First earning a Bachelor of Arts in education from the University of Florida in 1972, Anita G. Zucker furthered her studies with a Master of Education in administration and supervision from the University of North Florida in 1978. In 1982, she joined The InterTech Group, Inc., alongside her husband, Jerry Zucker, the company’s founder and chief executive officer. First working as the director of community relations, she developed considerable expertise in people management, networking and engagement. In 2006, Mr. Zucker acquired the Hudson’s Bay Company and when they moved to sell the company in 2008, Ms. Zucker took the helm as the governor of the company, overseeing the sale of the Hudson’s Bay Company to NRDC Equity Partners.

Following her husband’s passing from cancer in 2008, Ms. Zucker took over The InterTech Group as the chair and chief executive officer, working alongside her son Jonathan who had risen to become president. In 2022, with an eye toward retirement, she transitioned into only working as chair of the company, passing the role of chief executive officer on to Jonathan. Looking toward the future, she sees herself fully retired and traveling. Ms. Zucker hopes to leave a legacy as someone who was very engaged with her business and her employees and placed emphasis on helping her employees thrive and feel cared for. She has always strived to be a good citizen and give back not only to the people in her employ, but her community at large as well.

Alongside her primary responsibilities, Ms. Zucker has been active with a variety of professional and civic endeavors over the course of her career. She has spent time as the owner of Tristan Restaurant and is a past president of the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce, the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce, Rotary International, Trident United Way and the Charleston Jewish Federation. Drawing on her degrees, she has been very active in the field of education as well, serving as a trustee for the University of Florida, where she also spent time as chair of the board of foundation; on the governing board and area commission for Trident Technical College; and a volunteer and chair of the neuroscience advisory board for the Medical University of South Carolina. Notably, Ms. Zucker also founded the Tri-County Cradle to Career Collaborative.

Attributing much of her success to the incredible people that surround her, Ms. Zucker is deeply grateful to her family and her colleagues, who she considers to be essentially family too. She considers her favorite part of her career to be how the development of her business acumen has allowed her to give back to educational institutions and her community at large. In that vein, she notes that she lives her life by the Jewish principle of “tikkun olam,” meaning that one must “work to repair the world.” Ms. Zucker would advise young and aspiring professionals to learn everything that they can, continue to learn throughout their lives, and never be afraid to speak up.

For her excellence in both her career and community, Ms. Zucker has been the recipient of a number of honors and accolades. Presented with the Ellis Island Medal of Honor by the Ellis Island Honors Society, she has also been recognized with the Council for Advancement and Support of Education Award; the Joseph P. Riley Leadership Award from the Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce; the National Award for Lions of Judah from the Jewish Federations of North America; and eight honorary doctorates from various universities. Among Ms. Zucker’s more recent accolades are the 2019 Entrepreneur of the Year Award for the Southeastern Region from Ernst & Young and the 2022 President’s Call to Service Award.

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