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Embarking on her career as a supervisor with Northern Quest Resort & Casino in 2016, Victoria R. Shoemaker holds considerable expertise in team management and restaurant management. Working with Northern Quest until 2020, she also spent time as an assistant store manager with Tuesday Morning in Spokane, Washington, from 2019 to 2020. During this time, she pursued coursework at Missouri State University and earned an Associate of Science in accounting and business management from Spokane Falls Community College in 2019. Throughout the early years of her career, Ms. Shoemaker witnessed firsthand the mistreatment of employees at the hands of their higher-ups and she became determined to establish her own business where she could ensure that her employees were taken care

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Born in Mexico with the name Francisca Alicia Santos Rosas, Frances A. Murillo immigrated to the United States with her family as a child, where her father changed all of their names to sound more American. She started her career doing field work with her parents in the summers and working as a waitress at a variety of restaurants, including Nut Tree, Coffee Tree, Black Oak and the restaurant of the local golf course, during the school year. Always enjoying her time working at restaurants, when one of her employers wanted to sell his business, she and her then husband put together the necessary funds and bought the restaurant. Murillo’s Mexican Food opened for business in Vacaville, California, in 1971.

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Carline Bengtsson


Carline A. Bengtsson is a chef, philanthropist, cookbook author, and the founder of Dine4Dinners, a company providing clients with a unique private gourmet dining experience that helps support charities working to combat food insecurity. An accomplished chef and the author of “Carline’s Fork and Cork: Simply Delish!” Ms. Bengtsson was inspired to launch Dine4Dinners in early 2020 after what she describes as an emotional “recognize point” that drove her to combine her passion for food and her extensive culinary training with her calling to help provide nutrition to those in need. She is proud to note that Dine4Dinners experiences, where Ms. Bengtsson visits a client’s home to cook a five-course meal with a portion of proceeds benefiting a food charity

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Laura L. Bliss is an entrepreneur and restaurant management expert celebrating nearly 25 years of sharing her passion for food with diners and four years as the owner of the South Bend Bistro. She entered the food and beverage industry in 1999 as a server, and moved into fine dining two years later as a member of the staff at the Trout House, an upscale riverside dining room that had become a fixture of the community. Ms. Bliss continued to work in restaurants over the next decade, noting that she often “fell into” leadership roles, building a comprehensive background in hospitality management. As she continued to develop her diverse industry skill sets, Ms. Bliss began to dream of eventually opening

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Laura Maioglio is the owner of famed family-owned Italian restaurant Barbetta, a fixture in New York’s Theater District for more than 100 years. Established in 1906 by her father, Sebastiano Maioglio, Barbetta was among the first fine-dining Italian restaurants in the city and helped put the cuisine of the family’s native Piemonte region in the international spotlight. Ms. Maioglio took over Barbetta in the early 1960s after graduating magna cum laude from Bryn Mawr College with a Bachelor of Arts in art history. Initially, her father had expressed his disapproval toward Ms. Maioglio’s desire to run the restaurant, going so far as to arrange its sale to an outside party before she returned with an attorney. Eventually, Ms. Maioglio was

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Driven by a desire to help small family famers, Gail L. Hayden earned her Bachelor of Applied Science in agricultural business and management from the University of California Davis in 1978, and began her career in 1979 as part of the original team to develop certified farmers’ markets in the state of California. This was during a time where there were severe gas shortages, which prevented people from driving out to farms to get their food. Creating a system of farmers’ markets allowed small farmers to maintain control over selling their own products instead having to outsource to a middle man. It also helped to ensure there was a supply of local, home grown food for communities, instead of having

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Tiffany Negron is an entrepreneur, restaurateur, and the owner of award-winning Puerto Rican restaurant El Lechon de Negron. She began working in the restaurant industry at the age of 15, starting as a server, and fell in love with the work almost immediately. Hooked on the fast pace of business, the unique challenges customer service, developing recipes and cooking for a crowd, Ms. Negron stayed in the industry, making her way up to become a bartender and manager at several establishments while earning an associate’s degree in business administration at Union County College. By her final year as a bartender, Ms. Negron knew that she no longer wanted to work in someone else’s restaurant, and she left to open the

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Earning an associate degree from Robeson Community College in 2011, Lee Scott became involved in her profession out of a love of serving others. Presently, she serves as the general manager of the Village Station 1893 Restaurant and Arnold’s Restaurant, where she has been since 2019 and 2015, respectively. In these roles, she is responsible for overseeing over 100 employees along with staffing, quality control, marketing, payroll, scheduling, and ordering and inventory. She has become a well-known figure in her small town and takes great pride in getting to know the people who come to her restaurants and helping the community grow. Prior to her work in the restaurant industry, she spent time in the medical field and was certified

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Linda L. Austin

Holding over two decades of experience, Linda L. Austin holds considerable expertise in the field of real estate and has excelled as a real estate agent with Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc. since 1995. In this position, she specializes in working with seniors who are downsizing their living situations and first time home buyers. Since 2002, she has also been the owner of the Stevensville, Maryland, Rita’s Italian Ice & Frozen Custard location, where she trains staff ages 14 and up in store management, supervision and in making the products they sell. In addition, she became the owner of K & L Crabs, a trucking and transportation company, in 2004. Ms. Austin entered her profession out of a desire

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Following her immigration to the United States in 2003, Brenda Castellanos received a degree in business administration and studied courses at the Culinary School of New York. Eventually, she and her sister sought out better food options in their area and decided to open their own restaurant, Antojitos Del Patron Mexican Grill, which became the first Mayan Guatemalan restaurant in New York. At their restaurant, they served Guatemalan coffee from their hometown and soon saw much success in their business. They soon established a second Mexican restaurant and IX, a coffee shop where traditional Mayan dishes are served. In these roles, she is responsible for keeping inventory, managing accounts and payroll, and coordinating staff. As a respected voice in her

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