she could do better and began Heavenly Sweet out of her own kitchen. As she strove to maintain the highest quality in her products as well as insuring compliance with state regulations, Ms. Dedenbach sought to further her education and earned a Bachelor of Arts in business and corporate communication at the University of Phoenix in 2009, cementing her skills as an entrepreneur. In 2010, Ms. Dedenbach had the good

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Adriene Jones


Taught to write by her mother as a teenager in the 1980s, Adriene Joy Jones found herself called to be a writer in 1995. As she began to cultivate her skills in writing, she started taking writing courses and eventually obtained an associate degree from ICS in 1999. That same year, she joined Newman Springs Publishing, where she has excelled as an author ever since. With eight books currently available for purchase through Amazon and Barnes & Noble, she has developed a reputation for honest storytelling and not sugarcoating tragedy, especially when she is writing stories that are based on real events. Ms. Jones considers it incredibly important to spend time conducting careful research so that she can present everything

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Janice Elliott


Inspired to become a nurse by her grandfather, who called her his “little nurse” starting when she was a child, Janice F. Elliott began her studies with a Bachelor of Applied Science in home economics and child development at Kansas State University in 1974. This was followed by an associate degree in nursing at Barton Community College in 1985, graduate level coursework in counselling at Fort Hays State University and Wichita State University, and certification as an end-of-life nursing education instructor. She began her career as a registered nurse with the St. Joseph Medical Center in 1985, where she worked in the physical medicine and rehab unit before coming the role of director of nursing for their retirement wing. Ms.

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Jeanne Enstad


With a work ethic inspired by her childhood growing up on a farm, where there was always work to be done, Jeanne L. Enstad earned an associate degree in elementary education and teaching from Bowling Green State University Firelands, followed by completing early childhood and teaching coursework at the Ohio State University. From 1995 to 2015, she was a preschool teacher and program and center director for the Ohio State University Extension and the 4-H youth development and program director for the Ford Motor Company. Additionally, Ms. Enstad established One Journey in 2006, where she excels as an author, motivational speaker and life coach, and she also spent time as the fundraising manager for the Ohio State Office of Volunteerism.

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First earning a bachelor’s degree in business from Christopher Newport University, DeShea Simon-Simpson, PhD, has cultivated significant expertise in information technology and went on to earn a Master of Arts in information technology from Strayer University and a doctorate in information technology from Capella University. She has also been certified in results oriented management and accountability and holds a doctorate in religious education from the International Seminary in Florida. She began her career as a technology trainer for a public school system and, for the past 10 years, she has excelled as a professor at Hampton University as well. At Hampton, Dr. Simon-Simpson has garnered a reputation as a “flip classroom teacher” for her nontraditional methods of teaching and running

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Donna Polk Stenson


Prophetess Donna Polk-Stenson, who has stated that the title “prophetess” was spiritually bestowed upon her by God, lives an exemplary life through her many roles as a profound woman of God, servant to God’s people, mother, wife, leader, and so much more. Mrs. Polk-Stenson has boldly accepted and pursued her calling to a global purpose. She is currently the founder and chief executive officer of the international nonprofit ministry Men & Women of Integrity Synchronized Global Gathering Organization, also known as MWOI Global. This dynamic ministry has blossomed to 32 different countries and has blessed nine different churches, six in Pakistan, one in Nigeria and two in Tanzania, to serve under the guidance of Mrs. Polk-Stenson as their overseer. Mrs.

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Rochelle Noone


After earning a Bachelor of Arts in communications from the University of Memphis, Rochelle Noone began her career as a recruiter. As she began working with various human resources leaders and professionals, she realized that she wanted to be able to help people with their professional development. This goal was further cemented through an incident that occurred early on in her work as a human resources specialist, where two people, one white and the other Black, were hired for the same job, but with a vast pay disparity. Assuming it was a mistake, Ms. Noone approached her then boss, but that was not the case, and she vowed that she would become a leader in the profession to ensure that

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