Brenda JonesConfident and knowledgeable, Brenda Gail Jones felt that pursuing education was a natural choice. She grew up with a strong support system that placed an emphasis on learning and development, which led her to join the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. This organization was transformative for Ms. Jones; it gave her the experience of leadership, organization, working with others, and being a role model. Ms. Jones carried what she learned with her as she pursued her dreams at San Francisco State University. She earned a Bachelor of Arts from the school in 1972 and became a teacher at the Lakeport Unified School District the next year.

Ms. Jones loved working with children, but after only nine years in the classroom, she was called to become an administrator. She proceeded to serve as the assistant principal of the Lakeport Unified School District from 1982 to 1988 and as the director of educational services and special projects from 1988 to 2000. Ms. Jones then advanced to the roles of director of pupil personnel services for the Redwood City School District and principal and program manager of special education at the Santa Clara County Office of Education. She continues in the latter capacity to this day.

Ms. Jones feels that the best part of her career is being able to make a difference for her peers and students. Even though her path took her away from teaching, she is still very active in bettering educational policies and entities, which allows her to impact the field on a wider scale. This has also put her in contact with people from a variety of schools and academic organizations. Ms. Jones loves interacting with others and is thrilled that her career enabled her to build such a vast network. She was particularly honored when her peers selected her as the co-chair of the management team at the Santa Clara Office of Administration and as the president of the Lakeport County Association for School Administrators. To further her professional standing, she returned to school and earned a Master of Arts from the University of San Francisco in 1983.

When Ms. Jones isn’t working, she enjoys exercising, walking, reading, gardening, and spending time with family and friends. She is also a volunteer leader of church groups and is affiliated with the Order of the Eastern Star. Looking to the future, Ms. Jones hopes to be remembered a caring and efficient leader who could be trusted.


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