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Zandra Harris


An accomplished aerospace professional and personal coach, Zandra D. Harris, PhD, began her career as a personal assistant at Boeing in 1980, rising to become the manager of marketing communications. During her tenure with Boeing, she earned both a Bachelor of Business Administration, cum laude, from West Coast University in 1990 and a Master of Business Administration in organizational management from the University of Phoenix in 1999. Subsequently, Dr. Harris joined Lockheed Martin Space, a division of the Lockheed Martin Corporation, in 2004, as the director of marketing communications and customer relations. Dr. Harris has earned several distinctions as a multilevel manager over the course of her 40 years in the aerospace industry. Notably, she considers her work as an

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Ann Carden


Inspired by her father, who was a serial entrepreneur, Ann L. Carden first earned a diploma in general studies from Southeast Missouri State University in 1979 and began her career as a corporate retailer with Corporate Business Management in 1980. In 1991, she became certified as an LPW platinum business and marketing coach and went on to complete the additional coursework necessary to earn an associate degree in retail and business management from Hickey College. Over the course of her career, Ms. Carden has built up and sold five lucrative, well-established companies, including two health clubs, two weight loss centers and an international doll company. With considerable expertise in business growth, Ms. Carden established A. Carden Inc. and Ann Carden

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First obtaining licensure as a practical nurse from Triton College, Nancy J. Wallace has spent over 45 years as an intuitive life coach, author, and radio and TV host. In 2016, she published the book, “Raised by Angels.” Still dedicated to helping people move through life, she has brought her expertise in life coaching, education and nonprofits to A Child’s Miracle Mind, a nonprofit focused on children’s rights and special education, as the founder and chief executive officer. Through A Child’s Miracle Mind, she worked to establish the School of Now, which was created in response to witnessing her granddaughter’s less than ideal experience at a Montessori school. While the primary focus of the School of Now is education for

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Jeanne Enstad


With a work ethic inspired by her childhood growing up on a farm, where there was always work to be done, Jeanne L. Enstad earned an associate degree in elementary education and teaching from Bowling Green State University Firelands, followed by completing early childhood and teaching coursework at the Ohio State University. From 1995 to 2015, she was a preschool teacher and program and center director for the Ohio State University Extension and the 4-H youth development and program director for the Ford Motor Company. Additionally, Ms. Enstad established One Journey in 2006, where she excels as an author, motivational speaker and life coach, and she also spent time as the fundraising manager for the Ohio State Office of Volunteerism.

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Nanette Yabiku


With an early interest in both psychology and teaching, Nanette L. Yabiku earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Sonoma State University in 1984 and began her career as a teacher with the Bakersfield City School District in California, where she has excelled for over 35 years. First joining the John C. Fremont Elementary School, where she taught kindergarten, second and third grade, she went on to spend time teaching at the Ramon Garza Elementary School before accepting a position at the Dr. Juliet Thorner Elementary School. During this period, she began taking courses with the John Maxwell Team as a way to further develop her leadership skills, and achieved a certification in coaching. Finding success with these coaching

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Shirley Bryant


Joining the U.S. Army to support her education, Shirley Boykins Bryant chose to pursue a career in behavior counseling and human resources after realizing that there was a need for people to take on that kind of work. Achieving a master’s degree in human resource management from Columbia Southern University, she then joined Touro University Worldwide, where she earned a Master of Business Administration and a Doctor of Philosophy in human and organizational psychology, summa cum laude. She also holds a diploma in modern applied psychology and has been certified in diversity, equity and inclusion in the workplace and inclusive and ethical leadership by the University of South Florida as well as in corporate training and professional education, as an

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De'Borah Smith


Holding considerable expertise in leadership and motivation, De’Borah D. Smith is an accomplished life coach, speaker, and ordained minister, and attributes much of her success to her consistency and honesty. She has made a name for herself through her ability to be nurturing to youth and young adults while maintaining clear boundaries that help her clients get to the heart of their problems. In 2020, she founded Build Your Best Life, where she works with young men and boys aged 15-25, helping them to establish their lives by providing coaching and counseling using basic principles to help them to overcome obstacles. In her position with a financial services organization, she assists young men regarding everything from bill payment to transitioning

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Attributing much of her success to the support of her children, Capricia Cunningham was inspired to her career as a resource specialist out of a desire to help people access the multitudes of community resources that are available but not well known. Embarking on her education at Alaska Career College, she earned an Associate of Applied Science in business administration and computer technology in 2014, followed by addiction treatment certification from ICDC College in 2015. In 2018, she continued her studies with certification as a counselor technician from the National Board for Certified Counselors. Since 2014, Ms. Cunningham has excelled as a re-entry employment and resource specialist with AmeriCorps and Nine Star Education & Employment Services. In this role she

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A coaching expert and talent development manager with Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits, Kimberly Erceg has spent nearly 20 years developing her passion for helping others reach their highest potential. After briefly studying journalism, Ms. Erceg recognized that her interests lay in business and logistics, and she completed a Bachelor of Science in communications and supply chain management at the Pennsylvania State University while working her way up the ranks at Guardian Life Insurance. She began her business career in sales, starting in 2001 as a sales representative for Cardinal Health, Inc., moving to Quest Diagnostics, Inc. from 2004 until 2006. The following year, Ms. Erceg transitioned to a corporate training role with P.F. Chang’s China Bistro, spending the next

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Carmen Davenport


Carmen Davenport is an internationally-recognized author, life coach and empowerment speaker, and the founder and owner of Invincible You, her platform for reaching women with the tools that they need to identify their strengths and overcome the roadblocks keeping them from embracing their full potential. A 25-year combat veteran of the U.S. Marine Corps, Ms. Davenport retired in 2015 at the rank of master sergeant after serving with major contributions as an operations chief for the West Coast Field Supply and Maintenance Analysis Office; a maintenance management officer for the First Marine Division, also serving a combat tour in Afghanistan during the retrograde of the Marine Corps equipment; a maintenance management chief/officer while serving at the I Marine Expeditionary Force,

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