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Having accrued more than three decades of expertise in her field, Lisa D. Nelson specializes in recording production services of commercial, gospel and religious music. Since 1987, she has built a prolific career as an independent owner, artist and producer of Class A Music LLC. In this capacity, she is responsible for scheduling and planning events, overseeing all aspects of live video and audio performance recordings, ensuring the availability of recording equipment, managing postproduction services, and independent, convention, conference, wedding and reception recordings. In addition to her primary vocation, Ms. Nelson serves as a professional keyboardist, choir director, composer and independent recording artist in such genres as gospel, jazz, rhythm and blues, pop, and classical music. She also performs with

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Barbara McNairy


A dedicated educator of nearly five decades, Barbara B. McNairy has served the Palmdale School District in Palmdale, California, since 1987. She bears a particular specialty in language arts and has been responsible for teaching such subjects as mathematics, social studies and science to third-grade students. Additionally, she has volunteered for different extracurricular activities, including with the cheerleading and dance teams, and as an organizer for various holiday assemblies. Earlier in her career, Ms. McNairy taught at the Los Angeles Unified School District for one year and with the Chicago Public Schools for approximately 13 years. Having accrued numerous accomplishments as an educator, Ms. McNairy is particularly proud to have been recognized as the Teacher of the Year at Joshua

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An accomplished flutist, Carol Kniebusch Noe has had an extensive career in music, music education and dog judging. She got her start playing the flute when she was 9 years old and wanted to join her school band. Since she walked to school, she decided on an instrument that would be easy to carry, and the rest is history. First matriculating at Illinois Wesleyan University, she earned a Bachelor of Music and subsequently joined Indiana University to complete a Master of Music. In the early days of her career, she played with the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra and taught at the University of British Columbia in Canada before moving to Maryland and joining the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra. Ms. Noe also spent

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Tiffany Ayala


Backed by nearly a decade of expertise, Tiffany Yvette Ayala is an independent, entrepreneurial photographer and cinematographer specializing in street and culture photography. Honored to be able to tell stories through a lens, she is particularly focused on expressing her Mexican heritage in her art, and she avidly works across multiple media arenas, including television. Among her current professional endeavors, Ms. Ayala has served as a photographer and cinematographer through her eponymously named firm, Tiffany Y. Ayala, for the past seven years. In addition, she has been a technical assistant for the New York Film Academy since 2015 and a cinematographer for Dearth Production since 2014. To remain abreast of advancements and updates within her industry, she maintains affiliation with

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Having accrued more than two decades of expertise in media production and business leadership, Tiffany Chang currently excels as the chief executive officer of XinBao Biomedical Technology Limited. In her position since 2018, she has led the company in “cherishing life and caring for health” as its corporate tenet and strives to adhere to a philosophy of gaining trust with quality services. Due to her influence and expertise in the field of education in China, Ms. Chang was selected as the continuing education program representative at the University of Oxford. Regarded as a fashion icon in the media community, Ms. Chang has been a producer for a media company in China since 2014. To attest to her success as a

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Since 2020, Marjorie W. Martay has excelled as the executive director of City Limits, a nonprofit news organization that reports on critical issues impacting underserved communities in New York City, particularly concerning housing and homelessness. She began her career in publishing after completing coursework in economics at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey. From 1976 to 1977, she was the senior advertising representative for Working Woman magazine, a role that was followed by a tenure as the advertising director of Science 80 from 1979 to 1985. Co-founding Health magazine in 1988, she served as a publisher with the magazine until 1994, when she helped to found Selling Magazine. Ms. Martay also spent time early on with Psychology Today. Ms.

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Dreisa Jordan Sherrill began her career in the field of education. First earning a Bachelor of Arts in chemistry and commerce from Catawba College, she went on to achieve a Master of Arts in educational leadership and administration from Appalachian State University and completed doctoral-level coursework in educational leadership and cultural foundations at the University of North Carolina-Greensboro. Her tenure in education lasted from 1986 to 2014, when she retired as a school administrator with the Iredell-Statesville School District. Concurrent with this work in education, Ms. Sherrill contributed her skills as a volunteer for beauty pageants, and once she retired, she decided to make this her full-time career. In 2015, Ms. Sherrill joined The Foxy Lady, where she served as

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Marilynn Smiley


Inspired to a career in music education by her long-standing love of music, Marilynn J. Smiley, PhD, learned to play the piano at 7 years old and the flute at 12 years old. In 1954, she achieved a Bachelor of Science from Ball State University and began her career as a public school music teacher in Logansport, Indiana. Remaining in this role until 1961, she continued her studies throughout this period and earned a Master of Music from Northwestern University in 1958 and a certification from the Ecoles d’Art Americaines in France in 1959. In 1961, Dr. Smiley became a faculty member in the music department of the State University of New York at Oswego, where she would remain for

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Lisa DeNuzzo


An accomplished violinist, music educator and horse breeder and trainer, Lisa Ann DeNuzzo has had a long-lasting love of music. While she initially began attending college for pre-law, she realized that she couldn’t live without music and transferred to Baldwin Wallace University, where she earned a Bachelor of Music in violin performance in 1983. During this time, she was introduced to horseback riding through a course she took to fill her physical education requirement and fell in love with the sport. Subsequently, Ms. DeNuzzo joined the College of Saint Rose and achieved a Master of Education in music pedagogy in 1985, followed by a certificate of qualification as a school administrator and supervisor in the state of New York. Ms.

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Julia Rosengren


Born in Brazil, Julia Lima Rosengren began her career as a model in the 1990s, a period which saw her traveling all over the world while also trying to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. During this time, she learned numerous languages, achieving fluency in Portuguese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Danish. While working as a model in London, she spent time as the host of a talk show before relocating to France, where she brought her expertise to Galeries Lafayette, a Paris department store, as a fashion consultant. Following her time as a model, Ms. Rosengren went on to achieve success in the culinary arts, becoming a master chef and

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