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Beverly “BJ” Miller is a PGA and LPGA golf professional and the current head golf professional at the Four Seasons Country Club, a role she has held since 2018. As head golf professional at the country club, Ms. Miller is responsible for overseeing the golf course facilities and tournaments, as well as managing the club’s pro shop and merchandise businesses. The primary focus of her work as a golf professional is teaching and coaching others in the sport. As both an LPGA and PGA professional, Ms. Miller works with male and female golfers of all ages and ability levels, including junior and senior players. In addition to teaching and coaching casual players, Ms. Miller works closely with young girls who

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Inspired by her father, who was a coach for over 50 years, and a local athletic director she knew in grade school, Cornelia Hoku Haliniak has herself become an expert in the field, cultivating particular skill in building relationships and navigating difficult undertakings. She embarked on her studies at the University of Hawai‘i at Hilo, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in communications, before achieving her Master of Arts in education from the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa. Beginning her career as a classroom assistant, Ms. Haliniak was encouraged by her school principal to apply for an athletic position, which kickstarted the rest of her career. She later obtained certification in volleyball officiating and coaching and is a certified

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Jane Katz


Jane Katz, EdD, is a competitive swimmer, swimming educator, and professor of health and physical education at the City University of New York since 1964. Dr. Katz’ interest in teaching aquatic sports was inspired by her father, Leon, who learned to swim after nearly drowning as a teenager and went on to teach swimming at a local YMCA for the next 50 years. She describes water as “the great equalizer,” and her father’s experiences left her with a desire to pay it forward and help others find the same freedom and empowerment in swimming. She holds a Bachelor of Science in health and physical education from the City College of New York and a Master of Arts in organizational administration

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Bonnie Berger


Bonnie G. Berger, EdD, is renowned as an exercise and sport psychologist and an educator, who initially earned a Bachelor of Science from Wittenberg University in Springfield, Ohio, in 1962. She subsequently obtained a Master of Arts and an Doctor of Education from Columbia University in 1965 and 1972, respectively. Beginning her athletic endeavors as a swimmer at the YWCA at the age of 8, Dr. Berger has participated in the college varsity sports of basketball and volleyball, and on the synchronized swimming team at Wittenberg University. Recognized as a professor emerita of Bowling Green State University in 2019, Dr. Berger previously served as a professor and the director of the School of Human Movement, Sport and Leisure Studies between

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Kitty Calhoun


Skilled in ice, rock and alpine climbing, Kitty Calhoun always wanted to live like it was her last day on Earth. She wanted to be able to experience things she hasn’t experienced before and overcome her fear of heights. Therefore, Ms. Calhoun became the co-owner, director and a guide for Chick with Picks and Chicks Rock Events, which she has continued to do since 2000. Since 1999, Chicks Climbing & Skiing has been welcoming and empowering women through life-changing experiences in the outdoors, including rock climbing, ice climbing and backcountry skiing. The company’s women-specific, women-only instruction is designed to help women become confident, self-sufficient climbers and skiers and connect with one another to strengthen their outdoor women’s community. They proudly

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Joy Dyer-Raffler


An expert in special education and competitive tennis player for a decade, competing in singles, mixed doubles and girls team, Joy A. Dyer-Raffler was aware of what her father was doing growing up and saw that he really enjoyed his career very much. She feels she was influenced in that way. Her family is very much into education, and her brother graduated from college when he was just 19. He was a huge influence and a very good example of many things. Ms. Dyer-Raffler most recently worked as a teacher of exceptional education within the Tucson Unified School District from 2003 to 2005. She first joined the district as an art educator in 1970, remaining in this role for five

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Kathrine Switzer


When Kathrine Virginia Switzer was 12 years old, her father recommended she run a mile every day to help her make the field hockey team. She found that running gave her strength, stamina and empowerment, so she continued it through high school. Dr. Switzer upped it to three miles a day in college, and eventually, she and one of her field hockey teammates were noticed by the men’s track coach. He asked the pair to join the team, despite the fact that they were women, and this solidified her desire to run competitively. Later on in Dr. Switzer’s collegiate running career, she met Arnie Briggs, a well-known New York marathoner with 15 Boston Marathons under his belt. He was retired

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