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An advocate for the homeless and a community volunteer, Betty Kwan Chinn has dedicated her life’s purpose to helping those in need. Since 2013, she has served as the founder of the Betty Kwan Chinn Day Center, a business she initiated to assist those in need of shelter, especially abused women. As an activist, she focuses her efforts on providing solutions to the homeless population in her region and is proud to consistently help those facing housing predicaments. Another channel through which Ms. Chinn supports her community is the Betty Kwan Chinn Foundation, an organization she created to further serve those in need with the mission, ​“To honor all of humanity by providing direct responses to immediate needs and helping

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Upon earning a bachelor’s degree in business education from Morgan State University, Gladys Mack initially sought a career in teaching, having been inspired by her mother’s vocation. Despite her initial plans, she was hired by federal government recruiters because they “liked her smile” and commenced her career with the federal government in 1955. Throughout the course of her career, Ms. Mack climbed the ladder and obtained managerial roles within her field before retiring from the District of Columbia government as director of budgeting and program evaluation. After she retired from the D.C. government, she was hired by the United Planning Organization in Washington, D.C., a community action agency, where she excelled as deputy director for 15 years. Notably, Ms. Mack

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Kaylene Ladinsky


Raised in a family that placed value on community service, Kaylene Ladinsky first earned an Associate of Science in criminal justice from Iowa Central Community College. Through the 1990s, she went to obtain certification in the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act by the Federal Trade Commission, in three levels of banking principles by the Federal Reserve System and as a mediation specialist for business contract disputes. Achieving a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Northwestern in 1998, she obtained certification from the Medical-Dental-Hospital Business Associates and the American Medical Billing Association in 2000 and in psychology counseling from the Universal Institute in 2010. In 2010, Ms. Ladinsky became the president and business owner of Atlanta’s Impress Express, an

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Svetlana Shur is an entrepreneur and the owner of three companies, including Loving Neighbor Home Care, a non-medical home care and assistance company serving clients throughout the Spokane Valley area. Loving Neighbor Home Care was established in 2019 to offer clients a full spectrum of community-based in-home care and companionship services, ranging from nutrition management and social support to post-operative, perinatal, and respite care. As director of operations for Loving Neighbor Home Care, Ms. Shur is active in all aspects of business, including scheduling for more than 20 certified caregivers, maintaining individual client calendars, and remaining involved in monitoring client and family satisfaction and ongoing needs. Ms. Shur strives to provide exceptional care and connection, with the goal of having

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Tamika Holmes


Tamika D. Holmes is the founder and executive director of the Community Care Development Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization established in 2014 to offer participants support and outreach in several key areas. The organization focuses on assisting families with essentials, including rent and utilities assistance, food, and clothing and providing educational outreach and mentoring opportunities for participants at all life stages. The Community Care Development Network also partners with other local groups on community-level projects affecting safety and quality of life, including school supply drives. Inspired by Ms. Holmes’ experiences as a teenage parent and former high school dropout, the organization was founded in a small classroom in response to her desire to help others in the community experiencing challenges

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Sandra Childs


Not initially sure what sort of career she wanted, Sandra Holbrook Childs was ultimately driven to pursue home economics out of a love of the field that was inspired by her grandmother teaching her how to sew. First earning a Bachelor of Arts in vocational home economics from Georgia College & State University, she then joined the University of Georgia, where she obtained a Master of Arts in home economics in 1975 and a Master of Arts in teaching children with developmental disabilities in 1987. Attributing much of her success to her parents, James C. Holbrook and Edna Holbrook, who encouraged and supported her throughout her education, Ms. Childs finds no greater joy than watching children learn, something that kept

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Yvette Grinnell


Yvette D. Grinnel is a certified master life coach, relationship workshop facilitator and ordained minister. Furthermore, between 1991 and 1996, she completed coursework in criminal justice and political science at Delaware Technical Community College and Seminole State College of Florida. In the early days of her career, she worked in banking, finance, human services and real estate, spending time as the vice president of the Framework Maintenance Corporation and serving seven years as a realtor. In 2006, following a major car accident, Ms. Grinnel found herself with a new perspective on life and decided to change paths. Following her marriage in 2009, she established a prayer group for wives in her community. Realizing the need for a space where they

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Pela Terry


Born in Chicago, Pela S. Terry, EdD, was drawn to a career as a health and human services professional by her inner-city upbringing, which saw her witness to gang activity, health care disparities, and the impacts of racial segregation and marginalization. To support her passion to help others, she entered nonprofit work shortly after completing her first undergraduate degree. Later in life, she enrolled in studies at The College of New Rochelle where she earned a Master of Public Administration in human services, with emphasis on policy and social justice, and graduated with honors in 2014. For her excellence, Dr. Terry was presented with the Catherine Haage Award and graduate honors during her graduate studies at The College of New

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Harriet McDonald


Attributing much of her success to her visionary goals, dedicated advocacy and extraordinary tenacity against all odds, Harriet McDonald holds considerable expertise in fundraising and designing and implementing solutions to homelessness. Starting out as an actress and screenwriter in Hollywood, California, she was commissioned to write about a young girl named April, who was homeless, battling addiction and living in Grand Central Station. Despite the help Ms. McDonald tried to provide, April ended up taking her own life, which impacted Ms. McDonald deeply and spurred her into action. At April’s funeral, she was further inspired by the man who had given the eulogy, an advocate for the homeless community named George McDonald. Embarking on a project together, they were married

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Attributing much of her success to the support of her children, Capricia Cunningham was inspired to her career as a resource specialist out of a desire to help people access the multitudes of community resources that are available but not well known. Embarking on her education at Alaska Career College, she earned an Associate of Applied Science in business administration and computer technology in 2014, followed by addiction treatment certification from ICDC College in 2015. In 2018, she continued her studies with certification as a counselor technician from the National Board for Certified Counselors. Since 2014, Ms. Cunningham has excelled as a re-entry employment and resource specialist with AmeriCorps and Nine Star Education & Employment Services. In this role she

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