Listee Features — June 7, 2022

Maria Rabago


A born leader, Maria Magdalena B. Rabago RN, BSN, BSMT, MA, cultivated that innate skill early on as the eldest of five children. Serving as a role model for her younger siblings, she knew from a young age that she wanted a career that would enable her to help others. She has also found continued motivation throughout her education and career from her various teachers and mentors, as well as from her mother and her grandparents, all of whom were incredibly hardworking individuals. Her mother and grandmother were both entrepreneurs in the Philippines and her grandfather came to Hawaii in 1927 and found success working at Pearl Harbor. Drawn to helping developmentally disabled children, Ms. Rabago first earned a Bachelor

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Irene Sanchez


After 38 years of Federal Government service, Irene Sanchez retired in 2018, from the Department of Treasury, Bureau of Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Upon retiring, Ms. Sanchez received the Albert Gallatin Award for exemplary service. She also received a commendation from the offices of each of the United States Presidents which she served. Ms. Sanchez began her career with the Federal Government while still in high school. As a student aide, she initially performed a variety of clerical jobs, but because she possessed a strong knowledge of computers, she was asked to teach staff members how to use personal computers to automate administrative tasks. Before long, Ms. Sanchez became a key player in the workforce, and upon turning 18 years

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Diane Baird


Attributing much of her success to her confidence, Diane L. Baird also credits the fact that she was older and more mature when she returned to school. First completing coursework at Shepherd College, she went on to obtain a Master of Science from the West Virginia University. She excelled in her studies, impressing her professors, who encouraged her to pursue a career in programming. After graduating, she took a government aptitude test that simulated writing a computer program and was assigned to work in production for the U.S. Navy. Transferring to the database division, she went on to join the Defense Information Systems Agency as a problem manager, a position she would hold for three decades until her retirement. During

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Inspired to a career in security by her father, who had his own security company, M. Christina Garcia first earned an associate degree in business administration, management and criminal justice from Heald College-Fresno in 2008 and is a licensed instructor through the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services. Following her graduation, she established Garcia’s Security Training & Live Scan, the precursor to Garcia’s Security Training, where she has served as president since 2013.  From 2013 to 2017, she also served as the human resources manager and security operations manager for Marina Securities Services. Ms. Garcia became the chief executive officer of Garcia’s Private Security Inc. in 2017. With considerable expertise in both residential and commercial security, Ms. Garcia has spent

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Lindsay Kreps


Lindsay M. Kreps, MSN, APRN, FPN-C, was inspired to enter the field of health care as a result of watching her mother’s struggles with type one diabetes and her uncle’s experiences with schizophrenia. After earning an associate degree in nursing from Bethel College, she joined Chamberlain University, where she achieved a Bachelor of Science in nursing followed by a Master of Science in nursing. She has also been certified as an advanced practice registered nurse and a family nurse practitioner. In 2022, Ms. Kreps established Legacy Family Healthcare in honor of her family, where she serves as the owner, founder and sole nurse practitioner. Legacy Family Healthcare operates on the direct primary care model, meaning that they eliminate the role

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Urania Glassman


First embarking on her studies at Hunter College, Urania Ernest Glassman earned a Bachelor of Arts in philosophy in 1960 before joining the Teacher’s College, Columbia University, where she was drawn to pursue a degree in student personnel administration inspired by her years of being involved in student government. Graduating with a Master of Arts in 1962, she began her career at the Teacher’s College before receiving a grant offer from the City College of New York to serve as the assistant director of the House Plan Association the following year. In 1969, Dr. Glassman rose to become director of the House Plan Association and also spent time as a lecturer in the department of student personnel services until she

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First earning a degree in cosmetology from Black Hills Beauty College in 1986, Wendy L. Lesselyoung-Beaumont excelled as a professional hair stylist and cosmetic artist and as the owner of multiple salons for 35 years before returning to her alma mater to teach for four years. During her tenure as an educator, she was responsible for designing the school’s aesthetics and nail technology programs, which she also taught. Disappointed by the quality of education and equipment offered by the school, Ms. Lesselyoung-Beaumont set out to reinvent Black Hills Beauty College and bring it back in line with the dream of founder Pat Miller to provide students with a top-tier cosmetic education that he’d had when he established the school more

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