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Marina Toybina


Drawn to the fields of entertainment and design from a young age, Marina Y. Toybina holds considerable expertise in costume design for television, theater, and the music and entertainment industries. She started doing her own research and design very early on before joining the Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising and earning a bachelor’s degree in fashion and apparel design in 2002. Excelling as a costume designer since 2001, she additionally launched her own fashion label, GLAZA, in 2004. In 2015, she established Marina Toybina, Inc., where she excels as the founder, chief executive officer and the principal costume and fashion designer. Ms. Toybina has held membership with the Costume Designers Guild, a labor union that is part of the

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Lynne Barron


Lynne Barron is a jewelry designer, creator and entrepreneur who has successfully run Creations by Lynne B, an Etsy shop, for more than 12 years. As a child, she hoped to grow up to care for others as a full-time parent, teacher or nurse, though she began her career by enlisting in the United States Navy. She served proudly in the Wave Corps through the Vietnam War and remained in the Individual Readiness Reserves until 1992, serving through Operation Desert Storm. After leaving the military, she became a mother to two children, and homeschooled them, which fulfilled her childhood dream of teaching. Her family has since grown to include three grandchildren. Once her children completed their homeschool education, Ms. Barron

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Kita Griffin


Holding considerable expertise in nail art and fashion designing, Kita Griffin has found success as a nail designer with Kita’s Designs LLC since 2014. She is also a clothing designer for W.I.D.A. LLC, where she works with leather and other genuine materials to craft relevant and modern garments. She has made a name for herself in the field of nail design for only using sculpting forms, instead of stencils, molds or tips and her artwork is always hand-painted. Furthermore, she is mobile and will travel to you instead of operating out of a single storefront. This allows her to provide unique and personal experiences for her clients. Attributing her success to her perseverance, her skills in customer service, and the

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Jacqueline Faber


First earning a Bachelor of Arts in elementary education, with a minor in art and writing, from the University of San Francisco in 1965, Jacqueline Faber began her career as an elementary teacher in Marin County, California. Spending over two decades with the Wade Thomas School, she taught third grade and specialized in project based learning. She was also responsible for the gifted writing program for the entire Ross Valley School District. In 1999, she was presented with the Golden Bell Award for all of her achievements. Inspired by seeing how her students were impacted when they got to read, Ms. Faber was ultimately driven to write children’s books of her own. In 2015, Ms. Faber published her first book,

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Lani Click


After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Lani Click, also known at Yale as Lani London, was admitted to the Yale School of Drama as the sole woman playwright in the class of 1973. After receiving her Master of Fine Arts, she created an original survey, which was later transformed into an article called “The Playwriting Student: A Threatened Species,” published by the Yale Alumni Magazine. Lani worked as a playwright for many years and taught on the faculties of the University of Connecticut, Hampshire College and the Community College of Baltimore County. While in Massachusetts, Lani became the first playwright in residence of a church in the United States, at the Second Congregational Church

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Odalys Marino


Coming of age in the midst of poverty, Odalys Marino relocated to the United States from Cuba in order to pursue a better life for herself and her children. After earning a Master of Arts in economics from the National University of Cuba, she arrived in the United States and worked in a variety of different settings, including a medical office, beauty salon, cleaning company and in accounting for a national bank, where she remained for nearly a decade and a half. During this time, Ms. Marino retained a love of sewing and designing clothes that she learned from her mother. Eventually, Ms. Marino’s considerable hard work and unwavering drive allowed her to foster her true dreams of becoming a

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Coming from a family long involved in the fashion industry, Gloria D’Angelo Ingrao felt a strong desire to keep the legacy alive. Her grandfather was the first to join the world of fashion, when a men’s coat he designed won a competition in Paris in the late 1800s. Her father then took up the trade, opening a suits and coats company, D’Angelo’s, in the early 1900s. Ms. Ingrao joined her father’s business as an administrator in 1975 and fell in love with the work. She had been brought up to be creative, so fashion was a perfect fit. She advanced to become the president of D’Angelo’s Originals Ltd. in 1978. Then, in 1981, Ms. Ingrao decided to branch out. She

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Known amongst her peers for her expertise in fashion, retail and merchandising, Antoinette Piesche is thriving as the owner of La Bella Moda, LLC. She first opened the store in 2011 in Clinton, Mass., after realizing that there was a lack of plus-size women’s clothing in the fashion industry. Desiring to fill the niche, Ms. Piesche has made it her mission to create pieces for women of all sizes. Some of her responsibilities at the boutique have come to include managing all operations and designing clothes. She is proud to have earned a reputation for being attentive to detail and committed to her customers. ​ Over the years, Ms. Piesche has presented her work to both fashion shows and magazines

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