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Wanda Wheeler-Mains


Dedicated and hardworking from the start, Wanda Lynn Wheeler-Mains earned her diploma from Chauncy High School in just three years, having completed both seventh and eighth grade in one year while living in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. She has also completed college level coursework in writing, having initially found her love of writing as an editor for her school newspaper and a writer of theater skits at her high school. Following her graduation, Ms. Wheeler-Mains decided to get married and settle down to start a family instead of immediately pursuing a career. It was while she and her husband were expecting their second child that Ms. Wheeler-Mains realized that they would need another income to support their growing family. In 1956, at

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First earning a degree in cosmetology from Black Hills Beauty College in 1986, Wendy L. Lesselyoung-Beaumont excelled as a professional hair stylist and cosmetic artist and as the owner of multiple salons for 35 years before returning to her alma mater to teach for four years. During her tenure as an educator, she was responsible for designing the school’s aesthetics and nail technology programs, which she also taught. Disappointed by the quality of education and equipment offered by the school, Ms. Lesselyoung-Beaumont set out to reinvent Black Hills Beauty College and bring it back in line with the dream of founder Pat Miller to provide students with a top-tier cosmetic education that he’d had when he established the school more

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McKenzie Cooke


Growing up in the dance world, where hair and makeup styling are ever present, McKenzie Cooke completed the cosmetology program at the Lower Pioneer Valley Educational Collaborative and became licensed cosmetologist in 2012, the same year she graduated from high school. Grateful to the opportunities presented to her by attending a vocational school, she has established herself as an independent freelancer for bridal parties and other special events. As a freelance hair and makeup artist, she offers custom styles that help to make special events unique and memorable. Ms. Cooke has also had the good fortunate to have developed an incredible support network of fellow event artisans. To further her skills, Ms. Cooke joined the College of Business at Western

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Jamie L. Claypoole has been involved in the beauty industry since the age of 13, when she got her first job helping out at her mother’s salon, Custom Cut & Style, an Aveda affiliated salon in Butler, Pennsylvania. Following high school, she briefly switched paths and pursued a degree in molecular biology with a Latin minor, but ultimately realized that college just wasn’t for her and returned to her mother’s salon. She solidified her skills with an Associate of Arts from the Butler Beauty School in 2004 and has been certified in three different methods of hair extension and as an innovative color artist. Now an Aveda senior color artist, Ms. Claypoole specializes in precision cuts, fashion color, balayage and

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Ruzanna Kirakosyan


Ruzanna Kirakosyan pursued a career in the cosmetics industry out of a love of makeup and other cosmetic products. Earning a cosmetology degree from the Marinello Beauty School in California, she cultivated significant expertise in chemistry and cosmetic formulas, as well as color cosmetology and preparing new and exciting product lines. Now an accomplished cosmetologist, she takes great joy in helping women to feel better about themselves through makeup and cosmetics and notes that she loves her work so much that it hardly feels like a job at all. In 2016, she founded Blooming Rose Cosmetics, where she pioneered the silver rose scalp mask, a 100% natural hair loss prevention and restoration aid. Serving as the chief executive officer of

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Quynh-Tram Vu


Quynh-Tram Vu, the founder and president of Lash Pilot in Santa Monica, California, is an established entrepreneur and cosmetologist who established her most recent business in 2014. A talented eyelash and make-up artist, her salon focuses on providing clients with eyelash extensions, as well as enhancements, microblading and various other cosmetic styling procedures. Additionally, Lash Pilot serves as a school where aspiring individuals can take courses to become expert licensed eyelash extension stylists. A seasoned professional in the cosmetic industry, Ms. Vu initially graduated from college and spent the first year of her career as an accountant for Lindquist LLP. Looking for more growth opportunity, she left the corporate realm and enrolled in courses at Paul Mitchell The School Costa

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Kisa Powell


Attributing much of her success to her passion, her willingness to do hands-on classes and the support of her father, Kisa Powell is an accomplished entrepreneur, cosmetologist and hair colorist and has excelled as the owner of C.O.D.A. Curls since 2020, where she provides treatments for textured and curly hair. Becoming a licensed hair colorist at Forever Curls under the tutelage of Leysa Carrillo, she is also Rëzo certified and obtained her cosmetology license in 2009. Prior to founding her own business, she spent seven years working at Supercuts and, from 2010 to 2015, served in the U.S. National Guard, where, during her deployment to Kandahar, Afghanistan, from 2012 to 2103, she provided free haircuts to the soldiers in her

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Suzanne Altobello


An accomplished realtor, sales executive and consultant, Suzanne Altobello attributes much of her success to working hard, being upfront and honest, and listening carefully to her clients’ needs. She first embarked on her studies at Endicott College, where she earned a Bachelor of Arts in interior design in 1973. While taking a year off from her studies to work in interior design at a small furniture store, she was exposed to the field of cosmetics, which piqued her interested. She resumed her studies at the Hartford Art School at the University of Hartford and graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in art education in 1976. During her time at Hartford, Ms. Altobello worked at G. Fox & Co. and

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Roxana Deleanu


Roxana Deleanu is a master aesthetician whose career has focused exclusively on skincare and makeup artistry for more than four decades. Born in Bucharest, Romania, Ms. Deleanu immigrated to the United States with her mother, Adriana, in 1978. The family settled in New York, where Adriana began working at Bergdorf Goodman as a facialist before opening her own luxury skincare salon. Watching her mother at work and hearing her talk about her clients and the industry sparked the young Ms. Deleanu’s own passion for aesthetics and skincare, and she knew that she would eventually follow her mother’s path into the beauty industry. Ms. Deleanu recalled feeling as if she didn’t even have to think about it; it just came naturally.

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Frida Emalange-Heubner


Frida Emalange-Huebner is an expert stylist, salon owner, and the founder of Zorganics Cosmetics, a line of professional-quality organic and paraben-free skin and hair care products. Her passion for beauty began at a young age, and by her teenage years, Ms. Emalange was doing her own hair and working on clients part-time. Though she attended a four-year college to study business and entrepreneurship, she soon decided to focus her attention on the beauty industry. Born in Cameroon, Ms. Emalange lived in Germany and France before moving to Washington to be near family and pursue cosmetology licensure. An NCEA-certified master esthetician in addition to being a licensed cosmetologist, Ms. Emalange opened her first salon in the Bellingham area in 2001. By

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