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Trisha Baker-James


Inspired to her profession after realizing how difficult it can be to fill out and understand paperwork, Trisha D. Baker-James first earned an Associate of Arts in business management and a Bachelor of Business Administration in marketing from the University of the Virgin Islands. She decided to focus her efforts on the medical field due to the sheer volume of paperwork that the field necessitates and her desire to help health care professionals have the ability to focus more on their patients rather than excess paperwork. Embarking on her career as an assistant clerk and medical secretary for the Virgin Islands Board of Medical Examiners with the U.S. Virgin Islands Department of Health in 1994, she held this role until

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Jeanne Travis


Jeanne A. Travis, an award-winning entrepreneur and leader, founded J. Robbins Enterprises, LLC in 2020 and serves as the President and Chief Executive Officer. She graduated from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University (VA Tech) in 1995 with a Bachelor of Science in Mathematics and minors in Psychology and Education. Ms. Travis began her career as a high school mathematics teacher for Fairfax County Public Schools. After two years, she decided to embark on a professional venture into business management and corporate finance. Over the years, Ms. Travis continued to garner experience in commercial planning and computer science until she co-founded Industrial Security Integrators LLC (ISI), an industrial security enterprise, originally serving as the Chief Technology Officer. She was appointed

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Becky Hites


A skilled management consultant, Becky E. Hites has served as the president of Steel-Insights, LLC since 2013, previously serving as a managing director for Miller Mathis. She began her career as a personnel assistant for the Robinson-Humphrey Co., Inc., in Atlanta in 1986, where she remained for two years before moving up the ranks to research assistant from 1988 to 1989, analyst assistant from 1989 to 1992, senior analyst assistant from 1992 to 1995 and financial analyst from 1995 to 1996. She then became a mergers and acquisitions associate at Kurt Salmon Associates in Atlanta from 1996 to 1998, corporate financial associate at B.T. Alex Brown in New York from 1998 to 1999, vice president of M. Hecht & Associates

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Ana Pinnel


Patricia Pinnel, PhD, is a director and regional partner at Penrhyn Voyer, a leading executive search consultancy that provides full search, evaluation and hiring services for clients. Founded in 1979, they have 45 offices around the world, providing services on five continents. An expert in corporate strategy and talent management, Dr. Pinnel focuses her attention on executive search in pharmaceutical, finance, hospitality, energy and information technology. Believing that managing talent is something that is challenging, yet also a responsibility that can drive organizations to success or bankruptcy, she is committed to executive maintenance and adding real value to both businesses as well as people. Earning a Doctor of Philosophy in political science at the University of Belgrano in 2009, Dr.

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Kye Fox


Inspired to make the world a better place, Kye Kilpatrick Fox serves as a community activist, the president and the chief executive officer of Urban Advisory Services, specializing in health, education, and women’s and children’s issues on a local, statewide and national scale. Growing up in a household that was very community driven and active, her father, Charles Kilpatrick, encouraged her to participate more on the civic front, as he worked as journalist and interacted with several important local figures. Eventually, her father began preparing for retirement and suggested she assume some of his board positions. Ms. Fox subsequently became involved on the board of the San Antonio Public Library, which inspired her to advocate on behalf of her community.

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Contracting polio at only 18 months old, Kelley Woodfin, RN, DFASHRM, CPHRM, was treated in a hospital and subsequently had to participate in physical therapy for five years. Due to a childhood of being surrounded by nurses and doctors, she knew that she wanted to pursue a similar career path and help others in need. A registered nurse with a proven track record of success in emergency services, including paramedic training and managed care, Ms. Woodfin currently serves as the president and owner of CORE Risk Services, Inc., with which she provides risk management consulting services to health care companies, including loss prevention and control strategies, alternative dispute resolution and risk transfer solutions. Throughout her career thus far, Ms. Woodfin

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A self-employed business owner for numerous years, Janis L. Comstock-Jones has found success as a consultant, through which she oversees various projects for clients including homeland security, records management, information technology and contingency planning. Based in Mount Vernon, Ohio, she has worked as an independent entrepreneur since 1992. Gaining inimitable expertise as a data processing coordinator, assistant director and director of information technology as a former employee of the American Red Cross, Ms. Comstock-Jones contributed the nonprofit’s efforts between 1987 and 1995, and concurrently held the role of a national instructor between 1990 and 1995. Additionally, she taught various courses at Columbus Technical Institute and was a fiscal officer for the county government of Columbus, Ohio, during her career. Ms.

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Ruthee Goldkorn


A steadfast disability advocate, Ruthee Goldkorn currently excels as an ambassador for the Abilities Expo, which is a resource for the disabled community. Additionally, she works as the founder of No Barriers Disabled Access Consulting and Advocacy Services. Previously, she gained valuable industry experience as the owner of the Baby Biz between 1980 and 1984. As a childbirth educator and labor adviser, Ms. Goldkorn taught patients about the best childbirth practices. From 1975 until 1989, she also specialized in the management and business development for such entities as Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, Good Samaritan Hospital and the Doctors Hospital of Long Beach. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, she also served as a specialist in obstetrics and gynecology. In a

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Sandra Mussey


Sandra Chadwick Mussey is an intuitive consultant and a national and international intuitional development trainer who has been active in her field for more than 30 years. Throughout the United States, she has facilitated three levels of intuitional development workshops, as well as ongoing Expressive Arts and Artist’s Way seminars. As a part of the international peace building process, she has facilitated over 40 trainings throughout Western and Eastern Europe between 1992 and 2012. Ms. Mussey maintains a private clientele throughout the United States, as well as in multiple other countries including Switzerland, France, England, Canada, Ireland, Russia, Serbia, Montenegro and Australia. Ms. Mussey also works as a wedding officiant, who has been conducting ceremonies since 1997. In previous years,

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Barbara Kleinschnitz


Barbara J. Kleinschnitz has accrued more than 30 years of expertise in her role as a consultant and technical writer on behalf of the oil and gas industry. Before embarking upon her professional journey, she completed coursework at Colorado Women’s College in Denver and earned a Bachelor of Business Administration in oil and gas management at the University of Denver in 1983. Ms. Kleinschnitz entered the energy industry out of a desire to be on the cutting edge of technology and to work with computers. From 1968 until 1976, Ms. Kleinschnitz excelled as a lead woman for Schlumberger Well Services of Denver and is proud to have been the first woman to hold that position in the region. She ended

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