Listee Features — November 8, 2022


Rita Cave was inspired to a career in business by her father, who owned and operated a carpet-laying company until he was 72. Proud to have established her own business at the age of 19, she spent more than eight years in the mortgage industry before turning her attention toward management. From 2008 to 2009, she owned a bar before spending three years as a trainer for Martin Bower and Reyes Holdings, LLC and five years as the director of customer service for Rhinehart. In 2017, Ms. Cave became the manager of multi-unit national accounts for the Performance Food Group, where she manages an eight-person department that handles 30 national accounts. With considerable expertise in organizational leadership, management and training,

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Jane Mullowney


Jane Lee Mullowney is an accomplished author and artist who has additionally led an extensive career in environmental work. First earning a bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Loyola Marymount University, she began her professional endeavors during her college years, selling her artwork and taking commissions to put herself through school. Following her graduation, she joined Westsail Parts Co. in Newport Beach, California, as the vice president of sales from 1974 to 1975. Ms. Mullowney entered the environmental field in 1976 as a marketing engineer for the Environmental Data Corporation, where she remained until 1978. From 1978 to 1984, Ms. Mullowney was the director of marketing for the Contraves Goerz Corp. During this time, she furthered her studies at the California

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Kona-Facia Freeman-Nepay


Kona-Facia Freeman-Nepay, EdD, got her first experience with language education in 10th grade while studying at the Ricks Institute, an elite private school in Libya. She had a teacher from Cameroon come in to teach them French, ultimately leading her to continue her French education at a school in Cote d’Ivoire before moving to France and achieving a bachelor’s degree in language sciences and a master’s degree in teaching French as a foreign language from the University of Franche-Comté. Dr. Freeman-Nepay also holds a Bachelor of Arts in French and public administration from the University of Liberia. Subsequently coming to the United States, Dr. Freeman-Nepay began her career in 1992 with the Prince George’s Public School System in Maryland, where

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Susanne Y. Mariga, CPA, was inspired to a career in accounting by her father, who was himself a certified public accountant. At 14, her father hired her as his bookkeeper, and Ms. Mariga fell in love with the work. She continues to cite her father as her greatest professional mentor for the early impact he had on her career. In 1994, she joined the Ohio State University, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in business administration and accounting in 1999. That same year, she began her career as an audit senior with Arthur Anderson, a role she held until 2002. During this time, Ms. Mariga became certified as a public accountant by the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants in

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Maria de Marin, PhD, and her husband, Dr. Raymundo Marin, established InterAmerican College in 1997 with $4,000 and only four students. During the early growth of the college, they were supported by the federal government with $4 million in grants and the number of enrollees rapidly increased. They also received recognition from international news sources and drew the attention of The Chronicle of Higher Education for the college’s emphasis on helping immigrants transfer their degrees, complete their education and adjust to living in the United States. Unfortunately, after 12 years, the college was taken over by a for-profit company and saw the end of the de Marins’ involvement with the institution. Today, Dr. de Marin seeks to reestablish the college

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Maude Wright


A licensed real estate agent in the states of Florida and Maine, Maude Packard Wright has excelled in the real estate industry for more than 20 years, specializing in both residential and commercial real estate. She attributes much of her success to her mother, an accomplished nurse who instilled in her the care and compassion that she now gives to others. Her mother was recognized for her work as an obstetrics nurse and the head nurse at Massachusetts General Hospital with a feature in a local magazine. Initially thinking she wanted to be a nurse like her mother, Ms. Wright completed three years of coursework at a nursing school before turning instead to art and design. Over the years, she

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