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Courtney Roy


Backed by several years of excellence in business management, Cortney Roy has earned distinction as an entrepreneur and the leader of her own company. For the past eight years, she has excelled as the owner and chief executive officer of A Touch Above, Inc. Since 2015, she has focused her efforts on providing a variety of cleaning and organizational services to both residential and commercial spaces, as well as networking with other local business owners and community members. Located in upstate New York, A Touch Above, Inc. provides services to all of Albany and Schenectady Counties, as well as parts of neighboring counties such as Columbia, Greene, Rensselaer, Saratoga and Schoharie. Reflecting on her career as an entrepreneur thus far,

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Catherine Nicolaides


A distinguished entrepreneur with more than 25 years of professional experience, Catherine “KT” Nicolaides has used her customer service expertise to spearhead her own business. She draws upon 10 years of experience working for Starbucks, as well as another 10 years serving as an assistant manager for Bank of America. During this time, Ms. Nicolaides was the recipient of an Award for Leading in the Market for Ventura County from Bank of America. Learning from these experiences, she went on to launch Green Republic in Las Vegas, Nevada, as a co-owner. Green Republic is a leading supplier of all hemp, CBD and other cannabinoid products, offering hundreds of items and premium options. Products for sale include edibles, hemp beverages, hemp

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Danielle Collingwood


Danielle L. Collingwood is a commissioned notary public in the state of Florida and the owner of FloCoast Notary, an on-call mobile notary service providing services to clients throughout the Greater Tampa Bay area. Ms. Collingwood has been a notary public for more than 25 years, and was initially attracted to the work for its strong customer service component and the opportunity to interact with a broad range of people and situations. She started FloCoast Notary in 2019 after feeling like she “needed a change” from her current position and a desire to prioritize and diversify her notary work. Ms. Collingwood is a natural entrepreneur and considers the freedom and unique challenges of small business ownership to be one of

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Bonnie Mauger


Bonnie Ann Mauger has spent decades building and enjoying a diverse career in fields including security, investigation and research, and the travel industry. A positive and compassionate spirit who lives by the credo that “you only live once,” Ms. Mauger has been the owner of Sir Snuffy’s Hedgehogs since 1992. A Tampa-based hedgehog rescue accredited by the Hedgehog Welfare Society, Sir Snuffy’s Hedgehogs was created to care for, foster, and find homes for abandoned and relinquished hedgehogs. A lifelong animal lover, Ms. Mauger has been a hedgehog owner and enthusiast for many years, and her dedication to ensuring that these unique animals receive the specialized care that they require to thrive led her to open Sir Snuffy’s Hedgehogs. Often misunderstood

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Linda Nguyen-Yattaw


Linda Nguyen-Yattaw is an entrepreneur and writer with several decades of expertise building and running businesses across industries. Born and raised in Vietnam, she completed an Associate of Arts in 1969 before immigrating to the United States, where she started her first business. Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw grew up in what she describes as “uncertain social and political circumstances,” an experience that shaped her goals and helped her develop the deep sense of compassion and empathy for others that has come to define her throughout her life and career. For more than 15 years, Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw ran Linda Nguyen-Yattaw Family Child Care, a childcare center catering to parents and families in the Anaheim, California, area. Naturally outgoing and patient, she felt called

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Frida Emalange-Heubner


Frida Emalange-Huebner is an expert stylist, salon owner, and the founder of Zorganics Cosmetics, a line of professional-quality organic and paraben-free skin and hair care products. Her passion for beauty began at a young age, and by her teenage years, Ms. Emalange was doing her own hair and working on clients part-time. Though she attended a four-year college to study business and entrepreneurship, she soon decided to focus her attention on the beauty industry. Born in Cameroon, Ms. Emalange lived in Germany and France before moving to Washington to be near family and pursue cosmetology licensure. An NCEA-certified master esthetician in addition to being a licensed cosmetologist, Ms. Emalange opened her first salon in the Bellingham area in 2001. By

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Tiffany Negron is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, and the owner of award-winning Puerto Rican restaurant El Lechon de Negron. She began working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15, starting as a server, and fell in love with the work almost immediately. Hooked on the fast pace of business, the unique challenges customer service, developing recipes and cooking for a crowd, Ms. Negron stayed in the industry, making her way up to become a bartender and manager at several establishments while earning an associate’s degree in business administration at Union County College. By her final year as a bartender, Ms. Negron knew that she no longer wanted to work in someone else’s restaurant, and she left to open the

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Joni Redick-Yundt


Joni B. Redick-Yundt is an author, coach, entrepreneur, and financial specialist with WestPac Wealth Partners celebrating more than 30 years of success helping others plan for their dreams and find the resources to achieve them. Born and raised in an economically disadvantaged area in the Philippines, Ms. Redick-Yundt moved to the United States with her family as a teen, and attributes her drive to the lessons she learned from her humble beginnings. She holds a degree in accounting from the University of Hawaii, and earned her nursing certification at Kapiolani Community College. Before entering the financial services industry, Ms. Redick-Yundt spent 20 years as an emergency room nurse and Mary Kay consultant, breaking area sales records and directing a team

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Lani Click


After receiving a Bachelor of Arts from the prestigious Carnegie Mellon University, Lani Click, also known at Yale as Lani London, was admitted to the Yale School of Drama as the sole woman playwright in the class of 1973. After receiving her Master of Fine Arts, she created an original survey, which was later transformed into an article called “The Playwriting Student: A Threatened Species,” published by the Yale Alumni Magazine. Lani worked as a playwright for many years and taught on the faculties of the University of Connecticut, Hampshire College and the Community College of Baltimore County. While in Massachusetts, Lani became the first playwright in residence of a church in the United States, at the Second Congregational Church

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Denise Andresen


Denise Andresen is renowned as a self-made entrepreneur and investor, specializing in real estate acquisitions and funding. A certified private money broker, she is additionally well versed in the Lee Arnold System of Real Estate Investing. She became involved in her career as a means to help others while achieving financial independence. Prior to this engagement, Ms. Andresen excelled in the construction industry, and worked with several large companies and even a school district. In 2019, Ms. Andresen established Andden Investments LLC with the help of her husband and her sister in the basement of her rental condominium, utilizing every cent available of her savings and credit. In just under a year, the business has grown to include an investment

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