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Laurie J. James embarked on her professional journey by earning a Bachelor of Science in business administration from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette in 1983. In the early years of her career, she developed her business acumen through such positions as office manager with KLFY TV, teller with the Louisiana USA Federal Credit Union and front office manager for Panavision. In 1986, she became the president of Just Your Type, Inc., where she excelled until 2004. Concurrently, she helped to co-found Career Directors International in 2000. Serving as their first president until 2005, Ms. James continues to contribute to Career Directors International as an active member. In 2005, Ms. James established herself as a career image coach, independent sales

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Backed by more than two decades of professional experience, Talath Aalia Siddiqui is renowned for her transformational leadership and coaching skills. Likewise, she holds an abundance of knowledge in operations management, process improvement, human resources and strategic planning. Ms. Siddiqui earned a bachelor’s degree in business management from the University of Phoenix in 2010 and a master’s degree in leadership and coaching from Wright Graduate University in 2017. Ms. Siddiqui presently excels as a transformational leader and coach through her business, Coach Aalia. Since 2018, she has worked with people to help them learn more about themselves and provides educational workshops at community centers, colleges and charter schools for personal and professional development. Her curriculum is based on individual and

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Lisa Edmondson


First earning a degree in business administration and management from Georgia State University in 1991, Lisa S. Edmondson began her career with National Vision Associates, falling into the role of training coordinator and manager quite accidentally in 1994. She remained in this role until 2001, during which time she achieved certifications from the American Board of Opticianry and National Contact Lens Examiners. From 2001 to 2011, she was the principal curriculum designer for Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. and continued her professional growth with certificates from ID9 Intelligent Design, IBM, Auburn University, MyInnerGenius and more. Ms. Edmondson then spent time as the director of curriculum development and certification for Infor from 2011 to 2021. Holding considerable expertise in leadership and helping corporate

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Carol Sapin Gold


A business professional with expertise in communications, Carol Sapin Gold strives to live by her motto, “the secret of success without hard work is still a secret.” She is currently the president of an eponymous consultancy, which she opened in 1971, and a volunteer with the California Bar Association. Her role with the latter includes sitting on a three-person panel and listening to both the plaintiff and the respondent as they discuss domestic, commercial, and/or civil issues. Ms. Gold is also mentoring a master class full of individuals who want to learn how to write and speak more effectively and how to better engage their audiences. She finds her work in these capacities to be extremely rewarding, as it has

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From the time she was a young Girl Scout patrol leader to now, the current CEO of the Askins Learning Institute, Nancy Ellen Paulsen Askins has been focused on helping people become the best they can be. She was drawn to a field of work where she could create a climate in which people could develop their own skills, and in college, she realized she was better suited to training adults than children. Dr. Askins proceeded to earn a Bachelor of Science in home economics in 1970, a Bachelor of Science in education in 1971, and a Master of Education in 1972, all from the University of Cincinnati, and to complete postgraduate work at Temple University, the National Institute of

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“I see a bright future ahead for women and men who have the courage to believe in themselves and who invest in the development of their leadership skills.” These words from Eileen Anne Mullen demonstrate a philosophy that has made her the perfect person for the training and testing field. She has never wavered in her belief in her students or employees, and has worked hard to help them grow and reach their full potential. ​ Ms. Mullen was inspired to enter her profession by the wonderful nuns who taught her during her journey through the Catholic school system, as well as by her parents, who were strong professionals. After completing high school, she jumped into the workforce with both

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Fueled by her passion for helping others, the Rev. Dr. Arlene Mazak parlays more than three decades of professional excellence into her career in personal training, life and career coaching, and interfaith spiritual direction. She is currently the owner of Mazak Global Management, a professional training and coaching company that provides transnational management training, leadership coaching, and consulting services for organizational development and transformation. The firm specializes in developing a global mindset, unleashing human potential, developing gender intelligence, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, spiritual intelligence, and managerial psychosynthesis. She is also the owner of Innercall: Personal and Transpersonal Development, which has offered transpersonal psychotherapy as well as life coaching, career coaching, recovery coaching, transition coaching, dreamwork, and interfaith spiritual direction. During her illustrious

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