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Sammie E. Pierson earned an associate degree in work administration from the Georgia Medical Institute and spent 10 years in education and 20 years as a certified nursing assistant before establishing Squeaky Clean Cleaning With A Smile LLC in 2017. Currently serving as the chief executive officer of Squeaky Clean Cleaning, she founded her business out of a desire to be her own boss and to create a family business that could be passed on to her children. Not having any experience in owning a business when she first started, she is entirely self-taught when it comes to business management and notes that she is still learning every single day. Today, Ms. Pierson holds significant expertise in commercial and residential

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Elizabeth Yellman


Holding considerable expertise in business growth, Elizabeth Ann Yellman attributes much of her success to her hard work and dedication, as well as to her excellent education. She first earned an associate degree in medicine from the Concorde Career Institute in Florida in 1993, before achieving an Associate of Applied Science in business management from Brown Mackie College in 2006. That same year, she joined National American University and began her career as an account manager at Waltz Business Solutions. She ultimately obtained her Bachelor of Science in applied management in 2009. Leaving Waltz Business Solutions in 2008, Ms. Yellman became a sales consultant for Coverall Health Based Cleaning System from 2008 to 2010. She then served as the business

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Angela L. Dills is the owner and operator of Angela’s Custodial Service, a commercial janitorial services company cleaning retail, office, and municipal spaces in the Douglas City, California, area since 2008. Before launching the company, Ms. Dills had spent several years as a county government employee. She began making plans to move on after work furloughs became more frequent and rumors that her position might be outsourced started swirling. Located in a county with fewer than 10,000 residents, Douglas City lacked a reliable after-hours janitorial service, and Ms. Dills sensed an opportunity. Angela’s Custodial Service started with just a single account, her local credit union. Ms. Dills approached the owners after noticing dust and spiderwebs in the lobby, remembering that

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