Listee Features — December 2022


Inspired by a life dedicated to philanthropy and service, Barbara J. Tavrow has excelled as a consultant for nonprofit organizations seeking to strengthen their financial stability and implement major fundraising initiatives. Specializing in capital and endowment campaigns and major gifts, she has become highly regarded for her skill and expertise in the discipline. To set the groundwork for her three-decade-long career, she matriculated at the University of California Berkeley, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English in 1968 and later a Master of Arts in secondary education and teaching. Driven by her entrepreneurial spirit, Ms. Tavrow co-founded Tavrow|Lund Consulting LLC in 2003, remaining until 2015. During this period, she also developed her expertise in facilitating capital and endowment

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Joan Dusa


Joan Dusa, PhD, is an independent scholar and educator with nearly five decades of expertise in her field. She is currently affiliated with the Los Angeles County Office of Education and has dedicated her career to policy, advisory, and classroom work benefiting at-risk and underserved youth, including youth in the juvenile justice system. Raised in a civic-minded family who prized community involvement and service to others, Dr. Dusa was inspired by her parents, a steelworker and an army nurse, to give back to others in her work and life. Naturally drawn to academia, Dr. Dusa felt called to use her skills and education to help improve educational access and equity for learners from communities burdened with structural and economic barriers

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Chris Everett is a financial planner, author, and the president and founder of Everett Wealth Solutions, an independent financial management firm offering clients a broad range of services for planning their futures. A strategic and creative professional with an incisive communication style and a passion for helping others, Ms. Everett came to the financial services industry through a nontraditional route. She studied at the University of Illinois and initially began her career in advertising. Early in her career, she balanced working full-time at a large advertising firm while also fronting a successful rock band. After several years, she placed her music career on hold to focus on raising her children and excelling in advertising, and she soon rose to become

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Tee Spence


Tina D. Spence is a popular radio show host and personality for Tap the Mic Radio Network and eLATION Radio. A multi-talented entertainer and creator, Ms. Spence has been involved in the radio industry for more than 25 years and has interviewed a broad range of artists, musicians, and comedians on air. She completed coursework in clinical child psychology at Morris Brown College while working at a recording studio with major artists, including Da Brat, ultimately launching her career as a model. Though she found success with numerous print features, a One Fashion Place cover, and extra casting in major Hollywood films, including the “Fast and Furious” franchise, Ms. Spence grew uncomfortable with being evaluated solely for her appearance and

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JoEtta Colquitt


JoEtta Colquitt is a travel curator and the chief executive officer of Waldron Travel, where she specializes in creating original luxury vacation experiences for clients in locations around the globe. A passionate international traveler, Ms. Colquitt brings insights from decades of her independent travel adventures to her clients and strives to provide them with authentic experiences, local culture, and unexpected destinations. Ms. Colquitt holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Mary Grove College and completed her Master of Business Administration at the Monterey Institute of International Studies in 1988. She began her career in the finance and banking sector and spent nearly three decades as a corporate banker. During this time, Ms. Colquitt had the opportunity to live and travel

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Daphne J. Johnson, LPCS, MS, is a counselor and the owner of Wise Counsel Behavioral Health Agency. Ms. Johnson celebrates more than 25 years of expertise in counseling and mental health, including working with families, children, youth, and patients referred to her for substance use disorders and counseling following DWI charges. Her interest in a career in behavioral health began at a young age: raised in an economically disadvantaged neighborhood in Houston, Texas, Ms. Johnson saw families around her impacted heavily by poverty, mental health issues, and a lack of access to care. While local churches and community organizations were able to meet some of these unaddressed needs, many continued to need more help than was available to them. Inspired

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Supriya Doshi


Supriya Jay Doshi, BDS, MPH, MBA, is a health care technology innovator and the founder of VDO Solutions, LLC. Ms. Doshi celebrates more than 15 years of expertise in the medical field in both clinical and administrative leadership roles and specializes in helping patients and providers leverage emerging technologies to better access care. She established VDO Solutions, LLC in 2018 as a way to merge her industry background with emerging trends in health care technology, and she continues to lead the company in offering clinicians and industry leaders strategic solutions. Ms. Doshi began her career as a dentist, seeing patients in the Mumbai area. She completed a Bachelor of Dental Surgery at Maharashtra University of Health Sciences in 2007 and

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Avis Copelin


Avis Copelin began her professional studies with the intent of becoming an attorney. Completing typing coursework while still in middle school, she ultimately earned a Bachelor of Science in political science, with honors, from the Xavier University of Louisiana, having received several scholarships. She went on to land a job with a law firm after impressing the recruiter with both her interview and typing skills. By the time she worked her way up to paralegal, however, she had realized that her true passion did not lie with law. In 2019, Ms. Copelin established Medina, a health and beauty business, which has been voted one of the “Best Health and Beauty Stores” by a local newspaper. As part of her work

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Having accrued more than two decades of expertise in media production and business leadership, Tiffany Chang currently excels as the chief executive officer of XinBao Biomedical Technology Limited. In her position since 2018, she has led the company in “cherishing life and caring for health” as its corporate tenet and strives to adhere to a philosophy of gaining trust with quality services. Due to her influence and expertise in the field of education in China, Ms. Chang was selected as the continuing education program representative at the University of Oxford. Regarded as a fashion icon in the media community, Ms. Chang has been a producer for a media company in China since 2014. To attest to her success as a

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Kathi Constanzo


A distinguished real estate professional, Kathi Constanzo has excelled as a realtor turned commercial real estate broker for Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty since 2018. Lauded for her accomplishments, she has been recognized as the Top Team in California and among the Top Seven Female Brokers Worldwide by Coldwell Banker Commercial Realty. She has also received the company’s Circle of Distinction Award since 2020. Ms. Constanzo’s achievements have earned her widespread recognition, including speaking engagements at the University of Southern California, a Star News Group newspaper feature, and invitations to present at multiple conferences. Earlier in her career, Ms. Constanzo worked as a real estate consultant for DHA from 2016 to 2018. Previously in the legal realm for decades, she worked

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