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Tiffany Ayala


Backed by nearly a decade of expertise, Tiffany Yvette Ayala is an independent, entrepreneurial photographer and cinematographer specializing in street and culture photography. Honored to be able to tell stories through a lens, she is particularly focused on expressing her Mexican heritage in her art, and she avidly works across multiple media arenas, including television. Among her current professional endeavors, Ms. Ayala has served as a photographer and cinematographer through her eponymously named firm, Tiffany Y. Ayala, for the past seven years. In addition, she has been a technical assistant for the New York Film Academy since 2015 and a cinematographer for Dearth Production since 2014. To remain abreast of advancements and updates within her industry, she maintains affiliation with

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Julia Rosengren


Born in Brazil, Julia Lima Rosengren began her career as a model in the 1990s, a period which saw her traveling all over the world while also trying to figure out what she wanted to do with the rest of her life. During this time, she learned numerous languages, achieving fluency in Portuguese, English, Japanese, Spanish, Italian, French, Russian and Danish. While working as a model in London, she spent time as the host of a talk show before relocating to France, where she brought her expertise to Galeries Lafayette, a Paris department store, as a fashion consultant. Following her time as a model, Ms. Rosengren went on to achieve success in the culinary arts, becoming a master chef and

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Dierdre Timmons


After graduating from the Annie Wright Schools, Dierdre Allen Timmons joined Smith College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in English literature in 1990. She subsequently moved to Brussels with her then husband, who was attending a master’s program there, and began her career as a writer with The Bulletin, a local magazine. When she returned the United States, she joined a small local newspaper in Bellevue, Washington, as a news clerk before going on on to become a reporter with a different small paper. Continuing her studies, she achieved a journalism certificate from the University of Washington to support her career and eventually acquired an editor position at Microsoft, where she worked pulling news stories for Around

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Meleeka Clary


An accomplished actress and psychologist, Dr. Meleeka Clary has excelled as a clinical psychologist with HMWP Psychology Counseling, LLC since 2020. She previously served as a counselor for a variety of organizations, including two homeless shelters. Drawn to a career in psychology after dealing with some personal struggles that lead her to seek mental health care for herself, she now specializes in working with developmentally disabled individuals and teaching communication skills. Her ultimate goal is to help these individuals feel more comfortable expressing themselves. When she isn’t working directly with patients, Dr. Clary often collaborates with her fellow professionals about the mental health needs of practitioners in the field and serves as a volunteer advocate for the Dr. Solomon Carter

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Earning a Bachelor of Science in accounting, with a minor in computer science, from Florida State University in 1974, Linda Gail Morgan has spent her entire career in production, traveling across the globe to work on various live and televised events, from festivals to parades to concerts and more. She has notably had the opportunity to be the production manager for multiple Olympic opening and closing ceremonies and sporting event half-time shows, including the Super Bowl. Between 1997 and 2003, she held several roles with The Walt Disney Company, including producer and production manager for Walt Disney World Entertainment. Ms. Morgan has also contributed her skills to Anheuser-Busch and Busch Creative Services, World of Coca Cola, and Northwest Florida State

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Liz Ryan


Attributing much of her success to hard work and optimism, Liz Ryan began her professional life as a financial analyst at Morgan Stanley following her graduation from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Arts in sociology in 1981. She subsequently switched paths and completed training with the Directors Guild of America with the intent of becoming a producer. Specializing in large film projects, Ms. Ryan now excels as a producer and director with Ryanworks Inc., an entertainment and film production company. With considerable skill in all aspects of the filmmaking process, from writing to post-production, Ms. Ryan’s day-to-day tasks encompass overseeing market research for productions, communications and program management, budgets and finances, and scheduling, casting and crew. Over the course

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Bihong Margaret Sha


An accomplished film director, producer, poet, talk show host and screenwriter from China, Margaret Bihong Sha has worked as a writer and film director for more than 20 years, traveling extensively through Asia, Europe and the United States, and strives to create more great novel and film works. She is currently in the final stage of production for her film “See Me Once More, My Dear Kid,” which is a feature film based on the true story of a school shooting. It is also her first film after settling in the United States. Love and peace have been a common theme in her works. Since 1986, she has made more than 100 episodes of a documentary TV series as well

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Renowned amongst her peers, Kate Amend has thrived as a film editor in Los Angeles since 1982. Her first feature was “Metamorphosis: Man Into Woman,” during which she had the opportunity to work with the great Johanna Demetrakas, a filmmaker. The experience taught her a lot, and propelled her to projects like “Legends,” “Asylum,” “Skinheads, USA,” “Spread the Word,” and “Arrested Development: In The House.” Ms. Amend put her heart and soul into every film she worked on and, soon enough, word of her excellence began to spread. She became highly sought-after, and was called upon to participate in a wide variety of editing endeavors. Some of these include “Tobacco Blues,” “Some Nudity Required,” “Pandemic: Facing AIDS,” “Crazy Wisdom,” “Birth

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