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Penny L. Rodriguez began her career as a server with Penny’s All American Café as a way to support her family and subsequently spent the next decade cultivating her expertise in the hospitality industry with roles in other restaurants. In 2002, she had the good fortune to be able to purchase Penny’s All American Café while retaining all of the existing staff. A much-beloved restaurant in the community, Ms. Rodriguez is proud that Penny’s All American Café has thrived as a family-owned business for two decades, even during difficult economic periods such as the Great Recession and the COVID-19 pandemic. Located in Pismo Beach, California, Penny’s All American Café is known for its homestyle meals, especially its award-winning pork chili

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Sara Sergent


Having always held a desire for adventure and learning, Sara Sergent drew inspiration from the example of her paternal grandmother, who was fond of gin. Having always viewed gin as a “sophisticated drink,” she desired to learn more about it and traveled to Scotland to study the art of distilling botanicals. Notably, she earned a diploma in gin distilling in Scotland. Ms. Sergent crafted her first gin in Scotland and crafts Alpine Distilling’s “Elevated Gin” in Park City, Utah. Combining her passion for gin and entrepreneurship, Ms. Sergent co-owns Alpine Distilling alongside her husband, Col. Robert Sergent, who is a master distiller. Together, they wanted to create authentic spirits for those interested in an active and outdoor lifestyle. As flavorists, they

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From watching her parents excel as entrepreneurs, Chrysoula Christodoulou had always dreamed of opening her own business. She had worked for her family’s multiple businesses, including a donut shop and breakfast establishment, for many years before taking a leap of faith with her husband, Eirinaios “Reno.” Together, they purchased Parker House of Pizza in Gardner, Massachusetts, and have enjoyed fruitful careers as entrepreneurs and community leaders. For the past 19 years, Ms. Christodoulou has excelled as the co-owner of Parker House of Pizza, a popular local restaurant specializing in pizza, pasta, calzones, burgers and seafood. The restaurant also sells such foods as salads, gyros, subs, wraps and various kids’ meals. In her entrepreneurial role, her responsibilities include managing the financial

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Rita Cave was inspired to a career in business by her father, who owned and operated a carpet-laying company until he was 72. Proud to have established her own business at the age of 19, she spent more than eight years in the mortgage industry before turning her attention toward management. From 2008 to 2009, she owned a bar before spending three years as a trainer for Martin Bower and Reyes Holdings, LLC and five years as the director of customer service for Rhinehart. In 2017, Ms. Cave became the manager of multi-unit national accounts for the Performance Food Group, where she manages an eight-person department that handles 30 national accounts. With considerable expertise in organizational leadership, management and training,

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Marina Genel


Born to a Jewish family in Ukraine, Marina Genel came to the United States at the age of 17 and began her career in the cosmetics and beauty industry after obtaining a license from the Concord Institute. For 25 years, Ms. Genel served as a spa manager and skin care consultant in Monmouth County, New Jersey, eventually opening her own spa. In 2018, she decided to transition to the food industry, establishing Mishka SoHo in New York City. With a deep, abiding passion for healthy food, Ms. Genel was inspired, in part, by her grandfather, a culinary artist and restaurateur, as well as by her own experiences living with diabetes as a child, when insulin was still a fledgling treatment

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Louise Goggans


As a child, Dr. Louise Elizabeth Goggans frequently accompanied her mother to her job at a doctor’s office in Anderson, Indiana. There, she would spend her time in the doctor’s library, reading books and becoming increasingly fascinated with the human body and the medical field. She began her career as a sophomore in high school, working as a dietary aide in the dietary department of a local hospital. One day, while delivering a tray of food to an elderly patient, she found the patient on the floor and rushed to get the nurses. This experience caused her to evaluate what she wanted out of a career in health care and ultimately led her down the path to becoming a dietician,

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Driven by a strong internal sense of what she wanted to do, Nancy Lee Bentley has spent more than 50 years as an organizer, consultant, speaker, author, coach and private chef. First earning a Bachelor of Science in food, nutrition and communication from Cornell University in 1968, she has been dedicated to supporting the food community from the start. One of her early endeavors saw her providing food to attendees and performers alike at the iconic Woodstock Music and Art Fair in 1969. Over the course of her career, she has worked with numerous organizations, pioneering organic food everywhere she went. She was a founding organizer and member of the Organic Trade Association, an organizing member for the Organic Farming

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Barbara Correll


Barbara S. Correll, MS, RDN, got her first experience in dietetics when visiting her aunt in the hospital as a child. She got to know the dietitian who would come and see her aunt and was eventually introduced to the hospital’s food service director as well. Between the two of them, Ms. Correll learned about the work of dietitians and the role of food in health. She found the field fascinating and ultimately decided to pursue it as a career. Joining Immaculata University, she took courses in premed and dietetics and graduated with a Bachelor of Science in medical nutrition therapy, with a minor in business administration, in 1972. During this time, Ms. Correll was introduced to a company called

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Leslie Lester


First earning a bachelor’s degree in health care administration from Wilberforce University in 1994, Leslie R. Lester, BS, also holds a license for medical massage therapy from the Cleveland Institute of Medical Massage and became certified in hazard analysis critical control point (HACCP) writing through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. For more than 20 years, she has excelled with Ray’s Sausage Company Inc., a company established by her grandfather, Raymond C. Cash, in 1952. Starting in a janitorial position, she has served as the HACCP coordinator since 2000 and the vice president since 2018. Now a third-generation owner of Ray’s Sausage, Ms. Lester is in charge of managing their spice blends and recipes along with other general duties concerning banking,

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Please note: The medical claims made by Sherril A. Carter, PhD, are her own and should not be taken as an endorsement of iridology by Marquis Who’s Who. Driven by a passion for health and wellness, Sherrill A. Carter, PhD, began her studies with a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering in 1990, which she followed with a Master of Science in business administration in 2009. During this time, while she was working for a telephone company, she began bringing herbal teas to work, which she shared with her coworkers when they were feeling under the weather. Realizing that she could make a career out of providing healthy beverages to others, Dr. Carter opened Juice4Lyfe in 2019, where she serves

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