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Liz Ryan


Attributing much of her success to hard work and optimism, Liz Ryan began her professional life as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley following her graduation from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology in 1981. She subsequently switched paths and completed training with the Directors Guild of America with the intent of becoming a producer. Specializing in large film projects, Ms. Ryan now excels as a producer and director with Ryanworks Inc., an entertainment and film production company. With considerable skill in all aspects of the filmmaking process, from writing to post-production, Ms. Ryan’s day-to-day tasks encompass overseeing market research for productions, communications and program management, budgets and finances, and scheduling, casting and crew. Over the course

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Bihong Margaret Sha


An accomplished art director, producer and screenwriter from China, Bihong Margaret Sha has traveled extensively through Asia, Europe and the United States and strives to create a platform for international artists around the world through her work as chair of the Hollywood International Women Arts Alliance. Currently, she and her team are organizing an international film festival with a focus on women artists for this coming November alongside the regular artists’ workshops they run. Looking toward the future, she hopes to build up a school within the Hollywood International Women Arts Alliance. She is also the founder and co-chair of the Montgomery International Film Festival and has served as the director, producer and chair of Shafilm since 1995. Ms. Sha

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Renowned amongst her peers, Kate Amend has thrived as a film editor in Los Angeles since 1982. Her first feature was “Metamorphosis: Man Into Woman,” during which she had the opportunity to work with the great Johanna Demetrakas, a filmmaker. The experience taught her a lot, and propelled her to projects like “Legends,” “Asylum,” “Skinheads, USA,” “Spread the Word,” and “Arrested Development: In The House.” Ms. Amend put her heart and soul into every film she worked on and, soon enough, word of her excellence began to spread. She became highly sought-after, and was called upon to participate in a wide variety of editing endeavors. Some of these include “Tobacco Blues,” “Some Nudity Required,” “Pandemic: Facing AIDS,” “Crazy Wisdom,” “Birth

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