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ShaYanna Mungo


Holding considerable expertise in relationship development, Dr. ShaYanna Mungo first embarked on her professional journey in sixth grade, when she was trained as a peer mediator at Kennedy Middle School. In high school, she completed two medical internships and developed significant interest in neuroscience and psychology, particularly in how people operate with one another. Additionally, over the course of her early education she moved around between eight different schools and was exposed to a variety of different interpersonal relationship types. Joining North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, she earned a Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 2000, becoming the first person in her family to graduate from college. From there, Dr. Mungo obtained a Master of Business Administration in

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Linda Nguyen-Yattaw


Linda Nguyen-Yattaw is an entrepreneur and writer with several decades of expertise building and running businesses across industries. Born and raised in Vietnam, she completed an Associate of Arts in 1969 before immigrating to the United States, where she started her first business. Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw grew up in what she describes as “uncertain social and political circumstances,” an experience that shaped her goals and helped her develop the deep sense of compassion and empathy for others that has come to define her throughout her life and career. For more than 15 years, Ms. Nguyen-Yattaw ran Linda Nguyen-Yattaw Family Child Care, a childcare center catering to parents and families in the Anaheim, California, area. Naturally outgoing and patient, she felt called

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Laura Lofaro


Laura J. Lofaro is the founder and chief executive officer of Sterling Resources International LLC, an international management consulting firm specializing in executive recruitment and compensation since 1988. Before beginning her career in business and finance, Ms. Lofaro attended the College of New Rochelle, graduating cum laude with both a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art history and a Bachelor of Arts in political science. Her philosophy is that life affords many opportunities to learn from experience and from other people and that “people are like the most interesting book and that getting to know them opens your eyes to new things.” Ms. Lofaro completed one year of doctoral coursework before becoming an associate of Hawkes, Randolph, & Associates in

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Cecile Shellman is the owner and president of Cecile Shellman Consulting, a Pittsburgh-based private consulting firm providing museums and other arts institutions around the country with customized diversity, equity, accessibility, inclusion programming and visioning plans that “ensure that museums are truly for all.” Driven by a lifelong passion for equitable access to art, Ms. Shellman completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts in painting at Brigham Young University in 1991, and spent time as a commercial artist and then as a gallery director before exiting the field to find better opportunities to use visual arts as a medium for education and communication. She found herself drawn to museum studies as a way to highlight and guide the narratives that art objects

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Abigail Crawford


Abigail Nowlin Crawford is a retired educator, consultant, and the founder of ANC Focus Consulting Services, where she provides clients with customized coaching in professional development, teacher training and in-classroom solutions. Her passion for education was inspired by her mother, who placed a high value on schooling and encouraged a young Ms. Crawford to do the same. She holds a Bachelor of Science in biology from Francis Marion University and continued her education at Georgia State University, earning a Master of Science in education in 1991. Throughout her teaching career, Ms. Crawford developed an interest in school leadership, and she returned to school in the late 1990s, completing an educational specialist degree in administration and supervision at Lincoln Memorial University

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Cynthia Cuyjet


Cynthia K. Cuyjet, MA, is the president and managing director of Cuyjet Management Consultants, Inc., where she has empowered individual and corporate clients to identify their goals and develop the leadership skills and structure necessary to achieve them for more than 25 years. An expert in business and talent development, strategic planning, and implementing organizational change, Ms. Cuyjet has worked with educational institutions, nonprofits, and Fortune 500 companies across a broad range of industries. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in sociology and psychology from Marymount College of Fordham University and earned a Master of Arts in counseling from New Jersey University in 1974. Her passion for consulting was born after attending a workshop for people of color in the

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Angela Schutz


Angela I. Schutz is a consultant and entrepreneur who has dedicated her life to guiding others to explore and find their employment potential. Since 2009, she has been the founder and managing director of Driven to Succeed Consulting LLC, where she has provided resume, career, and job interview coaching to thousands of clients. Ms. Schutz began her journey studying psychology. After earning an Associate of Arts from South Central Community College in 1992, she continued her education at Southern Connecticut State University, completing a Bachelor of Arts in psychology in 1994. Ms. Schutz was awarded a Master of Arts in community psychology by the University of New Haven in 1997, and chose to remain at the school in an administrative

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Marylyn Calabrese


Excelling as a private practice writing consultant since 1991, Marylyn E. Jones Calabrese, PhD, specializes in helping people write important documents. Over the years, she has worked with students applying to college, graduate school, medical school and law school; business executives who need writing coaching; and others who just needed official statements written. She is currently in the process of writing a memoir that will explore why she chose her career. Prior to her present work, she was the chair of the English department at Conestoga Senior High School from 1982 to 1991, where she began her career as a teacher, workshop leader and consultant in 1967. Alongside her primary responsibilities, Dr. Calabrese has been a regular contributor or articles

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Excelling in the field of health care administration for over 30 years, Elena J. Russo retired from her full-time salaried position with NYC Health + Hospitals in 2018. She subsequently founded and opened her own consulting firm, EJ Russo, Inc. in New York City, where she serves as the chief executive officer. Her specialty is regulatory work in the health care industry, and she has worked with hospitals, clinics and long-term care facilities with a 100% approval track record for her regulatory applications. She greatly enjoys the freedom that consulting work provides, as it allows her to set her own hours and organize her work day in a way that is best for her. Prior to founding her own firm,

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With over four decades of professional experience to her credit, Mary C. DeVany holds considerable expertise in occupational and community health and safety and environmental services, with a special emphasis on chemical exposures and adverse health effects from chemical and physical stressors. Since 1986, she has made a name for herself as the president and an environmental health scientist with DeVany Industrial Consultants, where she does private and public sector technical consulting work. Her company was the first woman owned environmental health and safety consulting company in the United States. Earlier in her career, she cultivated her skills as the manager of safety training, environmental affairs, product safety, and liability in the electronics division of Union Carbide Corporation and as

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