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Harboring a fascination with jewelry since she was a young child, Linda Kozloff-Turner first earned a bachelor’s degree in jewelry and industrial product design from the Metropolitan State University of Denver in 1985. Joining the University of Colorado Boulder, she taught photography as a part-time graduate instructor while studying toward her Master of Fine Arts in photography, which she earned in 1992. In 2002, she established Christine Marguerite Designs, where she remains active as the owner and designer. In addition to designing custom jewelry, Ms. Kozloff-Turner’s duties include managing all aspects of production, manufacturing and material sourcing, with an emphasis on utilizing local talent and only using ethically sourced supplies. Holding considerable expertise in design, Ms. Kozloff-Turner has continued to

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Meleeka Clary


An accomplished actress and psychologist, Dr. Meleeka Clary has excelled as a clinical psychologist with HMWP Psychology Counseling, LLC since 2020. She previously served as a counselor for a variety of organizations, including two homeless shelters. Drawn to a career in psychology after dealing with some personal struggles that lead her to seek mental health care for herself, she now specializes in working with developmentally disabled individuals and teaching communication skills. Her ultimate goal is to help these individuals feel more comfortable expressing themselves. When she isn’t working directly with patients, Dr. Clary often collaborates with her fellow professionals about the mental health needs of practitioners in the field and serves as a volunteer advocate for the Dr. Solomon Carter

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Phyllis Shipley


With a longstanding interest in the arts, Phyllis Shipley embarked on a career as a painter while employed as a purchaser at the Eastman Chemical Company. Alongside a friend, she opened the Friends Gallery in 1989, which they ran together until they decided to go their separate ways. Continuing to pursue her passion for art, she began attending workshops and art retreats and realized that she wanted to make art her only career. In 1992, Ms. Shipley took early retirement from Eastman Chemical and launched her career as an independent artist with her own private gallery and studio, the Phyllis Shipley Fine Art Gallery, though which she has produced a number of art shows and taken her art all around

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Tanja Dorn


First earning a diploma in piano from the Hochschule für Musik Hanns Eisler Berlin, Tanja Dorn went on to achieve a master’s degree in music from the Free University of Berlin. Cultivating her expertise as a music executive and officer manager, she spent the early days of her career as the artistic director of Klavierhaus and as an associate manager at Columbia Artists Management Inc. She became the senior vice president and the director of artist management for IMG Artists in 2007, positions she held until 2015. In 2016, she founded Dorn Music, where she continues to excel as the owner, chief executive officer and president. In her day to day work, Ms. Dorn finds and manages new talent, produces

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Growing up surrounded by the entertainment industry, Sefanie Ryan-Manhim was greatly inspired by her mother, Ursula Ryan, who found success as a beauty queen in Germany and eventually rose in fame to sing alongside Elvis. Ms. Ryan-Manhim and her sister spent many hours as children at their mother’s shoots. Initially thinking to pursue a career in pediatric oncology out of a notion to avoid the family business, she realized in college that she did actually enjoy acting and achieved her first role as an actress with the television show “Wonderama” in 1976. As she furthered her career, she sought more specific education and earned a bachelor’s degree in theater arts from Pace University in Manhattan in 1992. In 1995, Ms.

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Attributing much of her success to her work ethic and drive, Margo Allman first realized that she wanted to be an artist while studying at Smith College in 1951. Going on to complete coursework at the Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts, the Moore College of Art & Design and the University of Delaware, she cites her most important influences as Leonard Nelson, a professor at Moore College of Art & Design, and her parents, Werner H. Hutz and Avis Newcomb. Beyond her formal studies, she considers the most important lesson she has learned over the years to be to find your way of doing things and to stick to it. Furthermore, Ms. Allman finds continued motivation through the natural

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A. Christina Giannini

A. Christina Giannini

Hailing from a highly artistic family, A. Christina Giannini was greatly inspired by her uncle, the famous composer Vittorio Giannini, who had a tremendous influence on her life. While she initially thought to become a sculptor, she fell deeply in love with theater and costume design during her time studying at the Buxton School in New Jersey. One of her earliest projects during this period was sewing flamingos for an “Alice in Wonderland” play. Subsequently, she joined Douglass College, a part of Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in 1959. Ms. Giannini went on to pursue postgraduate coursework at the Birmingham School of Art in England from 1959 to 1960 and completed

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Anna Smulowitz Schutz


Anna Smulowitz Schutz was born in a displaced persons camp in Plattling, Germany, to Holocaust survivors Sam and Helen Smulowitz. They immigrated to the United States in 1948, where Ms. Smulowtiz Schutz began her schooling. Completing coursework at Lesley University and the University of Cincinnati, she went on to earn a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Kentucky followed by a master’s degree from Brandeis University. In 1969, Ms. Smulowitz Schutz attended a museum exhibit about the art and poetry of the children at the Theresienstadt concentration camp. One note in particular caught her attention: “If you should find this, tell someone what happened to us. We want to go home, please remember us.” Ms. Smulowitz Schutz finished writing

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Melinda Polet


Holding considerable expertise in the fields of both performing arts and health care, Melinda Joy Polet, also known as Melle Joy, attributes much of her success to her family. Her father was an entrepreneur who did early work with coding and her mother, Isabelle Merle Jean Braun, inspired and encouraged her passion for singing and acting. Feeling that you need to be something of an entrepreneur as an actor and artist, Ms. Polet was also greatly inspired by her early teachers and dance instructors, including her high school mentor, Ms. Kayla Gordon. Following high school, she spent time in London as part of an exchange program and was deeply impacted by the peace, beauty and culture she found in the

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