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Nancy Graham


Inspired to her career in the funeral industry by her family’s legacy in the field, Nancy Butz Graham obtained a diploma from Anderson High School in 1965. Following this, she went on to achieve an associate degree from the Gulf Park College for Women and completed additional coursework at Ball State University. She began her career by spending five years as an administrative supervisor with Anderson Medical Laboratories Inc. before taking over the Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Home and Crematory as owner and secretary-treasurer. The Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Home was founded by Ms. Graham’s grandfather in 1929 and was run by her parents until their retirement. Ms. Graham spent 45 years with the Brown-Butz-Diedring Funeral Home and Crematory, during which time she was

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Augusta “Dawn” Adams is a licensed embalmer, funeral director, and the chief operating officer of Foster Funeral & Cremation Service, a chain of two funeral homes serving families throughout Wisconsin. She felt a calling to the funeral industry from a very young age, and remembers telling her parents, Edward and Jacqueline, that she wanted to work in a mortuary when she was just 13 years old. Though her parents supported her dream, she chose to pursue a career in nursing after graduating from high school. She completed coursework at Tuskegee University before earning an Associate of Science in biology at Indiana University in 1992. Ms. Adams continued her education at the School of Nursing at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, earning

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