Listee Features — October 20, 2022

Marina Genel


Born to a Jewish family in Ukraine, Marina Genel came to the United States at the age of 17 and began her career in the cosmetics and beauty industry after obtaining a license from the Concord Institute. For 25 years, Ms. Genel served as a spa manager and skin care consultant in Monmouth County, New Jersey, eventually opening her own spa. In 2018, she decided to transition to the food industry, establishing Mishka SoHo in New York City. With a deep, abiding passion for healthy food, Ms. Genel was inspired, in part, by her grandfather, a culinary artist and restaurateur, as well as by her own experiences living with diabetes as a child, when insulin was still a fledgling treatment

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Graduating valedictorian of her class at Payson High School in 1971, Linda Ann Walter has had an extensive career in science education lasting more than 35 years. Her interest in science came from her early childhood years of being raised on a farm by her single father. Something of a tomboy, she helped her father with various aspects of the farm work, including delivering claves, feeding cows and other labor-intensive tasks. It felt like no surprise at all when she realized that her interests were in the sciences. A single mother of seven with one on the way when she began her studies, Ms. Walter was already intimately familiar with how all children learn differently, having seen how some of

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