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Having accrued over 25 years of expertise as a tenured professor, Lynda Henley Walters, PhD, was bestowed with the eminent title of a professor emerita in 2008. She had taught human development and family science on behalf of the College of Family and Consumer Sciences for the University of Georgia since 1982, and concurrently served as the aforementioned college’s associate dean. Throughout her career, she has taught various courses in adolescent development and research methodology. Before her appointment to the staff of the University of Georgia, she lectured at the University of Guelph in Canada. Additionally, Dr. Walters found success as a staff development specialist for the Cooperative Education Service Agency in Atlanta. Extensively studying adolescent development, families and the

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Mary Lou Waitz


Inspired by her high school home economics teacher, Mary Lou Waitz has spent her entire career in the field. The first stop on her journey was Tehachapi Junior High School in California, where she served as a vocational home economics teacher. Ms. Waitz then joined the staff of Frederick Junior High School in Colorado as a vocational home economics teacher and Lyons Middle/Senior High School in Colorado as a home economics teacher. She retired from the latter in 1994. The highlight of Ms. Waitz’s career was being able to teach students practical skills they could use in life. Her goal was to help them become functional, as both students and adults. This helped keep her pupils engaged with the material.

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Although Alice G. Moore Pouncey was always attracted to the idea of pursuing education professionally, it wasn’t until high school that she was introduced to home economics. Her teacher encouraged her to pursue the field further, and the idea stuck in her mind. When the opportunity to enter the field arose a few years later, Ms. Pouncey jumped at the opportunity. She had been teaching psychology, but then the home economics teacher at the school passed away and Ms. Pouncey was asked to take over. She loved the work, and quickly knew she had made the right decision. Her favorite part of the job was seeing her students achieve their goals and achieve great things. She always strove to make

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Renowned for her expertise in education, home economics and health care, Allamay Anderson has been thriving as a professional development consultant in New York City since 1978. She started her career as a school food service dietitian for the New York City Board of Education from 1968 to 1988, and in 1988, she transitioned to become a home and career skills teacher at Louis Armstrong Middle School. A year later, Ms. Anderson joined the staff of Manhattan High School as a special education teacher, where she stayed for six years before becoming as AIDS resource coordinator. Ms. Anderson also garnered experience as a partner of Masiba Building Corp., owner of AEA Development Service, and executive board member of the School

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